Well, summer is here at last and that is a good time for people to relax from the heavy winters responsibilities, no matter where you live I am sure that you all felt the economical crisis start pushing your budget more and more, other countries are no get into their first memorandum, Greece is already running through he fourth one. This winter had really plenty of losses, criminality and suicides are out of limit. Anyway summer will be good for all of you, it is time to visit the nearest beach if you will not go anywhere to rest yourselves, relax our mind and body from stress because in September we will pass through another hared winter without really know how circumstances will be developed. Finally, Obama normally should push Merkel with his Saturn across her Sun and if not, definitely Europeans will start to get sink deeper and deeper into the depression and things will start to become dangerous. To tell the truth, Euro currency horoscope as also the Dollar currency since the December of 2013, this year, toil the July of 2014 will not cross their most stable period. Euro is Capricorn and Dollar is Cancer and ups and downs will be many.

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Let s go back now in June of 2013 where Mars and Jupiter will be at the zodiac sign of Gemini. When these two planets meet each other in the zodiac space, are highlighting the rational thinking and promoting scientific matters. Mars is pushing for a theory to be expressed but at the same time is also preparing a kind of a technocratic necessity. With Jupiter and Mars in Gemini our communicative skills are being highlighted and is supporting any actions on theoretical level, like research or thoughts. But also this need for a purpose may weaken or limit impulsive reactions so the effects of an unexpected action. Mars and Jupiter are helping those who tend to do something extraordinary and this combination is giving them the chance for improvising. So, if you are optimistic and enthusiastic with something in particular, Mars will support the well-organized activity for the future. These two planets in Gemini will also highlight impulse and self-confidence in many of you and maintain it in a good level. It will be easy for instance to believe in others skills and talents and overtake difficulties or differences. After all these two planets are forming an aspect, and underlying the effects are coming from those character is bold, fighters, adventurous, with the good meaning of course, and people who occupy themselves with  creative activities. So, this month in a few words, is dedicated to those determined really to jump into the action throwing fear and insecurity into the waste-bin. Certainly, all of us inside is hiding creative powers that are ready to expressed, more or less and revealed when we the right challenge will be given to us. Mars and Jupiter in the “brainy “Gemini perhaps will be the beginning to awake these powers and prove that nothing is lost when we really want to do something.


The first month of this summer is very significant regarding any political and economical developments that may rise by the powerful conjunction of the Mars-Jupiter conjunction at the zodiac sign of Gemini. Governments and in Greece administration will meet many problematic situations that may be emergency and will be an effect of  disappointing social teams and is very possible to reconsider any attitudes of the past irrelevant to nay economical burdens they have imposed over people. After all is known at least for Greece who most blown from the memorandums that the Moon of her horoscope also at the zodiac sign of Gemini, the Sun-Mars and Jupiter conjunction into this zodiac sign reactions from the people will be more powerful, in a greater percentage against the government and the system generally. In case your country has its natal Moon in Gemini, you can look for it.

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On the other hand as far as it is known the system is not easy to be affected and of course the non-typical dictatorship of the capital will be continued for long time yet. There will be new scenarios regarding the bankers and those seem to become a concrete reality into this period and some of them is very possible to get into action. Many people is possible to lose their property and Saturn in Scorpio is working for it now long time methodically. After all let us not forget that Greece is Aquarius and her natal Saturn in Leo is forming an aspect of opposition. This natal planet position will have serious consequences for many of the individuals. Also in June we observe that Mercury and Venus are entering the zodiac sign of Cancer and activating the negative square of Uranus-Pluto during the first 15 days of June. That means that we should expect different problems that will occupy us unexpectedly and the conjunction of Mars-Jupiter cannot be expressed as a reaction, after all. How bold these situations can be during this period of time it will be very daring to predict and define. Without real experience from the past, new astrologers may observe the facts of the specific incidents around the globe and write them down. The political developments in Greece seem to affect the political and economical developments elsewhere in Europe and is very possible police army to be called forth (in fact, now there is anew phenomenon called Euro Army, if you have noticed on the previous months and ironically I can say that there is a lot of co-operation lately) significant matters may also rise with justice, athletics, education, media and transportation too. Of course there is also ready to be voted a law into the Parliament called the “Anti-racism Law’ and perhaps then we all find ourselves under hard situation, and if that will pass, prepare yourselves for the worst since also the Uranus-Pluto square has already being activated yesterday on the 21st of May but we hope current governments resist. You may also see what we had write about this aspect more analytically here https://wegoastrology.wordpress.com/2013/03/09/uranus-pluto-square/.


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In fact we are crossing the third square till the 2016 where a line of complete radical changes will occur. It could be that, it could be many things. However economical activity will be enhanced despite the crisis, the tourism will be high this summer and we will be able to take more initiatives. But of course, there will be high density and perhaps will also give the opportunity to many of you to get rid of commitments and discover also a new way of living that will be more convenient to you or a new kind of job, with the rhythms you want. June is also favoring immigration, economics, politics but also decisions that disengage from any responsibilities as also from the mobilization militancy and the boldness for the achievement of any purpose.And though I write the daily, weekly and monthly horoscope inn a different article, I will give a few advices about all zodiac signs and perhaps if I will find time I will start doing so permanently. So, I will start by the zodiac sign of Fire, Aries, must win the lost time and certainly communication will affect positively your disposition this month but everything will start to get improved around you gradually. This month keeps for you interesting deals, acquaintances, partnerships too. Leos, should open up their minds more and act flexibly, Mars and Jupiter will underline your ambitions and generally to adjust yourselves into the atmosphere now. Sagittarius people, try to close nay matters are hanging left and learn to handle right your money. A new acquaintance is possible and beware of stress and being isolated.Earth zodiac signs now, Taurus people should be more alerted regarding the money because Mars and Jupiter will affect your emotional-material security. However there will be a chance for you to find solutions. Virgo people will have to fight for their recognition and success a lot, try to do your best in every level and success will come and being expressed right with Mars-Jupiter .So, be dynamic and responsible. Capricorns, invest your money and emotions for sure, the conjunction of Mars –Jupiter will bring new people in your lives and try to make the right moves on a professional level. However do not take dangerous risks with uncertain investments and expenses and be cautious with your choices.


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The Air signs now, Gemini, love is possible now to fill your life, you will be in mood to fall in love and act more impulsively. You will achieve important things but be methodical and do not walk barefooted in thorns. There will be enthusiasm, social activity will be intense as also communication too. Dynamism will be in height and try invest for the future. Libra people, at last it is very possible to get what you need and deserve now with the Mars-Jupiter conjunction. It is good time for career and business, trips, popularity will be high but remember to be flexible too with those who disagree with your plans. Aquarius, what I have to tell you this month is that everything will be in your hands, social activities will be high but you will experiment with others too. Nevertheless it will be good for you not to take final decisions and important transactions. Let things roll normally in your life and try to balance your energy between work and fun.The water signs now, Cancer people, will have the chance to be developed mentally and the conjunction of Mars-Jupiter will be connected to your inner world. Try to limit stress and pessimism but remember that it will be up to you how you are going to handle and interpret any dissatisfied events may occur. Finally take advantage of any skills and talents now. Scorpios, no matter what will happen in your life now will have a deep meaning for you, but it is good time to arrange any debts, emotions but fortunately dynamism will be expressed but also take care of your health too. Pisces, at last, try to avoid whatever is troubling you or is creating obstacles. This is a period of high activity but not without difficulties. Density will be existed but also May eclipse are still affecting you. Try to succeed and avoid misunderstandings.

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The June New Moon will occur on the 8th of the month at the zodiac sign of Gemini. Into this phenomenon, Uranus will participate through a sextile, Saturn with a negative aspect and Mercury through a dodecagon. It will affect Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces and it means generally reconstruction of your powers. It is good however not to take serious decisions in your life but also remember to organize your actions and activities methodically. On the other hand, changes are being favored, immigrations, mobility, and new acquaintances and apply our plans for our interests.The Full Moon will occur on the 23rd of June, at the axis of Capricorn-cancer and into this phenomenon Jupiter will be participate through an opposition, Saturn and Neptune through a sextile. It will affect Aries, Cancers, Libra and Capricorns. Her influence will be beneficial and intense. So it is very possible to resolve any personal or professional matters. You have to be cautious with any opportunities might be appeared because those might be proved false or a trap in the future. This Full Moon will affect your mood but also your behavior perhaps will tend to be more serious and depressive.The fits ten days of June from1-10, planets will be gathered at the zodiac sign of Gemini and Sun, Mars and Jupiter and those will escort the dynamic New Moon also in Gemini on the 8th.Mercury and Venus will enter Cancer enhancing in this way their harmony with Saturn. After a long period of strong eclipses June is a promising one for absolute renewal and reconstruction. There will be space for recovery and correct or replace any damages. If you feel loaded emotionally try to act objectively but also others will act rationally too.

The second ten days from the 11-20 of June, Mars will form a positive aspect with Uranus and Saturn will sextile Neptune. The two last ones will help you make any arrangements and the angle of Saturn-Neptune will combine fantastically imagination with realism. The close approach of Venus with Mercury on the other hand, means also effective communication but also good luck and take the initiative in maters of the heart.The third ten days from the 21-31 of June, will be marked by the Full Moon in Capricorn which is located at the axis of the solstices between Capricorn and Cancer. Here we have the immediate affect of the destiny with personal and professional or career issues. After all when this phenomenon occurs we observe that improvements are fast, drastic and changes are plenty. At the same time also we have to mention that the yesterday will be completely different from the tomorrow and all of you will have to readjust your life and habits with the new reality that is being formed.