Hostility actions have already began around the globe but I will remind you that basically it is a bout an economical war.Most of you certainly thought that all kind of wars are based on economical problems.However I will answer to your questions regarding  a possible third world war as we know it,by the old times.It is very possible to get away with it and escape from a global mess and the possibility of Armageddon without of course,feeling happier since poverty and starvation have being increased terribly all over  the globe.Generally,we get a kind of taste of what it could happen when we made the charts of Russia and Germany.According to the astrological indications,global balances are going to change dramatically on the next few years and it  seems that we are at the edge of a great war,if the Great Powers will not withdraw.

The Uranus-Pluto square is signifying every kind of crisis but at the same time it opens a new way for  a different world.The Uranus-Pluto  meet for the last time in 1966,in 1851 and in 1710.Uranus revolves around the Sun every 84 years, and Pluto every 246 but these aspects are very rare.The contact of these two planets is provoking dramatic and rebellious changes which also means that new revolutionary methods of powers will be discovered and will be used.But of course beyond this we can examine  other indications are escorting this square,particularly the conjunction circles of the slow planets for what those mean for the humanity.We have mentioned before that such a conjunction is extremely important since it sets the pace and the key themes regarding the future developments, according to the zodiac sign in which it happens.

In nowadays, there are three important conjunctions,the first is the Uranus-Neptune,the second is Uranus-Pluto and the third one is Jupiter-Saturn.Jupiter-Saturn lasts for about 20 years and the messages we get from such an aspect are not encouraging at all.You can read more about the conjunction here in another article.

The last conjunction that occurred in 2000 in Taurus give important developments of economical nature and that was proved true in the future.If we will go back in time again,in 1940,at the beginning of the second world war,we can see this conjunction again in Taurus which lasted till 1960.The common element we have  with a conjunction of 2000 is also the participation of Uranus and both ignited the great overthrows in the 40s and that also being occurred in nowadays too.And while we all know that the second world war begin annihilated the economies of the nations,in the future we passed in a more progressive phase and economical development.So,this conjunction in 2000,began backwards.We had a inf of an economical development till 2008 an then the drama began.

So,till the 21/12/2020 the two planets will be conjuncted again at the zodiac sign of Aquarius and at that point we expect the economical crisis to be at its peak that will affect the more developed societies.Till this point there is  not anything else that could prevent a war.The good news will come from the circle of Uranus-Pluto conjunction which is focused mostly in technology development,environment and economy,at the zodiac sign of Virgo,but not focused on war.So,to understand the difference with the previous circle (1849-1966) who already hosted two world wars and a line of aggravated armed conflicts,we have to mention that the conjunction of the 1849-50 occurred at the zodiac sign of Aries.We could also say that we escaped through a possible third world war with Cuba crisis in 1962 but all these over since the conjunction changed  its rhythms in 1966,at the zodiac sign of Virgo.Such details for instance,as we mentioned now is encouraging for the maintenance of the global peace that we hope it could be enough so not to have the same  tragedies and ,losses of the 2oth century.Certainly,there will be topic conflicts of medium size but the point is to avoid the face to face conflicts among the colossal powers of the planet and our time.

The conjunction of Uranus-Pluto in Virgo then promoted cosmogonic developments in the international economy, which not only include changes in power relations or economic policies but also “jumps” to the ways of the transaction and generally anything regarding money.Regarding the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, is mathematically the one that will lead us into a global state consistent with the Roman standards. “Globalization” is almost inevitable and while promoting patriotism or nationalism is the inevitable flip side of the same coin.Eventually the World Government will impose and for the next 150 years the wisest policy we can follow against those who came with the preservation of our national characteristics, through the timeless power of our culture, without “dude” and meaningless battles.

What we are really afraid at this time,is about mostly natural disasters,all over the planet,even mostly in places had not important earthquake activity before,fire explosions,uprising in Turkey,cyber attacks,diseases killing animals,storms like Sandy,terrorist actions,in USA,meteor strikes,it is possible stock markets close for one week,like in Cyprus, earthquakes in Pacific ocean areas(Solar eclipses of the year),weather extreme conditions, another terrorist tower collapse (like twin towers),earthquakes in Russia,Greece as also fires too,escalating accidents,deaths of political leaders,Iran-Israel war <north and South Korea war,civil war in America,danger around president Obama,Communication glitches worldwide,huge earthquakes in USA,volcanic eruptions in Pacific Ocean,Queen Elizabeth and monarchy danger,tsunami-earthquake in Japan,Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park,tragedies have to do with animals for instance sharks or in zoos and underground railways explosions, big floods,a space tragedy is possible,Major UFO sightings all over the world,Upheaval in South American government.

Worldwide power blackout,more solar flares,giant prehistoric sea monsters under the sea that will come on the surface,New York city and Washington are in a big threat,Ind and Pakistan war,trains blow up, very famous people should have to worry about health issues,actor legends will pass out or they need to be cautious of accidents, earthquakes in New Zealand,British Isles,New york,California, wildfires,assassination of a  monarch and such things will attract our attention on the next few months.Let us hope that things will be not developed in this way.Think positive and believe in yourselves.