Death of the ‘iron’ former Prime Minister of England caused various emotions and of course there are too many people who wanted to be in Glasgow opening champagne to celebrate her death. Her full name was Margaret Hilda Thatcher, born in Grantham in Lincolnshire on 13 October 1925.On 4/5/1979 becomes Prime Minister of England, dividing the people snapping the unions and privatizing most of the British economy. The woman with the calm and undisturbed look of the poll tax, the spread of neoliberalism, the Falklands war, the mother of the former rebel son in African countries, wrongful decline of industry and impoverished millions unemployed, resigned on 28 November 1990, taking the honorary title of Baroness from the Queen Elizabeth and millions of others by cheering.

 The fact that we are dealing with a Libra with Moon in Leo and Scorpio Ascendant, clarified only through the aspects of her chart which define its course. Thatcher through the T-square with the Sun and Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, provoked extreme feelings unfolding giant ambitions, who encouraged her to imprint her mark. Through this triptych was memorable, gaining fans but also foes fictional friends. The T – square between Mars from Libra with Jupiter and Pluto, whose combination had been created a curtain of an authoritarian figure, which sought to intervene everywhere. She married at her 28 years old and her marriage lasted until the death of her husband, acquiring two twins, with her ​​daughter, calling it a “partnership”. Her dominance seemed inevitable, through a series of constraints, which produced excellent sign of diplomacy and promoted the arrogant, vain and insatiable Moon in Leo.” I am extremely patient, provided that the end passes the mine. ”

mrgaret thatcher

Nevertheless, her great insecurity with Saturn in the 12th house conjunct the Ascendant, which was tamed only by her impressive composure, stretching the limits of cruelty. Of course the iron lady had also another personality who was composing the Moon conjunction with Neptune, but the sensitivity was oversubscribed, remaining inaccessible for many people. Her external expression was made ​​through her appearances of the recorded history, the fashion icon and associated with aesthetic and artistic point of view.The famous handbags, pearl necklace, the necessary pins on his lapel, the floral shirts, and extremely conservative ensembles drowned finesse, the characteristic of T-shirts, hats of caution to the sad and black plaid, confirm a confrontational character not equilibrated ever. The vibrant, energetic and ambitious nature, declared value and repudiated her cost.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and the only woman to become British prime minister, has died at the age of 87.She suffered a stroke on Monday, her spokeswoman said.Thatcher’s funeral will be at St. Paul’s Cathedral, with full military honors, followed by a private cremation, the British prime minister’s office announced.

The Sun was almost exactly opposite her natal Sun the day she died. Mars was also opposite her Sun. Mars rules the blood, and she died of a blood clot to the brain, represented by Mercury, also opposed by Mars yesterday. It was a merciful release, so no surprise to see Venus leading the way for those planets. The Moon transited her natal Uranus on the night she died, while transiting Uranus is opposite her Mars which was a speedy and surprising death. The transiting Jupiter was involved too. Jupiter on the cusp of her 8th house of death and exactly on the midpoint between her massively hard-working natal Jupiter-Saturn sextile, creating a transiting Yod. Finally, the North Node, the destiny which pulls her forward, is approaching her ascendant. The solar eclipse (the sign of the death of a leader) in May will be a few degrees from opposition to this point.