All-right take  a deep breath relax and lets go back in time…These days I was watching on the TV a special music program about 60s music. A number of renowned musicians were talking about the concerts they had played in California in the summer of 1967 and they mentioned then that there were “special vibrations” that summer and that they had felt those vibrations during their concerts. The truth is that I have heard this before from many people, even from my mother too. That feeling and the events that followed were so powerful that correspondents called it “The Summer of Love” and I am sure that all of you know it, so I decided to take a look about that summer from an astrological aspect and because it is summer now it is good time to start refreshing our brain with beautiful things, perhaps you choose to go to the beach, travel, change your wardrobe with lighter clothes, drink an exotic beverage on  a golden seashore at the sunset, go out more often and so on. After all Jupiter will enter Cancer in a while, Mercury will also start to retrograde in Cancer too by the end of the month so we will catch ourselves often go back in time when things were really innocent then. So let us see what was really happening that extraordinary summertime.

The summer of love marked the height of the counterculture movement of the 60s.The positive aspects of the flower of children, the openness and freedom of expression were felt by everyone definitely without an exception I suppose. While I was hearing those musicians discussing about the positive vibrations of that summer, I was surprised by the sincerity of their feelings about the love they felt was in the air at that time. It intrigued me, and as an astrologer, I went immediately to my astrology tools and ephemeris to see how the astrological aspects that summer indicated that was indeed a summer of Love. The first astrological aspects to explore are Venus ,I thought which is the planet of love as you know very well. At once might expect, in the summer of 1967 there were very positive aspects to Venus almost all summer.

Beginning of June 1967, Venus and Jupiter were conjunct the zodiac sign of Leo. These are the two most benevolent planets in astrology.Venus, the planet of Love and beauty as also Jupiter too the planet of the masses and universal consciousness, were together in the powerful zodiac sign of Leo. Thinking of that immediately also thought that next year Jupiter will enter Leo again but Venus will enter Leo again by the end of June.

summer of love 1967

This Venus- Jupiter conjunction was trine Saturn in Aries of course and that is a great difference. The two largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn trine each other with Venus, the goddess of love, was a supplementary to the whole mix. The specific conjunction then seemed to play an important role about love matters, people artistic talents an interests were particularly highlighted as also love was mutual and offered great joy to people for a long time. Venus was crossing the 11th house and people had the chance to express their talents and messages massively through positive activities that definitely affected masses collectively. Mars in Libra at the second house, people then wanted to be detach themselves from materialistic values and start to be more spiritual and pay attention more to the relationships between two people. After all let us not forget that Uranus in Virgo from 1962-1968 brought radical and revolutionary changes into this generation. Uranus in Virgo will return in 2046-2052.That position could mean absolute liberation of the society from something monotonous and pre-announces the radical changes and reformations that will follow. Uranus then supported by Neptune brought he spiritual revolution. The trine of the Moon with Neptune give the chance to the youth of that time to develop and listen of their deeper feelings and instincts.

No wonder people felt special vibrations during the summer of 1967 and what they felt more was that definitely they probably knew that something would change at last. After the June configuration, Venus moved into Virgo in July and continue to express its vibration though the 11th house again and then in August was aligned in positive sextile with Mars in Scorpio which definitely continue to give out pleasure. Any Venus-Mars link is an aspect for the balance of make and female energies. This created more positive love energy for the summer of love. By the August of 1967 Venus started to retrograde, moved back in Leo again, and start also to conjunct Jupiter for one more time. Almost the entire summer, from June till September, Venus was in and out of positive aspect with a number of planets, and these aspects helped create that special vibration of love that people felt that summer.