We will have actually to say goodbye this month and leave you for a few days for our vacation.Our official website will close down this month and we will open  a new one here in WordPress,with astrology readings,tarot readings and much more and of course our articles.Impressive astronomical phenomena will illuminate the sky of August this year, holding steady interest of observers.So, apart from the rain of the stars this weekend, let’s see what other phenomena holds the month.


  • From 1 August  and for just a few more days, the mornings before sunrise, we will see in the sky Jupiter,Mars and Mercury and on their left Kastor and Pollux of the constellation Gemini.
  • As for the evenings of August will see at the West after sunset, Venus and a little bit higher Saturn.
  • Between 4-5 August, the Moon approached Mercury andin the  evening we see the two celestial bodies in the night sky closer than ever.
  • On 11 August the rain of the falling stars of the Perseids (Perse’iden) will start from the northeast towards the south and will be visible shortly after midnight.
  • On August 12th at 10pm CET, there will be meeting of the Moon with Spica in Virgo and indeed, the Moon will cover the spike, however this will only be visible in Eastern Asia Japan, Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean. In Greece we see the Moon just too close to Spica.
  • On August 13th the Moon will be at 3 degrees next to Saturn, and the 15th of August, will be approached by Antares of Scorpio.
  • On 21 August, at 3:45 we will enjoy the August full moon that will brighten the night sky on the 20th and 21st of the month.
  • On 24 August, 23:00, Mercury will be in session behind the Sun.
  • On 27 August, the Neptune will be in an opposition and with a simple telescope is visible near the star of Aquarius. At the same period Neptune will retrograde the sign of Aquarius.
  • On August 28 morning the Moon will be at 3 degrees north of the Candle in Taurus and in the morning of the last day of the month, the Moon will savor in August next to Jupiter.