The reality of Sumerians and their advanced culture was confirmed when in 1877, the French consul in Baghdad, Ernest de Sartsak finally found the site of a high mountain a statue which its form was completely unknown. Monsier de Sartzak began systematic excavations on the particular site and from the earth began to appear sculptures, statues, clay tablets decorated with unprecedented shapes. There was a statue of green diorite stone depicting the king and high priest of the city of Lagos state. Even the most conservative estimates of archaeologists recognize that the statue belongs to the 3rd or 4th millennium BC, before the appearance of the of the Assyrian-Babylonian culture.The most interesting objects found in the excavations ware constructions of the Sumerians, that are dated around 3,000 BC On the objects were discovered many stamps printed on their pottery. Sumerians were not writing on rolls of papyrus or parchment, but on wet clay tablets, which after drying or burning in the furnace, the signed seal remained for a long time.Experts believe that in several seals the Sumerians represented the solar system. This version was tested, in particular, by one of the greatest astronomers of the 20th century, Carl Sagan – Carl Sagan. This shows that before 5-6000 years ago, the Sumerians believed that the Sun, not the Earth, was the center of our world. This speculation from the sun on seals in the middle and he is the largest of all celestial bodies lying around him.


However, the most surprising is that depicted nine planets while we knew that they were eight. Pluto was discovered in 1930.The Sumerians, the system of Pluto was not placed in his current position, but between Saturn and Uranus. And between Mars and Jupiter, the Sumerians had placed a celestial body. The historian and expert Zechariah Sitchin, who translated biblical texts and is an expert in cuneiform is convinced that a tenth planet is being also depicted beyond in our solar system-Marduk (Nibiru).Another most striking discovery was the hill Kougiountzik in Iraq, during excavations in the ancient city of Nineveh. A text found in numerical calculations, and there was the number 195 955 200 000 000! Which means is a number of 15 digits and being expressed in seconds of 240 cycles, termed by Plato, of a “normal” year, of 26,000 years.

With these strange mathematical representations of Sumerians dealt the French scientist Maurice Chatelain, who is a specialist in communication systems for space vehicles for more than 20 years working in U.S. working at the agency of NASA. For many years, Chatelaines’ hobby was to study ancient astronomy. From the astronomical knowledge he gained by ancient people he wrote several books.Chatelain suggests that the mysterious 15-digit number can be expressed by the so-called large fixed solar system that allows high accuracy to calculate multiple repetitions of each period in the movement and evolution of planets, moons and comets. The scientist put his case to the computer analysis and found a result: “In all the cases I’ve tried the period of a planet was (within a few tenths of a) part of the Nineveh constant equal to 2,268,000,000 days .. In my opinion, this is a convincing confirmation of the precision with which the constant was calculated thousands of years ago. ”


A clay object was found in ancient Nineveh, the very puzzled experts. It was a round clay plate, divided into eight equal sections and the other parties had different shapes: triangles, polygons, arrows, lines and curves bounding.About decrypting a variety of researchers worked for it: mathematicians, linguists and specialists in satellite navigation (because of the seals with the planets had been found).The researchers concluded that the plate contains the description of a journey of the supreme god Enlil, who led the Heavenly Council of the Sumerian Gods. Refers to flight did Enlil following a predetermined route. Additional information concerning the flights ‘astronauts’ reaching Earth from the planet Marduk.The first plate contains data about the flight of the spacecraft, coming from outer space approaching Earth. Passes through “steam cloud” and falls below the zone of “clear sky”. Plates were mysteriously if not the imagination of researchers-speak for landing vehicle from space to Earth and the path followed to reach the Earth’s landing site…In the history of the Sumerians, the epic Gkilkamesh-a legendary ruler of Uruk city in the period 2700 to 2600 BC refers to the ancient city of Baalbek, located in today’s Lebanon and is known for its ruins, its huge stone structures of treated tumors reach everyone on a hundred tons or more.

Who, when and for what purpose were these megalithic creations remains even today one of the unsolved mysteries. The authors of this saga referring to those not seen as mysteries. They knew that it was the City of the Gods. “It was the town where they lived those dominated. There he lived also Anunnaki. “In the texts of the Sumerian clay tablets the “foreign gods” call them «Anunnaki», who came from another planet and learned to read and write, sharing their knowledge and skills in many areas of science and technology.