Federal election in Germany is due on September 22, 2013 and A. Merkel is a candidate for a third term in the Chancellery. So far, with an unemployment rate around 5% and a stable economy, Germany has become the pay-master for the rest of the euro zone, accepting to provide bailout funds for the debt-laden south, primarily in order to retain its exporting capacity.Yet, the anti-European sentiments are increasing in the country and Merkel is facing difficulties in pushing the bailout packages through the Bundestag, lately. A new party named “Alternative for Germany” is forming these days, intent on abandoning the efforts to shore up the euro. Along with the Pirate Party, the Free Voters – a campaign group of anti-bailout citizens-is also being marked as a future player on the political scene.

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The astrological chart of the unified Germany (3 October 1990, 0.00 h, Bonn) has its MC at 4° Aries. Transiting Uranus is already in the 10 house, indicating sudden reversals for the government. During the September 2013 election, the natal Sun of Germany -at 10° Libra- will also be affected by the tr. Uranus-Pluto square in three passes. The Sun is the ruler of the 2nd house, which represents the economy and the currency of a country. Thus the economy will be the conditioning factor of this election and under such planetary configurations any political consensus on the issue seems impossible. In the event of a deterioration in the euro zone, (something that I hold as certain) A. Merkel’s policy will be punished by voters and a government that will be looking to German uniqueness will ensue. A Spanish meltdown and the austerity measures which are not effective in the South will make Germany to seriously re-thinking their link to the euro.

This currency was launched in two stages on January 1, 1999 and January 1, 2002, so its natal Sun is at 10° Capricorn. The same position is held by the EU chart – 31 Dec 1957. Therefore the main stress on Germany – EU relations will be exerted this year and in 2014 when tr. Pluto and tr. Uranus will both hit the Sun of Germany and the EU.Angela Merkel herself (born 17 July 1954, 18:00, Hamburg) with tr. Neptune opposing her Venus in Virgo and in the 8th at the time of September 2013 federal elections, will not succeed in her attempt to gain economic clarity over Europe’s indebtedness. Tr. Jupiter hitting her natal Sun/Mercury, Jupiter/Uranus and Mercury/Uranus midpoints in three passes around the September 2013 election date is a positive factor, but with SA Mars opposite n. Pluto and SA Venus conjunct Saturn at the same time, A. Merkel can fall foul of the euro zone turmoil.

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In conclusion, Merkel’s CDU/FDP coalition will fail to continue in a third term and, following a period of uncertainty and inter-party negotiations, an extended governmental coalition of Christian Democrats (CDU) and Social Democrats (SPD) is the most probable outcome of the September 2013 federal election.