The Fall of Istanbul, celebrated even today in the neighboring country with joys and festivities, as perhaps our own anniversary of Greek Revolution. Mythological figures are said to arise in the festivities, as also the representation of the fall. Mythological figures that after 500 years still haunt the memories between two people who both drink the same ouzo and eat the same morsel on both sides of the Aegean. Turkey, was never just the Aegean region. From early times the Turk had cultural affinities and in terms of attitudes to the Mohammedan and even the Persian. For those who know history, furthermore, the Seljuk’s and the Ottomans had gotten the order of succession of the anointing of the Abbasids caliphs. In addition, before the reform of Kemal, who turned his attention to the Turks on Mongolian roots, the Turkish language had a great affinity with Persian, while Mehmed himself the II, and was followed by the delivery of the Abbasid Caliphs and dealing with astrology too. We do not know if the attack on Constantinople was astrologically calculated. We do not know the truth or when started exactly. On April 7, the Julian calendar is said that Muhammad officially declared the siege, but the battlements with artillery had been placed since January. Moreover we do not know exactly the start time of the siege.

On the other hand we know much more about the last attack on the city. It took place on May 29th, 1453 between 1:00 and 02:00 in the evening. With the new calendar (+9 days for 1453) on 7th June of the same year. If our calculations are correct, then the Ascendant at 01:00 just falls on the zero degree of Aries. Perhaps precarious calculation, but the Ascendant is symbolic too. And if you apply the zero degree of Aries, marks a symbolically an event of historical standing for the entire world. The start of a new cycle.

If we will interpret the map as an event, the first house we signifies the Christian side, as the chart is at coordinates that possessed. Theoretically we were dealing with a strong ascendant, but Mars is very weak in Cancer (25th of Cancer, degree of instability and uncertainty), marking internal wrangles of the defenders and trends of escape and self-protection. Converging with Uranus (28th of Cancer, critical degree of freedom), ruler of the 11th house, Mars gave any chance of escape, but before reaching the conjunction, the square with Saturn (25th degree, of victory), prevented their escape. The emperor himself also (Saturn as the 10th ruler of the defenders and flare) is prominent, showing that performed the task befitting his role till the end. Grudging also through the square from the people of Constantinople their own endurance.


the fall of contantinopole

Through this – or because of it – they sacrifice was mandatory. The rival of Constantinople has a very thought-provoking post on the chart. Typical Libra, should not expected that would display some prodigious aggression but probably would take Constantinople with diplomacy and through negotiation. Venus nevertheless was in Taurus and in the 8th house, showing likely the bribing of some Byzantines. Neptune at the cusp of the ascendant of the opponent shows additionally also the conduct of deception and spying. (Degree of slavery, 1st of Libra)

The 10th house of the opponent in Cancer will also predispose for great achievements. Though, the Moon, as ruler is in the 6th house of the army and the 12th of Constantinople. This also prefigures issues of treachery.
On a chart which reasonably should not bring the end particularly as also Constantinople has a war-like Jupiter in Aries for ascendant, the great trine of the Moon / Saturn / maker of MC, supported primarily and affects the enemy (1st, 6th of the Army and the 10th house of leadership) shows that he achieved his purpose mainly through treachery.
On the other hand the army of the Byzantines, even with acne of the 6th house in Leo, sign of personal courage and strategy (watered down is certainly true because of the position of the Sun in Gemini which showed a tendency of improvisation), had no aspects to support circumstances. Jupiter contributed in a T- square with Chiron / Mercury and Neptune, giving another indication of deception, while the ruler Mars as limited by the Emperor himself.