Economical crisis will not vanish just like that but everyone also is talking about a light at the edge of the tunnel. Because of the crisis human rights are also drift away as also the dreams and the ambitions of many people. So people’s reaction after desperation and frustration is rational which brings the first shock to seek for solidarity and asking for justice. The need to feel like the way we are now, is wide-ranging and we need not to be carried away from others decisions those who now define the destiny of humanity. This trend will be strongly heightened intensely from the Jupiter’s entrance to the zodiac sign of Cancer after he 26th of June 2013 and will stay in this position for a whole year till June of 2014.We can say that in this position Jupiter is feeling quite well and will express his best abilities despite the fact that this is means arrogance, but it gives the impression that in this case that does not apply. As you all know, Jupiter is being connected to expansion and good luck. His entrance to Cancer, a zodiac sign which represents the People, Family, and daily problems is very significant and certainly will change any data into very important sectors.

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The presence of Jupiter at the zodiac sign of Cancer is activating our emotions and consciousness. Mistakes of the past and dark spots that are functioning as an hindrance and do not let us enough space for something new are now get into out sight field. The target is to obtain peace, inner peace of course and harmony and this can be attained only if we will dare to touch stiff matters. We feel the need forcefully to forgive others for other mistakes we did but also to accept others forgiveness too for their own mistakes.The keyword of cancer in Jupiter is “Expand your intimate sphere”. It will be a year of profound cultural changes as regards family values. This change happened both on a personal and national level, giving a strong need to unite and belong. The passage of Jupiter through Cancer happened for example in 1989/90, coinciding with the independence of many East-European states and the unifying of the two Germanies.You will feel this influence on a personal level as a great welling up of intense personal emotion, and this emotion is particularly stimulated as far as intimate loyalties are concerned. You have a need to create strong bonds, and the emotional capacity to build up family structure across the generation gap. In many ways your values are traditional and conventional, and they are founded on strong moral convictions about what is right and what is wrong.


Family will play a significant role. This institution will be called in nowadays to function as a mound in front of the crisis vortex in an economical, social, political and ethical level. Human relationships will become stronger, people will be united around family and the one will drain energy and courage from each other in order to face up huge problems and threatens such unemployment, stress and depression. Perhaps that sounds weird for the days we live but Jupiter’s entrance in Cancer will make our need to create family stronger. Yes, of course, it is true that any political decisions have been taken and continue to be taken, are affecting the institution of family in its kernel but the need for a more stable base seems to overtake such obstacles. So, it is very possible since the summer of 2013 the atmosphere become more positive around family and births. That is something that will be strengthened from the nature of cancer who promotes and enhances the female side of life. Demands fro more justice regarding Woman, for supporting the institution of Mother and motherhood, will be strongly heard. We also remind you that unfortunately women are firstly affected regarding this matter. If someone wants to sum up in a few words the character of this facet, could talk bout solidarity, charity and simplicity.

The movements that support the weak people will be definitely strengthened too. Charity will change character and will be not anymore the mean for the few and influential people in order to tranquilize their guilty perhaps and consciousness. The poor will support the poor and together they will ask for a way to change the destiny that other others are imposing. It looks like that all of us will make the first steps after  along time and decades of lethargy and realize everything we have done, or we have not done or we did not do  and what we had to do and didn’t do. Gradually we will concentrate on the essence of things and that essence is hiding many times in simplicity. Indulgence and extravagance will stop to exist in our way of living and that will happen and be more intense when Jupiter will enter Cancer. Our interests will start to be centered more and more in our daily life and beautiful things are hiding there and certainly it was impossible for us to see in the past. Many things will change regarding the chapter “Home-Country”. Our emotions for our homeland will also become stronger and many of you will ask to return back to their roots as a shelter for the running developments.

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Let us see now the aspects that Jupiter will form and how will co-operate with other planets in the following months and that depends how things will roll in our lives because actually Cancer in Jupiter is not saying too much.

The trine of Jupiter will be formed will bring a vision for Change. We should not forget that in this summer and more particularly in July, a big triangle will be formed at the Water Signs, from Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. It is actually a spectacular aspect that will help us to believe that our waiting for improvement of the situation will finally have a happier end. It is the moment where the vision, rationality and generosity will be united under the aspect of those three planets in order to give bones and flesh to the opportunities we expect to change the current data. The most positive of this astrological aspect is that things will not remain to be just a theory. Rationality and the specific frame of action that are combined successfully with the vision, will make us believe that positive results will come.People, who had chose easy kind of solutions and had been jumped into the game of self-illusion and deceive now will find themselves into a very difficult position. Bubbles are blowing up and soon all of us will be face to face with hard reality. Those who choose the way of virtue but the difficult path and clear and fair fight not will get justice. They will get justice because no one will be able to take anything from them, because of experience, power and stubbornness not to let economical crisis to swallow them down.

Saturn in Scorpio on the other hand demands your attention. Saturn as you know is a very difficult plane, but also misunderstood and connected with frustrations, misery and difficulties too. Saturn limits usually grows inside us an emotion of pessimism. Comparing it with Jupiter, he will come to control and check any knowledge has been given so far. So that’s because exactly Saturn in Scorpio will not let us to absolutely feel the beneficial goodies of Jupiter’s entrance in Cancer. Saturn’s presence in Scorpio will affect intensely the inner world of people. Many of the crisis we confront will be escalated and certainly will awake inside us the fear till the moment there will be mutual reception between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. Against charity and solidarity Saturn’s position will enhance the emotional coolness. Selfishness, differences and conflicts will be escalated too. It is also very negative that conflicts will grow as also antagonism between nations, on a level of power. People who experience already the hard collision of the markets and nations in the so-called European Union which targets in profit and gathering of the capitals in the hands of the few only. The fact with the economical war is that you really do not know who the enemy is.

Saturn’s presence in Scorpio by the October of 2012 till the September of 2015 could certainly not affect the sector of economy. In the sector of the financial institutions, pressure and overthrows will be daily and powerful enough. In Greece, the merges and the abolition of the banks merge will create an atmosphere of vagueness. Particularly, after he instance of Cyprus and the haircut of the deposits, the sector of the banks and the credibility have been shaken for good now. All this uncertainty will enhance shocks into the European Union while the currency war will become wilder and more unpredictable. Standard values, such gold that still in war times considered as the shelter for many reserves of a country, in nowadays gold will start to accept strong blows and its price will be incredibly low than ever before in history. Everyone is talking that 2013 will be a hard year and months are following will be harder and more oppressive while the crisis will launch unemployment into crucial levels across the Eurozone.

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The only way to change the atmosphere is to choose at last, to see our mistakes with more maturity. That sounds very difficult of course, but Saturn himself is making us more pessimistic for the future but however is possible that through the sextile that will form with Pluto by the end of September 2013 to refresh our hopes for justice and renewal. Basic perspective to attain all that is a cleansing of old foundations and structures. The old system is certain that will set in action all the mechanisms in order to maintain situation of pathogenesis, but it will be very hard for them to present things and circumstances in the way they want. Positive messages this aspect may also bring on an economical level while the comprising solutions will be easier to rise up. Luck of justice that was existing in all sectors of our life now will not pass without any consequences. Choosing as a society to continue walking on the wrong path, is certain that we will not remain unpunished. Taking advantage of positive upcoming planet aspects and by choosing to  concentrate on significant matters that will be centered in individuals, we will strengthen the hope that the future generations will find at least, a strong base in order to build a better world, and that is certainly not the 80s or 90s generation. Perhaps, the 70s generation will play an important role into the developments later, which is being considered the last ones, and have their Pluto in Libra, as also they have a strong desire for Justice.

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What we must keep in our head from all that we mentioned above is the message of hope that Jupiter gives through the zodiac sign of Cancer. All society structures will get into a procedure for more democracy and Justice. Humanism, solidarity and brotherhood will bring people closer to each other in front of all these problems and is certain that that their voice will reach into the ears of the global leaders stronger than ever before, without nay chance to withdraw.The positive influence of Cancer in Jupiter is possible to bring changes regarding the positions of the world leaders. We cannot exclude the fact that may come on the front voices and powers that will dare to change the character of the politicians that had been adopted till now. We should also not forget that in September of 2013 German elections will take place that is possible to change any current data in the whole European Union. Perhaps June will mark the kick off for the first steps into a better world.

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To go deeper with relationships on a personal level, Cancer is primarily concerned with feelings and emotions. Cancer is the mother of the signs and, as such, is the nurturing, maternal sign. Cancers love to take care of people. This can be a problem because people will sometimes take advantage of their giving nature. Cancers find it difficult to say no, but they need to learn this lesson in order to save themselves from taking on other people’s problems. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and this makes Cancers extremely sensitive emotionally. Their feelings are easily hurt, but they will hide hurt feelings behind a happy exterior. The symbol for Cancer is the crab, and this reflects Cancer’s traits in several ways. The crab moves sideways, and this shows Cancers’ difficulty in taking a stand on issues. Cancers will not strike out unless their homes or families are attacked. The Sun was in Cancer when the United States was formed, and our country did not join World War II until U.S. soil was attacked directly at Pearl Harbor. Like the crab, Cancers prefer to remain safe and secure in their shells. Cancers’ desire for security makes them homebodies—happier at home than out traveling. One of the best examples of Cancer’s nurturing nature is the character of Melanie in the movie Gone with the Wind. The producers chose a Cancer actress, Olivia de Havilland, to play the kind-to-a-fault Melanie. Equally wise was the choice of a Scorpio actress, Vivian Leigh, to play the sexy, manipulative Scarlett O’Hara. The following Cayce reading seems to fit the traditional view that Cancer’s influence is a maternal one, involving taking care of others. We have afflictions in Cancer with the relationships in the Jupiter forces. These make for those conditions where the strength of the body in its relationships to others has been and is spoken of rather in terms of that which is hushed in the manner of its greater expression. In its associations with individuals, then, the entity becomes as a helpfulness; being a confidante of many; one to whom many come for their own instruction.