It starts to become obvious that the three-government will not stand all the way through. A few days ago it was the anti-racist law, now the ERT national TV network. Troika came in Greece to berate us again and left hurriedly because they stumbled upon a domestic quarrel. On a communication level, however, the government excels. Choosing to begin mass redundancies of Media managed to send a message to the whole world about what can happen if the restructuring of the public sector will be deepened. The message was transmitted unaltered from many European channels.

So, we will be back then in September then with a new TV network named NERIT. The famous Greek mathematician Eleftherios Argiropoulos who is known about lexarithms a few days ago had announced that the new name of NERIT contains the acronyms ERT and NET.NERIT=NET+IP=ERT=NI=465.The phrase in Greek “we are going from ERT to NERIT” was equal to the number 2013.For one more time the Greek mathematician had proved that the Greek language could predict the future. Searching more regarding the name of NERIT, I was certain that the name was really strange for a Greek name, finally he searched and found that the name had a Turkish-Jewish meaning. So, Nerit is Jewish female name meaning candle lit. Now that Russian names ceased to be heard, Gazprom withdrew the So far finds no sufficient guarantees, and HEP are becoming more damaging, the energy interests of other countries have free rein to move causing potential policy changes. Because I cannot think that there is anyone who believes that the mark of ERT alone can overthrow the government itself or nay government. In a few days Mercury turns retrograde for a month. So promises for nothing start again, delays and uncertainty for critical issues, first of course our relationships with our lenders. While Jupiter leaves the zodiac sign of Gemini the Greek Prime Minister, A. Samaras goes at a party conference and early elections without the high protection but taking high political risks but for democracy itself.

 the end of the ERT chart 2

All that were predicted now more than a year. What is difficult to predict whether the other side of the Aegean, Suleiman the Magnificent will prevent to clean Taksim Square until early August, when the attitude of America for non-intervention in the Syrian is changing.We had also write about political changes in Turkey long time ago.The results will soon appear. At present we are without TV.

Perhaps it wasn’t an accident that ERT also closed on the 11th of June at 11:11 and we all know now that this is the number of the karmic change. But also because there is a confusion with this issue, we ve got to tell you this. It is impossible when a country is starving and passes through a serious economical crisis, it is impossible someone to earn only 400 euro and another has no milk to give at her children, or people jump from balconies every day or a doctor scientist earns only 900 euro after 10 surgical operations at the hospital, and someone who works at the ERT in the middle of the deep crisis, earns 5000 and 10000 a month for nothing. So people stop protesting about it and look at the reality. The truth is that all organizations need cleansing and of course that doesn’t like to many people, from the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean. So, it seems that ERT will re-open in three months renewed, since there will be a severe control of the monthly salaries of those who work there. Some said that on Tuesday night we are experiencing dramatic moments that take us back in time into different times and regimes…perhaps there was no other way.


On the other hand it seems that Jupiter in Gemini, carried away of the Prime Minister who believes that he can do anything he likes in the way he wants. The Prime Minister has an intelligent horoscope, as he is also Gemini but he needs to be particularly cautious too. The death of the Greek Network, also managed as it seems to gather around him many votes, but creating also a huge political issue in the country. Reactions from Greece and abroad were many and of course the cause is not ERT function but its healing therapy that was chosen. Internet was interrupted and media reporters were sabotaged and if one day we will not write on this blog again perhaps you will understand the reason. The truth is that there were a few complications with Internet this week. We had predicted the fact that the 6th of June would be an important day for Greece and certainly would be on the front pages worldwide again and that an event would provoke sock and fear. The new Moon at the zodiac sign of Gemini to strengthen such possibility, under the influence of a schizoid and overthrowing zodiac sign, the Lights were in a T-square with Uranus and Pluto, the whole matter revolved around the media, which is the main ability of Gemini. So, it seems clearly that the closing of ERT was clearly a plutonian and uranian job as we will see through the natal horoscope of the ERT network.

The horoscope of the first TV broadcast occurred on the 23/2/1966, at 18:30 pm in Athens. The Moon was at the 10th house of Aries at the 8th house, and also accepts the influence of the transit Pluto and Uranus while the Sun was at the zodiac sign of Pisces at the 6th house with Neptune. Certainly these indications were not really so positive for the future of the Greek TV network, but if you see you will observe that through the time once there will be economical and work radical changes and restructuring.

ERT firts broadcast chart 1

The current square of Uranus-Pluto at the 16th-18th degree of Pisces and Sagittarius fall on the natal Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Uranus and Pluto of ERT that are forming oppositions at the axis of the 1st and the 7th house, which are enough for the overthrow and the devastation of everything. On the other hand the creation of NERIT probably will happen astrologically under better circumstances deleting any previous negative energies of the old one.Perhaps it was not so necessary to close the building and put the Army to keep safe the archive treasure of the country.The last time that Radio National Station closed was during the German invasion.

 At the moment the future of this government sounds to be uncertain and there is an intense rumor that the country will be called to the ballots by the middle of July and may bring everything upside down. Those who read about the New Moon in Gemini certainly would read that it was a very difficult one and that there will be important problems with the media. If we will also see the solar arc, in Uranian astrology we will see this equitation.

Mercury=Sun/Poseidon=Venus/Neptune=Cupido/Poseidon=Moon/North Node=Jupiter/Saturn=Uranus/Neptune

The other issue is the current government. Last year we had predict the elections that possibly would take part in the middle of this summer…but it sounded almost unbelievable. In the middle of a hot summer who would vote while Greeks are traveling away to the coolest seashores for relief. A lot have been told and a lot will be written for the possibility of new elections.Demeter with Uranus are exactly the right combinations but also the aspects are being formed can be the right ones for the current political developments too. Last year, during this period of the same time, Demeter had released the preparations for the fall of the Papandreou government after months of huge problems. The elections of May 2012 had been done after the New Moon, and the Lights were conjunction Demeter and was in a conjunction with Uranus. So, that was really the reason that lead the country into the May elections. Of course, I the political astrology there are more indications that Uranus and Demeter, as also for instance the eclipses, the aspects and the progressions in the chart of a nation. It seems that Demeter-Uranus aspect had particular dynamic when involves with the Lights. Another thing we need to observe is that the New Moon influence lasts for 30 days, till the next one.


We also observe the Demeter-Uranus in the elections of September 2007, when Demeter was squaring Uranus and the Lights. In October 2009, when Demeter was in the 5th house in a conjunction with the Lights and Saturn in an oppositionwith Uranus. In double elections of May 2012, when Demeter was in the 11th house in a conjunction with the Lights and Uranus.If Greece will go into elections by the 14th of July as it was announced or if we even chose the 21st of July, the days are symbolic anyway since on the 23/7 Greece is completing 39 years since Metapolitefsi.But if you see those indicators to be combined for elections, you will discover that those are giving better circumstances for elections even in November.In the New Moon of November we will see Demeter placed at the 11th house in a square with Uranus, on the 13th New Moon in December, Demeter again at the 5th house in a n opposition with the Lights. These indications are tremendously suspicious even without Uranus participation. The New Moon of January at the 11th of 2014, Demeter will be placed at the 10th house in a trine with the Lights, at the 5th house and these weak indications are certainly lead to elections. At the beginning of February Demeter is coming again in a straight motion giving a new force for political developments. On the 10th of February Demeter will be at the 2nd house squaring the Lights at the 11th house.


The New Moon of 11th March, is pointing the Lights at the 5th house squaring Demeter again at the 8th house, but without Uranus. But on the New Moon of 10th April, Demeter at the 12th house is squaring Uranus, at the 7th degree, squaring the Lights, at the 5 degrees. All these are probabilities for future elections which seems that Demeter is a main link. Such indications do exist in the following New Moon of October and perhaps political unrest of those days will be not an accident. The New Moon of the 10th May 2014, Demeter will square Uranus again at the 5th house which is a very strong indication for elections. At this point there is a very strong particular indication for political unrest and overthrows, but also Jupiter participation is predicting something bigger that can be combined with the creation of a great political party as also with the huge reactions of the people. On the 8th of June New Moon 2014, Demeter at the 11th house again will conjunct Lights in a square with Uranus. Of course these indications will be combined with the natal chart of the country and the events.

What we had mentioned before is that the year 2013, is particularly a very important year for political overthrows and the balances in all levels. What we expect is the confirmation of all these.