We had told already a few things in the past about Syria when the Middle East Uprising had already started and we could not really stop recording the facts that were taking place every day for months.Those PDFs are the previous articles about Syria.Now lets say a few things about the present.During my summer absence I have got a few emails about the situation and then I saw that the articles been in my archives but not uploaded.The question had to do with the prophecies have been written about Syria future war (now) and the danger to get involved in  a third world war, if someone will look at the daily news and how things get developed on the political scene.But let us look at the facts astrologically.That is the past article you can read.Just click on it to read the information.


SyriaThe military intervention of the West in Syria is being really ‘baked’ long time now, with the “usual” invocation of democratization. In reality of course the reasons are geopolitical and economic: Iran (mostly), oil pipelines that pass through the territory of the country, the unexploited natural wealth and other such humanitarian!Following the recent and proven chemical use in Syrian civil war (only we do not know by whom was) had the occasion to ensure that projects into practice. So all hanging by a thread, since virtually Syria is a controversial interests of all great powers and the Middle East.Russian interests are those that have so far prevented a proper and full implementation of the military plans of the West and are also those that give the upcoming “punishment” of Bashar al-Assad a original and individual character.

Astrologically, Syria is a very confusing story since the country has three natal charts. The rising of Baath party in power(13/11/1971) is showing to be an operative version, so that no one can ignore the independence of Syria that occurred on the 16/9/1941,at 00:01 EET and on the 1/1/1944 (without an exact time).So, in fact we do have three different versions, the first is to want Syria being Scorpio with the ascendant in Scorpio, the second is to be Virgo with the ascendant in Capricorn and the third with the ascendant in Libra.An easier astrological diagnosis to be made are the planet transits, since the Sun (government) of the country is located at the 9th degree of Capricorn, which is the present battle field off Uranus and Pluto. At the same chart, at noon, the Moon (people) is at the 14th degree of Pisces, the place that the last years Uranus and Pluto take action. We cannot really tell which is the perfect chart that will represent Syria but I would agree mostly with the last one, where the ascendant is in Libra and the MC on the 14 degrees and 44 of Cancer and that is telling is that is only the beginning of what we see and experience. No matter if the present military action against Assad will be limited or not, the nearest future is being predicted to be a collision that will include USA, Iran and Russia.


The most dangerous period of that overall ignition is between April 2014 till the end of 2015.So till then the borders of the whole area will have completely changed dramatically.Regarding Assad who is Virgo (11/9/1965, in Damascus, time unknown, seems that he is being affected by the square of Uranus-Pluto. Except the Sun who is located at the 18th degree, Uranus and Pluto are at the 15th and 16th degree, while also across this is the Moon in Pisces as also Saturn and Chiron. In fact it is about a line of subversive conjunctions and oppositions that have as an only way out the conjunction of Mars-Neptune in Scorpio.

If there is something positive in the whole thing is Jupiter which means that he could become more powerful from the current developments. But what is clear is that Syria has a long way yet to make. The progressive Mars of Assad, at the 18th degree of Sagittarius is showing continual battles to survive that will be terminated in 2016.Perhaps is not an accident that the Syrian Civil War started on the 15/3/2011,while the progressive Mars squared the natal Pluto of Assad.The next solar return that will be till the September of 2014,the Jupiter support will sextile his Sun while the transit of the planet on the 10th house at the same time at the horoscope of Syria can reward a government solution of “national unity”, with the participation by the opposition party.

The square of Mars-Saturn at the solar return of 2013-2014, Assad will be called to compromise himself or at least to maneuver or else he will have to be surrendered. The most critical period of time is November while the transit Saturn will cross his Mars, but if we will consider Neptune’s involvement, his position at the 17th degree of Scorpio will increase the time range of decisive consultations, especially of the backstage ones.