Modern Germany belongs at the zodiac sign of Libra, at the 9th degree (degree of expansion, but also her transactions with other countries too) opposite the MC, which is located at the 10th degree of Aries (strong ambitions, strong image,power)The ascendant is at the zodiac sign of Leo (self-assertion) ,the sextile with the Sun is giving to the the country a high profile, more selfish and someone who is tyrannical to the rest of the European countries but also Venus sextile to her ascendant is showing someone who loves to create such an image  and certainly Jupiter also at the zodiac sign of Leo is one of her best advantages, at least for them. At this point we could say that we should be more careful and perhaps we should look at the horoscopes of the countries before we make an important step.

However, from the first picture of her horoscope we can understand that Germany does not seem able to get rid of bad habits and obsessive aspirations. (Sun=Aries/Saturn) and if we will go deeper in the Uranian definitions we will observe the Sun-Hades/Kronos, Sun=Pluto/Vulkanus and Sun=Cupido/Apollo, we can understand the oppressive and abusive power and influence.


Finally, Sun=Saturn/Admetos is showing people who is stucked in the past or people who want to overcome the past,(Moon in Pisces,but also people who loves art) that are cold and hard headed but  also the square of Moon-Mars we can understand that German people are nervous,aggressive or defensive people.The sextiile with Saturn is telling us about people who follows old patterns of attitude,are not revolting easily,(Mercury in Virgo)sticked  into their safety emotional or professional and follow long-termed habits and old working-patterns but not easily adjusted into new patterns. However the trine with Pluto is showing their success into scientific studies.

If we will go further with Uranian astrology, definitions will reveal to us the real personality of Germany, particularly with Neptune in the middle. Neptune (in Capricorn,12th degree,6th house) is showing a nation with illusions, people under control and obedience, confused, reformers (which is true), sudden or unexpected losses and sacrifices, insecurity, instability but the square with the MC is showing ambitions are in vain and hollow.And the moment Germany moves within the “democratic legitimacy”-with the proper “elasticity” of course that soon will come a time when they will prove once again that the famous German stubbornness is a double-edged sword.

The inferiority complex of Germans over other traditional colonial powers does not leaves them in peace and it seems that soon we will see them for a third time their futile attempts to dominate the world. The punishment of Germany after A World War and B World War was equally indulgent and not really sore enough as it seems, so that has as a result for Mr. Schaeuble today to shake his finger , forgetting completely the postwar economic “amnesty” that was given. Additionally, the square between the Sun and Uranus is showing the problems are being created by their desire to impose power and the extremities.


german horoscope

Mars in an opposition with Pluto (in Scorpio at the 4th house is showing structure and reconstruction of the foundations but also her aggressive intentions. Is also showing that Germany is a war machine and no matter how many years will pass she will never stop to target against everyone ready to swallow everything. The question is when Mars will start to express his abilities again not with the new method of the economic war but unfortunately with the old fashioned way.In the following solar return, the yearly MC is exactly falling on her natal Jupiter in Leo, at the first house which seem to be a triumph year for Germany.Till next October Germany seems to strengthen her position more and more by taking advantage of the current circumstances.

By this fall despite the fact, that there will be this positive aspect that will empower her at the same time a new phase begins of extremities.Uranus conjuncts the MC, Jupiter/Pluto=power games, and Uranus –Pluto aspect will be set in action.In the solar return of the years 2013-14, Uranus and Pluto get a dominant position, thereby accelerating the extreme choices by this way, both inside and outside of the German borders.There are a lot of aspects in the year that will boost such actions like this one between Jupiter and Uranus(oppositions and square).

The conjunction between Saturn and Pluto is an aspects which shows that Germany has saved enough stocks of power and determination in order to handle situations regarding issues that are out of control and impose power.Finally,we see that Jupiter is passing from the 11th house and then in the 12th house during the second half of the year and there she needs to be careful for her debts and money are exchanged secretly  under the table.The position of the Part of Fortune in the 8th house,in Aquarius (the need to surrender the personal ego to incorporate the values of others.) is also showing dangerous intentions regarding finances but also finances of others.

solar return germany

One more we can observe are the transits between Uranus (in Pisces) and Pluto (in Sagittarius) who also striking in a way Demeter (17th degree Virgo) and the natal Moon ( on the 19th degree of Pisces and that means that they are ready to write history perhaps again with their own known way) of Germany. The whole scene is showing practically, marks a shift of the German public opinion and policy towards extreme choices, and enhance the rise to power-of nationalist circles and people that will make Merkel and Schäuble look like darlings!If nothing will be happen in order things to change  we are  afraid that the ghost of the 3rd Reich will revive soon.

Of course,we still have a lot to do and see regarding the German horoscope.We will wait for the elections and then we will have another analysis.The transit horoscope of Germany is showing sudden actions that will give dissatisfaction,so what I have to suggest you at the moment is to take your money from the banks of Germany if you have,and generally if you have money deposited in the banks of the Central Europe.Finally,we just hope nothing will happen from the above.Astrology is talking about intentions,trends but we are ought to warn sometimes.Good luck!