This time I decided to search in astrology about Scientology and its creator Ron.L Hubbard. Perhaps you should think that I am a fan of this religion or whatever but of course I am not. You should not be something in particular to start searching for it. But an old friend of mine had a strange experience with Scientology and she is still receives mail at her home. In fact we do not know why since she never belonged there. I will definitely will not open a new column regarding different religions or wisdom’s. The reason I decided to look further into this matter is b because I find ads of Scientology everywhere, in the streets, on internet, tube videos and etc. There is probably a kind of brain-war they have declared not even if that is happening through the TV, newspapers, internet or religion organizations. Anyway, wherever you go you see that “Scientology” and that would not escape my curiosity.

ron hubbard

I will start by analyzing a little bit the natal chart of Hubbard and I can confess that this person is a very talented personality and charismatic, capable of convincing others about his beliefs. His talent is very obvious by the trine of Neptune-Jupiter-Sun and Mercury in zodiac signs of water. The involvement of these three celestial bodies are connoting that this person will talk about a religion in  a confusing language, because those planets appeared through houses that belong in airy zodiac signs.(3rd,7th and 11th)The effect that would being produced would be  a religion that through a metaphysical deep worship scientifically. On the other hand definitely Mercury in Pisces would manage such, to deliver something absolutely confusing and is in a weak position in Pisces. Jupiter is the ruler of the ascendant and the 12th house but also Neptune at the 3-7th house is obvious that this person would try to mock huge social groups. The truth with Scientology is that there is something behind all that that is not clear at all but hides many traps.

The truth is many years ago, while still go to university I used to visit this place for a few months but when I realizes what was going on I stopped to go. It was all about IQ tests, selling books of philosophical content but religion was always the cause to approach more and more people. I never understand the name of “Scientology indeed. Then later I learned that they worship of a god named Xenu, I suppose which was not clear from the start either. So you understand what is going on here. Anyway I will leave my experience and proceed with the astrological analysis.

So, back to astrology I also notice the position of the Moon and Pluto, the first at the zodiac sign of Virgo and the second one in the zodiac sign of Gemini. And these positions are showing someone’s need to show off his abilities, his imagination and of course to win money. After all the axis Jupiter-Neptune is being called the axis of speculation.

However, there is also another trine is being shaped on his chart between the North Node-Mercury and Jupiter and that is very suspicious and put me into doubts. It really doesn’t shows anything in particular, but there is a density into this person regarding his ideas and philosophies is expressing. This person is being troubled mentally for karmic reasons, because of the Node participation, he has no idea how things are going to be developed into the future or definitely his ideas are in conflict with other group’s opinions or religions.

sientology church
The next aspect is Jupiter-Neptune-Mercury and Venus. This aspect is telling us that this person will support a philosophical idea or politics. The person is powerfully convicted and confident that he will represent an ideology through any means, no matter the cost. But also this aspect is giving him the power to change easily others point of view. Most of the people would see this person calm and peaceful enough, but also the philosophies he spoke about are being connected to emotional wounds of his past and definitely drive him into an inspired philosophical thinking.In his chart, Mercury at the zodiac signs of Pisces, at the 15th degree (Strong adhesion, strong dedication, defense reaches the atrocity.) is the most significant influence as also the Black Moon at the 10th degree of Sagittarius. At this point we see that Hubbard is exactly on a disastrous degree, which is showing a cunning mind and machination and reality is being defined by Neptune. That means that he has a false reality of the truth and with human relations, by Neptune in the 7th house.

Moon in Virgo is also being ruled by Neptune and the 8th house is showing us a  sick personality with science that is not capable to feel in depth his own psychological problems but also the rest of the people too, so he constantly is ending up into hyper-analysis of his moods and emotions and that has  as a result not to let himself express his pain, despite the fact that he is spending much time in self-psychoanalysis and finally he is pressing his nervous system so much that this state really creates him a variant of neurological nature. Unfortunately for Ron Hubbard emotions are for healing and being cured through our friction with people and not become fears into our own mind, be object of study and finally a sick religion for many sick godless people.

Of course according to his horoscope with the Sun in the 3rd house, he would spread his own beliefs, but the Moon in the 8th house demands an emotional clearing up. The Moon-Saturn trine is showing self-sufficiency. Jupiter in Scorpio at the 11th house retrograded is also showing a social influence but also is talking about a kind of white magic is being used in order to bring success into his personal life. The truth is that I was expecting to find something into the 9th house but with planets in the 11th I clearly get the conclusion that Scientology is mostly  apolitical party, an organization perhaps but not som4ething really spiritual or religious …whatever.Generally,the chart of Scientology has not a  particular religion background but I would characterized it like something ridiculous or just an eccentric idea.