I will tell a few things more regarding Cyprus, because many asking about this issue and I understand their confusion and turmoil these days. First of all I would like to thank you all for your wonderful support and attention you show in my blog as also for the delightful, fragrant comments I see every day here and there are so many I do not have time to answer them all and we are preparing new interesting articles for you, just be little patient with it regarding the fact that I have clients to serve with my personal readings too. Regarding Google…I do not think I need Google however, you can bookmark our blog and visit us when you want. We will probably do this later when my website will be transferred here. However, by this fall, we plan to make this blog bigger and we hope you find it interesting but simple. However, I will load the May horoscopes earlier because of Christian Orthodox Easter so I will be out of work for a few days, to rest for awhile.


So, since the 30 BC. till nowadays thousands of important incidents have been occurred on this island and in Greece and is not an accident. But history has been proved that Cyprus neither Greece are not swallowing easily any disaster that comes down here through the time. During this period of time we saw Cyprus to be chained for one more time by the most “ethical” elements of Europe, over Atlantic capitalistic chessboard. It seems that the natural gas broke their noses from the smell and they thought to give her a good lesson and put their hand into the wealth of the South for good. The horoscope of the funding is Aries with Sagittarius in the ascendant and the Moon in Virgo. That means that despite the fact that Sun, Uranus ,Venus, Mars are shaping a sextile with Jupiter means also  that Saturn in Scorpio brings antagonism, sad events and burdens is double-striking the natal chart of Cyprus (Aquarius with Leo)comparing this deal with the heavy memorandum of Greece with Cyprus, of course the second one looks like much better indeed. Comparing the two horoscopes of Cyprus, the first with Aquarius and the Moon in Gemini and the second one with Leo and Gemini in the Moon, we get the conclusion that it would be much better if those memorandums had been signed before the October of 2011.Of course now things are more difficult while the Saturn’s influence in both horoscopes, that started by the October of 2012 are absolutely restrictive. Pluto’s square which is at the horoscope of the memorandum, with the Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mars in Aries at the fourth house located is also giving great political and economical intrigues, courts and action of revenge. It seems that on the island those who are responsible will get into jail but not so much this will happen in Greece. The square speaks about swindle, fraud, concealment of money and economical robbery of the Cypriot people. Really, have you wondered how it is possible half an island to have such a great debt? The malign economical consequences will start to appear after the 19 of April till the end of May but tis torture will finally last till the end of 2015.In the 2016, the Fall of Cyprus will stop and till the 2018 there will be the first promising results. When the start of Merkel and Schäuble will go down, Cyprus will see the first light. I also remind you that the fall of 2013 till July 2014, it will be a very hard time for Merkel. This period of time will be also hard for Nikos Anastasiades president of Cyprus, but also for Vladimir Putin too. Both of them however are Libras so in case they want to impose justice do not doubt…that they are capable to teach Merkel a good lesson. I think that this may happen by the middle of this summer till next summer of 2014.Saturn at the eleventh house of Cyprus is telling me that Cyprus should be very careful with her “friends”. Their knife is sharper. Of course through this process we hope not the worst happen around the world.


Let s proceed with May predictions, the most characteristic rudiments of this month are the eclipses definitely. The first eclipse of May will occur on the 10th of May at the zodiac sign of Taurus, touching the global economy and whatever is being related to that, just we hope we will survive from a crash or anything. On the other hand, the second eclipse in partial lunar eclipse on the 25th of May at the axis of Gemini –Sagittarius and certainly will affect those who belong at the zodiac sign of Gemini and Sagittarius and probably will have immediate gloomy consequences regarding communication. Both eclipses and incidents perhaps will force most of you to adopt a different kind of attitude against the running obligations and needs. So, old patterns of behavior did not solved problems now you will start to change your mind and act differently without that means that we have to be aggressive or rude. Mars participation in both eclipses means that our behavior will be explosive and provoking during those eclipses. Generally, developments seem to test our tolerance while in the global economy, the stock markets and regarding the currency readjustment there will be chaos and effervescence. It will be demanded vigilance on hard times and flexibility as also right perception undoubtedly. The following days then will misguide for a while the public opinion. I will not doubt those who rule (apart of conspiracy theories I was thinking the last few days that we should think more positive regarding the global situation, and support them to do something better instead of split them on the face every day, not that I really believe that can save the situation, on the contrary, but I think I hurt myself too more) topically or globally, no matter if they want the good or the worst for people but from theory to practice there is great difference. So, despite the hopes and promises during those two eclipses will bring on the surface a hot episode. And of course, that has nothing to do only with political unrest, but there is something with human relations and global economical war too. Europe will remain in a very sensitive position, USA will use different ways to cover the blanks, Asia will become antagonistic in economical matters and all this confusion will lead inevitably into a war state that will really be clear to us on the next two years. However, remember that this period of time is completely unsuitable for investments and taking risks regarding our money or property issues.



May 2013, will look like a test-nerve wracking point that will rise those who will not think of time and hard work in order to win what they really want and desire but they will see the test as a chance for self-development. The antidote for those who give their own battle to survive or activating themselves generally all they have to do is making careful choices. Support positive people, invest in useful things that will bring you something more in the future. What will help in this situation will be your patience. Your hard work, your positive thinking, faith and trust as also persistence regarding your efforts.

Try to combine attention with providence so you can keep your pace in the right rhythm and step forward when the path is open. Let s not forget that 2013 is a year of tough tests that will bring vast changes in human societies and in nature itself. So we have to be well-prepared for the unexpected. There will be enough changes in the world and the rest of Europe while the differences between nations will remain open at least those who are not maintaining the proper balances. At the same time these countries will be hard for them to afford any economical situation. The following years humanity will sacrifice a lot, will risk a lot while this year is a warning for incidents that will come on the next four ones.These incidents will be hard to be under control and that means there will be changes in our daily lives that certainly we should be adjusted quickly and easily. We can feel more and more that the material world will overflow from the known molds and there will be instability on the political scene while decisions form the governments and leaders quickly will be replaced from new ones in order to maintain the basic balances. This month there will be problems in administration and social teams that will become more intense because of fear and desperation.

Highlights 2013 May


Void of Course 2013 May

 All these things are happening now will be gradually being adopted easily by new plans of life and existence that we will see nature  participating more and more into that new plan and perhaps universe itself and less human factor. Humanity is forced to face up problems with importance, rationally and cool in order to find new ways of to survive, spiritually but psychologically too. An old world will collapse and is collapsing slowly and gradually but with stability and a new one will rise. Planet earth is participating into this reconstruction that many years after will bring great changes regarding the way we live and the way of governing too.We have been called to move and get well-organized, not to expose ourselves in jeopardy and mainly not to begin something new during this month. Finally, it will be good for us to see as a lesson all these that will happen, no matter if those events will affect our personal life or if these incidents are immediately being connected to the existing global situation and state.The New Moon and the solar eclipse will take place on the 10/5/2013 at the zodiac sign of Taurus and during this phenomenon will be followed by a solar eclipse. Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto will participate too. It will also affect the zodiac signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Its influence is being predicted to be undesirable and frustrated and tough for most of you. During this phenomenon it will be good not to create oppositions and serious conflicts into the family or working environment and make vigilant motions in order to avoid accidents or limit aggressive attitude and behavior. During this eclipse nothing new should be begin or take any serious decisions.

 Lilly Values_May_2013



The Full Moon and the Partial lunar eclipse will occur on the 25/5/2013 and it will occur at the axis of Gemini-Sagittarius. Into this phenomenon, Neptune in a negative aspect, Uranus with a positive aspect, Saturn and Pluto will participate with aspects of a do-decagon. The zodiac sign s that will be affected are Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces and its influence will have an adventurous character. It is very possible now to expect unexpected changes in our lives on a vital sectors, there will be rapid developments particularly regarding any emotional and professional relations so the best way to confront any problems and complications to being flexible and patient and trying to find alternatives.From the 1-10 of May the Sun will be at the zodiac sign of Taurus, and there will be a very close approach with Mercury, Venus and Mars while also by the end of this week, by the dawn, the solar eclipse will start. This eclipse will make this period of time enough episodic and is possible to conjunct with an open opposition of Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Scorpio. This specific coincidence the last time occurred was in May of 2000 and now it will be repeated with four planets creating an opposition with Saturn in Scorpio. Without any doubt the first part of May needs your attention regarding the way you express yourselves and be cautious with initiatives you take.


From the 11-20 May we will tend to spend a lot of money and finding ways to relief ourselves. The Sun will cross the rest of Taurus, Mercury will run faster now and on the 15th will enter the zodiac sign of Gemini while already by the afternoon of the 9th of May Venus also will enter Gemini. On the other hand, Mars will be still in Taurus but the negative aspect with Saturn will be weakening. On the contrary, a stronger positive aspect between Venus and Jupiter in Gemini will begin and will relief most of the people in personal matters and also with economical transactions too.Finally from the21-31 of May the atmosphere will change while there will be the Full Moon on the 25th at the axis of Gemini-Sagittarius. The last seven days of the month Mercury and Venus will maintain a very close approaching in Gemini so this will be a good time to take advantage of your communicative abilities and good time also to overtake some difficulties. Mars in Taurus will also complete his course, Jupiter will continue his course in Gemini and Saturn will continue to retrograde in Scorpio too but will continue to maintain a good angle with Neptune in Pisces. Uranus from Aries will shape a square with Pluto from Capricorn so difficulties and problems for the nations of this globe will continue to exist.