Nothing could be worst than waiting for happening something that is unexpected, shaking, harmful or tough that will bring the upside in your life. Something that could test and reverse your life, create an explosion and unrest and huge wave of unexpected events and incidents. Even if you belong to those who are extremely cool and face up life with reason and you do not care what will come ,it is impossible never have thought before the worst scenario that could occur. Of course, we never think in this way if it is about a positive aspect. No one is thinking months before “oh… Jupiter is coming up in Cancer…that’s really…!”-we think that is understood. But the truth also is that not a slow or tough planet is always bringing bad news but we are never so sure that Jupiter will bring great news either. So, there is no meaning to heartbeat days or weeks before, feeling prejudiced with the influences of a transit. Moreover, it is very possible nothing really significant occur but the transit is creating a slow procedure of inner awakening, transformation, development that in the end will definitely drive into different events have been occurred before.

It is meaningless to expect for the Venus-Jupiter transit to happen in order to meet the love of your life or wait for Pluto to separate or divorce because simply may nothing happen from all that above.

Eventually, an astrologer can really predict the future or not? That is a very significant question. An astrologer can tell you “You are influenced by this transit, so that will happen to you, and the result will be that” that means that the particular astrologer is really bad. Because then we are just talking about a foolish and simple individual. Astrology is not a cook-recipe book-the effect is immediately being influenced intensely by the person who take on to make the explicit actions. We are not gods and everything absolute is contempt to be failed. Life is not functioning in this way.

The meaning of the transit is being referred to the motion of the planets and their position to the solar system as also the place they take through the time into a natal chart-they show a wave of energy, and is astrologers work to translate the symbolism in reality. There is not only one possibility with just one aspect and an astrologer should clear this out from the beginning. It is much better and more constructive to listen a spectrum of potentials for every transit than just a fatalistic version. That does not means that a painful transit may bring   a source of happiness because there is difference between pressure and pleasure.

On a personal level Uranus transits are being connected to change and a phase of unrest in our lives that usually something new and unconventional is necessary to come on the surface of our consciousness. In fact, we could say that now you will be bolder and try what you have not tried till now in your life. It is a period of time that you realize that most of your thoughts, ideas and beliefs and patterns of attitude or behavior are not valid. It is  a period of time that you need a new beginning, new expectations, new dreams, new events that will stimulate you more and give your life  a refresh start and move ahead. The old stuff anyway have been tried out before and now we need to take the risk for new things. Sometimes we try to undertake the right initiatives that will make us feel complete without being influenced by others opinions or convictions around us.

Sometimes we feel the strong need to be pushed by the events, we may feel that we have to feel pressure in order to change and find ourselves in a dead end. We are not educated to be prepared for changes in our lives, we usually hesitate for the changes are going to come for the changes are going to reverse our life, we do not easily realize that the only certain thing in life are the continual changes. Change can be something new, a development, an effort for the better, our personal completion that life blossoms. Uranus is aiming to bring us in touch with pieces of ourselves that we may know but we hesitate to express because we are afraid to let ourselves go, with places are unexplored but their integration in our lives will bring us closer to ourselves and our desires, would make us more balanced. Supporting stability and security makes everything still and that has as an effect to oppress emotions and actions of self-realization.

Uranus comes usually with the form of a shock to remind us that we should make a bold step ahead, overtaking our resistances. Sometimes Uranus is sloppy because there is no other way to move and take us from the traditional patterns to more sophisticated ones. No matter what we like or not, Uranus is like an alarm-clock that wakes up from our sleep and we are in front of a new and exciting day.

Some people wake up in good spirits and signing in the bathroom, some others are waking up in a freaky mood trying to turn off the alarm. Just choose the category you want to belong. Uranus is always extending and accelerates the rhythms of our life. So, when we have a transit at one of our planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) we may feel that we are plugged, we do not have enough space, we feel intolerant, an intense desire to change everything and be free, original and unique. Nothing will be the same after the Uranus transit because we should not forget that planet Uranus is symbolizing the mythological Prometheus that stole the fire from the Gods and give it to people in order to broaden their minds. Most of the people during the transits have the need to express their desires, to get more enthusiastic, to experiment and do constantly different things anyway. There is an unbeatable joy to change everything radically and whatever they feel that remains motionless.

Transits is possible not to create sudden changes or abrupt incidents but because of them we can act and function in such a way that new events may be occurred. What we need to keep in our mind during the Uranus transits is that we should look at things more objectively and distinguish logically the advantages and disadvantages in order to have a wider picture of our life. This distance can be won if we are open to the new and when we leave behind us or overtake prejudices, social taboos or habits that are useless. Basically the issue with Uranus is one. A chapter is over in our life and its continual looks like a ball at our feet and is hindering us to move on. The question is the awakening. Our disconnection from duties and responsibilities that made their circle, our liberation from fear, the karma or the need.

Some examples, may be more understood about the Uranus transit. One man, abandoned his job when Uranus squared his Sun, when he realized that it was about time to become more creative and follow different types or job that he probably dream when he was a child but while he grew up he had forget what he wanted to be, he forget his childish dream.Men and women that considered that will never get married or that their marriage will not last forever always realize in such transits that immediately need a companion and get married fast, surprising everybody or in a typical couple, one of both decides to get divorced because wants to explore more life itself, more possibilities that had neglected when was married or he did not knew about.

A 24 year old woman with the ascendant in Gemini during the Uranus transit forming a square with mercury realized that her perceptions, the way she as thinking and actions were not expressing her anymore, and even her lifestyle changed complexly ,the way she was dressing up (ascendant and ruler are being connected to the appearance)she cut her hard too short, she started to be involved with eastern techniques of meditation and do part-time jobs in order to have more free time to do more creative things, according to her tastes. These transits-realizations are lasting at least for a year and sometimes two perhaps. Till we decide to change something radically and drastically in life, there is always before a period of time that we are indifferent and feel intense worry or discomfort-and perhaps we feel that something is going to change but we do not know exactly what that is.

The transits with Venus and Mars almost get experienced as an immediate need for sexual or emotional experiments. And despite the fact that such strong needs can be particularly threatening about stable relationships, marriages see things objectively can be won by realizing them or facing them up in many case, that can improve a relationship after that transit. However, we should not forget, that such transits are creating an intense unrest and turmoil and the transits of Uranus mainly in the natal chart with Mars can be extremely dynamic and that means many times the need for enthusiasm is creating serious problems, explosions, crashes and indifference for the consequences in a bond. You always need something passionate during the Uranus periods when that planets is forming an aspect with Mars.

A plan, a target, a desire that will carry you away. Then you need to make your presence sensible out in the world. You are more absolute, impatient ready to fight perhaps more than ever before. Ready to collide with anyone will limit you without calculating the consequences. However, these Uranus transits with Mars or Venus may become the opportunity or the cause to realize someone his/her substantial real needs and wants. On the other hand, with the best intentions, the hard aspects of Uranus-Venus-Mars may provoke the end of a relationship. In most of the occasions, the one of the couple or both is separating are confessing that the separation or divorced was excused or it was necessary to be done. There is a strong emotion that the relationship should end or change. In astrology charts of a couple that were together for about seven years, the man had the transit Uranus in an opposition with the natal Venus and the woman had the transit Uranus in a square with natal Venus at the same period of time. The pressure and density had been gathered for many years was finally expressed with an impatient and disappointing way.

They tried with many ways to give life into their affair, to make the whole thing work out but nothing brought the desirable result. One day in the middle of these transits of Uranus, they looked at each other in the eyes and said to each other “it is time to break it up!” The Uranus-Venus transit in both of them marked the period that were ready to follow different pathways. No one knew where would go and what each one of them would do but both knew that they would be in pain for what they left behind. Despite the whole situation they never doubt even for a minute they did the right thing. Of course, in most couples there are not Uranus transits in both charts. The person that has the particular transit maybe wants to interrupt or change the relationship but the other companion may not feel in this same way. It could also happen the opposite, if you have for instance a transit of Uranus with Venus or Mars and your companion is the person who demands the changes or wants to leave. If you see this from distance and objectively you will realize that your companion who leaves or demands the change substantially is expressing your impatience and disappointment, which you oppress or deny to accept.

Uranus-Moon transits when take place is possible to experience disturbing, sudden or frustrating emotional changes. If you are from those are not crying easily now you end up to cry with every little thing. Others are so surprised with emotions are coming on the surface that are afraid to collapse or that they will lose control of themselves. Some young women is possible to feel disappointed by restrictions or motherhood responsibilities under the transits of Uranus-Moon. A woman that had a second child, with transit Uranus to square the natal square of Moon-Pluto suffered by intense and continual depression.

Also, Uranus is threatening security when transits our Moon. An affair is being interrupted suddenly or a woman is possible to bring childhood unresolved problems on the surface with the mother or is possible to be pushed hard and change residence. Uranus transits are breaking, banish, cut, interrupt the old and renew many times abruptly and suddenly all the sectors of our life or a particular sector that had stagnated and fade away or we had not discovered about abilities. No matter the gender we belong, the hard aspects of Uranus make even the most convenient person in the world unpredictable, restless and selfish. Yes, changes are coming because of Uranus and creating shock and turbulence. But also these changes can be exciting when broaden our understanding when change our attitude and bring us closer to our reality. Remember always that every time we chose a habit, we chose the worst part of ourselves.

Uranus transits are being located now at the zodiac sign of Aries since May 2010 and will stay there till March 2019 and will affect with hard aspects (conjunction, square, opposition) those who have the Sun, their ascendant, Moon or Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn at the zodiac signs of Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer between the 3-13th degree during the years of 2013 and at the degree between 8 till 17 degree in 2014.