All-right that is another question I received this week,from you and I am glad you send your questions and if we can really prove some hot spots we will.The question is if Merkel is the daughter of Hitler…One of the ways that we can use in order to find some karmic elements,is to make  a research the Nodes of the Moon.The zodiac sign are on the Nodes and the houses are hosting them are pointing the experiences we carry from previous lives and what someone can do in order to complete his/her personality and karma.

So,let s start with this interesting topic,Hitler had his North Node in Cancer,at the ninth house of his horoscope and the South Node is being located at the 3rd house ,in Capricorn.He came into this life with great pride, and wondering, why others, at least in childhood, could not understand that others had to respect him and obey him.Pride and respect at his face,were the motives for all his actions,in one of his previous incarnations.Now,in the life he lived recently in the 20th century, he tried every action and every move to be particularly bold and tough and he did not tolerated any kind of failure,imposing by this way, the respect of others.After all,in some way his suicide proved that when he realized that he had lost the game.Adolf Hitler never learned his karmic lesson in his recent life,in order to make the transition from the coolness in warmth, and  offer his warmth to those around him.On the other hand,he offered death,disaster,toughness,cruelty and used his spirituality in order to satisfy his perverted desires domination and sexuality, often resorting to satanic supports.

hitler-angela on same date

A few years later,a woman is coming to complete his half-completed plans,born in the same country and watered with the same thirsty for power.She was born with the South Node in Cancer and the North Node in Capricorn,exactly the opposite from Hitler,at the 7th house and the 1st house.The half-completed plans of Hitler,are given through his North Node in Cancer,has the experiences, and carries  them through her own South Node in the same sign.The difference is that she is carrying some kind of psychological problems,which is the absolute uncertainty and the urgent need to have support from her own people, who need to guide and protect her.This explains the fact that she always works with the manufacturers instructions and other economically powerful individuals. So the puppet iron lady, even though she appears being tough in the eyes of the world. This of course will not stop to impose extreme situations and reversals in Europe, however, her cluster will lead her  to exactly this tactic to consolidate the domination of Germany-economic-this time, making Adolf proud enough.

angela-hitler on different date birth

These two leaders have also another common element which is the part of Fortune..In both of them the part of Fortune,in being located at the zodiac sign of Cancer,his part of fortune at the 9th house and her part of fortune in the 7th house.This means that both find particular pleasure involved with patriotic themes, the one using of metaphysics, and the second one by arming the assistance of her partners.However,it is hard for me to believe that Hitler could be reincarnated and come back to the Earth as a human being,in order to undertake again,it is very possible for him to have undertaken a catastrophic project as a daemon,moving into an astral field or level,close to the Earth.So,by this way i think it is hard to be reincarnated into an Angela Merkel individual, in order to complete his unfinished job.Merkel,on the other hand,could be a reincarnated hot -partner of Hitler,and so he undertake in this life, to complete his ambitious plans of his daemon-boss,so astrologically it is being proved that Merkel has been reincarnated to continue his work,so it is very possible to be his daughter.

The initial article was given to me was here and I admit it was a very challenging for me to see,for other partner astrologers to discuss and for my friends too.I am very surprised to the extremely details I read into this article.You may also see their charts and make your own observations too.However,this story should be not so weird to us,because we know that  artificial insemination experiments had been done then and scientists knew,no matter if we learn about all these the last ten years only.

However,let us hope that we will exhaust the last chance for peace.On the other hand,i could give a lot of contaminated charts between the Vatican and the persons are being connect to the story.And if there were more evidence that prove that Merkel is the daughter of Hitler,indeed,what would you do?Would you have the power to change the future?No.At the moment,I will give the two possible birth dates of Angela Merkel and the birth of Hitler and perhaps you can make your own conclusion even if you have no idea of astrology,only by looking at them.But nothing will change no matter what has really happened,in the past,the point is if we can be focused in the future for  a better living and avoiding the mistakes of the past.Finally,thank you for the lovely evening the article had fun.Why i write it out then?I just wanted to teach something to the person who gave me the question.