The Sun squared by Jupiter and then revealed a tendency towards arrogance and self-righteousness. Jupiter is particularly powerful here in its own sign of Sagittarius but also it can signify a fanatical and dogmatic philosophy of the Korean government. I like to say that Jupiter in a challenging square to the Sun one’s self-glorification can take dangerous proportions.North Korea, reacted to South Korean military manoeuvres near the North Korean coast, began shelling a small island in South Korean territory killing two civilians and setting off a firestorm of international condemnation. Then, the New Moon, at 29 degrees of Taurus, was within one degree of Uranus in the North Korean chart – the planet that inspires revolutionary behaviour and disruption. Uranus in the North Korean chart was at zero degrees of Cancer, and the planets in the Cardinal Cross had been stimulating the desire for change within the country as reflected by the planetary significance of Uranus. When Jupiter and Uranus formed a square to Uranus in the national chart the sinking of a South Korean naval vessel heightened tensions between the two nations in June, reached at its peak, there was a rearrangement of leadership.

The transits to the North Korea chart were mixed, there were positive and negatives ones. In the Lunar Eclipse of June 2010 conjuncted Pluto. The Lunar Eclipse sextiled Mars and that was an aspect for military action. Mars squared Venus in the chart which caused problems and tension over peace negotiations. Uranus is very important in the chart. Uranus when activated had expressed a rebellious nature, provocative displays of military power. The upcoming Jupiter then and Uranus conjunction would square Uranus, as also transiting Saturn from the opposite side. This places the natal Uranus under intense pressure, being the focal point of T-square formation.Another major transit then was the transiting Neptune opposing the North Korean Saturn. This Saturn is conjunct the military star Regulus on the 6/6/2010 and that could signify assassinations, coup d’états, revolutions, revolts, demonstrations, overthrow of heads of state and other similar events.The total Solar Eclipse of 11 July 2010 conjuncted Vertex. The Vertex of North Korea conjuncted the Ascendant of the Korean declaration of independence, when a unified Korea stood up to merciless occupying forces. Both charts share the same star Wasat, in constellation Gemini, a double star that joins the twins, Castor and Pollux. This twin symbolism was giving hope and optimism about a peaceful outcome, but that then was not so auspicious. The specific combination was connected with chemicals, poisons and gas, violence, malevolence, and destructiveness.The Vertex was also at the action point of a Yod aspect pattern and quincunxes the Jupiter sextile Part of Fortune. The Part of Fortune itself is the action point of another Yod, and quincunxes to the Sun sextile Vertex. The fixed star Castra on the Part of Fortune was not so promising either, because it means a military defensive position.

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The Solar Eclipse then give us to realize that the second half of 2010 should be a critical period for North Korea. Then we were hoping for the eclipse in a sextile with the Sun and Mid heaven would work as a creative and communicative on the part of the leader. If the sextile wouldn’t work out it could get awful horrible.When Jupiter and Uranus return to the zero degree of Aries point in early spring of 2011, this point in the North Korean chart stimulated again.These days’ things are starting to turn shocking in Korea, as North Korea which has been increasing its bombast and preparation for some type of conflict in distributing threats to the United States declared itself in a state of war with its South Korean neighbor. Technically these two nations have been in a state of war since 1950 after the Korean war was never officially ended by a treaty, but the North part seems to have felt threatened by US/South Korean military manoeuvrings recently and has reignited the ferocity between them, firstly by cutting all communications ties with the South, and now this statement of intent.Now the stellium is opposing this conjunction, the Mars Uranus Venus and Sun conjunction being at the zodiac sign of Aries is seen as a threat by the Korean leaders. Mercury’s sign in Virgo at  the10th house cusp rules the Mid heaven, the people at the top of society and Neptune in Pisces settled at the 4th house cusp, which is the house of the land of the nation. Mars and Uranus in opposition to that Mercury/Neptune conjunction is an unpredictable military threat to the leaders (10th house) and the territory of the nation (4th house).We also have the Pluto square to Neptune/Mercury, so powerful forces are intervening in North Korean society. Pluto is moving in the 7th house of finance, so this refers to the authorizations being imposed on North Korea, restricting their ability to make money. Jupiter trine to Mercury/Neptune from the 7th house indicates people’s deceitful hopefulness and confidence in regard to international relations.

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Looking at the chart of the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un, his chart is being very upset by the 4 planet stellium. The trine from Mars and Uranus is very disturbing as it encouraging more his hazardous and unpredictable manner and opposing Jupiter moving through his 5th house of speculation is giving him optimism and over confidence. Mars is now making a square to his natal Sun just as this announcement was made, making him feel in an aggressive mood.By the middle of April Mars and Pluto Midheaven conjunction, looks like to be dangerous time with the condition we have now on a knife edge, around the 23rd to 25th June when transiting Jupiter will make a trine to that same conjunction and transiting Mars will interact with his natal North Node. At the same time, the North Korean natal chart is shaken up by Mars, Uranus and the transiting Nodes – Mars square the Mid heaven/Sun and opposing Jupiter, Uranus opposing Neptune and trine Pluto and the transiting Nodes exactly square natal Pluto( including nuclear weapons of course) news are not so good at all.We also hope that young Kim will understand that nuclear weapons is not  a PC game at all.