I had a lot of such relationships in my life and another one recently so I decided to write out this article,it is good to express your disappointment after all..so you all read to learn…

Neptune in Pisces are adjusting the invisible side of our lives. Neptune’s transits with the planets of the astrological chart, particularly regarding zodiac signs of Pisces, Virgos, Sagittarius of the first ten days of the zodiac sign. Illustrating the sensation of confusion, in a few words that means that nothing is satisfying you anymore and that everything is not enough.We had already write an article about Neptune Pisces global influence now we will write something more in particular.

So, Neptune as we had already write is crossing the limits, and in transits blurs or make invisible the lines are diving us from the others. When for instance, Neptune transits our Sun this could be a period of time that we lose ourselves in our relationships with other people or we have experiences that make us realize that we are a part of the whole life. It is really then about a confusing period full of doubts, questions and balloons are blowing up. Neptune is also catalyzing the inner limits between the conscious and subconscious, so we can identify ourselves with the possible, be full of confidence and dynamism under the influence of the Sun-Neptune transit and discover the weak and confusing side of our personality. External factors or incidents may also activate such emotions, for instance if someone else is getting the promotion we should take in his position, or when we lose our job or a relationship is ending up that meant  a lot for us.

Neptunian aspects may conjunct with liquidity times that nothing is stable but also may experience times of great inspiration. During these periods that may last for about two years we learn that life is not only about materialism, whatever we catch or acquire, but perhaps we may want the impossible, the unreal and something non practical but the reality is much far away…Usually we are getting mad, we frustrate ourselves or being discouraged under the influence of such transits when we do not accept to adjust ourselves with an ideal and the spiritual dimension of life.

A few examples of such transits so in order to realize and understand of course the influence of Neptune was when a 34 year old woman passed through  a period of intense personal changes when Neptune squared her natal Sun more than one and a half year. During that period of time, this woman, for about 12 years her husband abandoned her but without nay commitment that he would return or asking for a divorce. She was just experiencing that everything was in the air, without knowing if she had to continue her life or waiting for his final choices. At the same time this woman started to show an intense interest for astrology, reincarnation and such other different matters that helped her to see life from a different prism for the first time. All that substantially helped her to take her own decisions and move on instead of waiting forever.

Neptunian transits with the natal Venus are also very significant for the understanding and the deeper content of love and relationships. Usually we are being attracted by people who have failed into their own life or victims or people that cannot cope with their own lives and look for someone to support them financially or even emotionally. A woman also who had a Neptune opposition with her Venus meet one man under very bizarre circumstances. Their relationship at the beginnings was like a fairy tale and it was about to become a very important one on the way. This affair was very charming with full of pink clouds, in a few words it was a unique love story that proved to be disappointing later on, a total  illusion, deception.

The male person was Pisces with spiritual worries and through this he knew many people of this nature(to note that Venus contains all sort of relationships and not only love affairs)her interest anyway for spirituality was increased and it was a matter of glamor (glamor also belongs to Neptune) and not  a matter of s serious study. Under the influence of this man, this woman spend  a very significant amount of money for Mind Control, confused totally and without being certain for the motives that she was led in there(Neptune)however the lessons of Mind Control proved her that she had excellent abilities. But at the end of this transit she realized with huge disappointment the cool and cruel manners of the man she was in love with, because she had more fall in love his outward image and not his real personality. Even though she feels deceived up to a point emotionally and materialistically, she is not keeping hostile emotions for him because she felt that she took an important lesson of maturity and understanding.

Another person that Neptune was conjunct Venus he found himself in a dissolved relationship. The ideal picture of the woman he loved start to fall apart and being sapped, and let’s say it more elegantly he found her sleep with his best friend. Before this scene take part, he used to consider his girlfriend as his personal property and now through great pain her felt, he had to face up the jealously and intense possessiveness because he always had an important position in his relationship with male friends or women.

Through this pain not he only obtained significant distance from his emotions but he saw love with different aspect and he discovered that his emotions were too open at a point he started to connect himself with another women.In Neptune transits imagination obtains a huge power, creating illusion and cheating, you do not see the person in reality, you see what you want to see or what you wanted someone to be. Frequently there is a weakness of concentration, luck of energy ,uncertainly regarding the direction, indecisiveness, illusion, deception and there is also a mood to play with others and trick and there is also a luck of deficiency  usually when transits the natal Saturn and Mars.

Neptune increases sympathy and compassion towards other people and that means that we become more sensitive towards others emotions and needs. That is the good side of Neptune that is making us help others, those who have less luck and give a helping hand where there is need without expecting a reward. The other side is about being a victim, the witness and the savior. The person who is self-destructive or being disappointed. Even through the most difficult transits, we discover the depth of our emotions, the ability to understand and forgive, that we never knew if we could really do that… and yes, every fairy tale has its own dragons. It is just the price to maturity.