Here we go again,we have already returned from our summer vacation and there are already important changes as you have already see on our blog.We closed the official website because I thought it was an extra care and it was really useless.So if you need an astrology consultation,a tarot reading make your choice,send us your form carefully and your request and we will answer to you within 24-72 hs.So,you will not find our links on the bar.What you can also do is to share your links with us.What is also changing is the way we write out horoscopes.Daily will be out and those will be replaced by charts and other features.What we keep for you is the weekly and monthly horoscope for each zodiac sign.In fact I never believed int he daily one…I keep it for my business writing.After all there is more quality in my monthly and weekly one.I am not interesting personally in quantity,sometimes it could be unnecessary.So,lets see how things are going to be developed in September.

Mars has already passed at the zodiac sign of Leo since the August of 28th and will cross this zodiac space till the 15th of October. In September planet Mars will be by the middle of this zodiac sign since the first ten days of the month will have already activate all sort of difficulties because of the close disharmonious aspect with Saturn that is crossing the zodiac sign of Scorpio. During this short period there will be difficulties of different nature in all zodiac signs but those will last not for too long. Because Mars at the same time will form a positive aspect with Uranus from Aries we can tell that difficulties will be overtaken easily or at least that those will be easy to be handled.

Mars at the zodiac sign of Leo will urge many people to take huge risks, after all we know that Mars is a stable planet, stubborn with a fighting spirit. This kind of fighting spirit will have a spontaneous nature but usually is being characterized by a hidden expediency. He is passing through the zodiac sign of Leo he makes people want to distinguish and is usually become s the cause of obsessive expression of their ideas and is also emphasizing the element of strong antagonism regarding their attitude. During this transit the 12 zodiac signs, with Mars in Leo their powers will be tested playing with the factor which is being called “luck”.


On the other hand, on a global level there will be new developments on the international political scene while anew poker game will be played between the centers of power on this planet. Many will try to support or impose of their opinions according to their interests, particularly at the area of the Middle East, and those sources of agitation will remain activated, while the big problems of the economical crisis are not seem to be resolute at all.However, on a an atomic level, people will be activated more, defending themselves in order to find new ways to handle any economical issues or shelter ones and make huge efforts to improve their life conditions. For some of you, Mars from Leo will act catalytically into their love life, while this zodiac sign will give more impulsiveness into the eroticism and there will be a tendency for enforcement. So, this month we will see many people to sacrifice their “security” for anew victory perspective in the field of love or for new conquest. All it remains to see is who will judge if that worth’s to happen.

September will be changeable on a social and political level. Mars in Leo will form during the first ten days negative aspects with Saturn and Venus that will enter the zodiac sign of Scorpio on the 11th of the month and will preserve that close touch with Saturn in Scorpio from the 18th till the 25th of September and these aspect will definitely create an emotional load.

In Greece, that belongs to the zodiac sign of Aquarius fro nay density Mars in Leo will be responsible, since will form an opposition with her natal Saturn which is located at the zodiac sign of Leo. After all, Saturn now Saturn is passing through Scorpio and in all that game Venus will also enter Scorpio who will irritate any emotional reactions. On the other hand, of course the influence of the Full Moon in Pisces, during the second fifteen days of September, is foreseeing great worries for October.Mercury’s role play will be enough epicoruric during the first ten days, with its presence in Virgo and will form a positive aspect Jupiter in Cancer. Moving at the zodiac sign of Libra on the 9th of the month, will extend the disharmonious aspect between Uranus and Pluto even on third week of September. It is about a very short period of time that will make things really worst and will sharpen the spirits and the cause will be the financial state of the country as also the exchanges. At the same period there will be an unrest at the International Market and there will be also disagreements at the economical centers of the West World that of course will be continued.During the second fifteen days of September Venus will form a negative aspect with Jupiter and between the 13-18th of the month the harmony with Neptune from Pisces in these difficult times will bring more dead ends. It is really bizarre how much confusing the atmosphere is going to be this month with the Mars-Saturn square ruling the whole thing but we should not forget the fact that Venus, Pluto and Jupiter will try to support the whole situation and bring good things.


A few important incidents or events is possible to scar this period of time and generally the whole the course of autumn. Generally, there will be serious political unrest and probably there will be extreme behavior between the members of the Parliament. But even though the current government will face up many problems in the economical and administrative level. All these things will start to be intense around the days of the Full Moon in Pisces on the 19th of September and the atmosphere will be particularly explosive. Finally, there will be some dramatic incidents that definitely occupy the public opinion.

A few things about the Fire signs this month. Aries, will experience intense activity all through the month but also economical difficulties will not miss but certainly you will finally overtake. There will be definite developments in the sector of your love and social life but try to avo8id taking huge risks and follow amore conservative attitude no matter how much you want to provoke others. This period is very important for you if you want to express yourselves artistically and creatively but the negative aspect of Mars-Saturn is possible to provoke a short unrest or hinder you attain something.

Leos, with Mars at your zodiac sign you will be generally more decisive, your fighting spirit will be bolder and why not to be the winners of this month. The sectors of family and work will occupy most of your time and circumstances will be more difficult for you during the first fifteen days of the month but also it will be necessary for you to make decisions that will save you from pressure. Anyway, you are made of giving strong battles so be ready to overtake any difficulties and regulate any situation in the way you want with the happy end you want.


 Sagittarius, Mars in Leo for you means a convenient escape, movements, new deals and easy developments of your cases. The only negative thing may happen to you is a conflict with partners, relatives but even that will not last for too long. Many of you will start to change attitude and is very possible to change environment in order to be more effective in whatever you do. The most important is that you put new targets in your life. You may now take advantage any of your talents and being distinguished in public relations or whatever you believe.

Earth signs. Taurus with the passage of Mars through Leo will bring domestic problems on the surface again and then you will have to face the up with responsibility. Current conditions will enhance your defenses and then perhaps that will take the form of aggressiveness. For a short of period of time Mars will also bring density in your love life and some of you is possible to interrupt a relationship or some others that perhaps have fall in love at first sight to decide make a grand gesture in order to get closer to the desirable result of a  defined conquest.

Virgos the phenomenon of the month is possible to make you feel more worried regarding the way you live and generally the conditions of your life and what is happening in your environment. This kind of worry sometimes may have negative or positive results. So, your actions and behavior must be well-studied while you will be able to affect the developments as also your disposition too. There will be a kind of an inner density, stressing and other kind of disturbances too. All these will be provoked by Mars in Leo.

For Capricorns, Mars in Leo means that on the surface will come any psychological situations and traumas of the past, psychological tests because of the social events and definitely economical international state. But also there is a great possibility of great economical success on a personal level and Mars in Leo will finally help you attain your targets and overtake any problems that may rise now by following your instinct and be more risky than the usual. Be more thoughtful regarding any eccentric behavior and extremities. Do not neglect any health problems and avoid to provoke situations and people.


 Air signs. Gemini people is necessary for you to be flexible this month as also you will have to make serious decisions regarding your social life now. It is very possible also to feel more nervous and restless but your thinking will be more creative. During the first fifteen days there will be some difficulties regarding your work that will force you reflect and introspect the position you take recently and the thoughts you made and also will urge you keep distance from sources of danger. Try to avoid any conflicts, disagreements and try to keep the distances if you think that communication is impossible. Finally, try to cultivate any alternatives in case that any of your personal cases will be blocked up. Libra people despite he short difficulties that Saturn will create, Mars in Leo will be the inspirator of your ambitious plans and your friends will play an important role and generally your social circle. Mars will direct your dynamism and your instinct in any new theories you ve got in your mind and you have to bring them into action, while that influence will make you more inventive but also this can be your sensitive point at the same time. Avoid to trap yourselves into the unreal world and do not neglect the needs of those who live and work with you. For Aquarius Mars in Leo possibly means a dilemma you will have to face up in your emotional life and professional life too. However you will be able to withdraw yourselves and do things that you are not accustomed to, because you will feel so. It is very possible to open a war with your loving person or generally to see your marriage or relationship pass through a crisis. Though there is also another version of it, to fall in love with someone else and that could be the cause of strong quarrels and finally the third version is face up now a new opponent in the professional factor of your life.

Autumn Leaves, Berries and Pinecones

Water signs, Cancers, the presence of Mars through the sign of Leo will emphasize your need for material and emotional security. Some incidents is very possible to force you take some risks. You will get a lot of money but also you will spent almost too much of them too. During the first ten days of September try to cover your needs but also it is very possible to become a victim of an economical/emotional deception too. Be cautious of others behavior as also your reactions in front of others pressures. About Scorpios, Mars in Leo will give you motives to work hard because difficulties will affect you more intensely this month while people from your environment will become more challenging towards you.Finally it is possible to end up playing the hero in order to preserve your interests and others too.Through this uncomfortable and difficult days you will have a kind of victory and that will be judged by the way you will handle any situations, regarding the way you will act and the way you will also fight. Pisces, the phenomenon of Mars in Leo means for you some difficulties are being connected to work or your health yours or someone you love but those things will definitely maybe test your smartness and tolerance too. You will make important moves to save up any situations mainly in the professional sector but generally you will feel worn out by your efforts. Your work or career will play a significant role and it will be as a mean of psychological relief that you will need during this period of time. So, it is very possible to see any challenges as a chance for personal development.

We wish you a wonderful  and creative Autumn Season!!!