Yesterday, at the 19:06 pm the new Pope was elected and from the chimney of the Capella Sistina, there was a white smoke as most of you see. The previous pope was Aries and another representative of the fire signs takes to pull the chestnuts out of the fire of the Catholic Church, choosing the name, “Francis A”. So the new Pope belongs at the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and his real name is Jorhe Mario Bergoglio, who comes from Latin America who also seems his charity work to be great. The Francis of the Poor. Certainly, the new pope seems to be communicative enough and creating hopes and expectations to those who are that the truth? Let us take a look in his astrology chart.

Jorhe Mario Bergoglio

Even though we do not have a precise birth time, the first thing we observe is the cross is being shaped between his Sun, Saturn in Pisces, Chiron in Gemini and Neptune at the zodiac sign of Virgo that make him a whole-hearted devotee of his religious principles which was nurtured through his help-giving to the suffering. The specific aspects are making the Pope respectable, which is also is predicting to bring revolutionary spiritual changes (Neptune half-square with Uranus).

The new Pope doesn’t seems to be gloomy, on the contrary the conjunction between Jupiter in Capricorn and Demeter in may highlight his popularity since the positive features of his personality are being emphasized too. The New Pope seems to follow a kind of a flexible politics that may be probably conciliatory towards different dogmas and their variant trends but also he seems to impress others with his gestures and work that will be absolutely adequate worldwide. His priority will be the renewal and the support of faith itself through tagging and the total restoration of basic Christian values. His intention is to pick up the ethical eccentricities are infesting Vatican and focus on the Christian dogma substantially.

Another observation we cannot ignore is the square of Uranus with the Moon (unpredictability) and Venus in Aquarius. Such a kind of aspects is possible himself to eliminate in some way every material or physical temptation, which is certain that the Vatican environment and out of it is full of “abnormal” and “damned” priests but also fanatical ones and that is something that he will certainly face up. Seeing his progressive chart just a little bit far away from the present, on the next few years, it seems that the Pope will have to meet a lot of daemons that will not leave him alone to complete his work. Under the influence of square of Uranus-Pluto, the new Pope seems not to be able to tolerate another more dirty stuff or either the furious war economic interests. And if his predecessor resigned resigning “glory and honor,” drawing from the corner of Jupiter of his horoscope, for Francis A is highly debatable whether he will have that luxury.

Eris at the first house of his horoscope, at the 3rd degree of Aries is showing his ambitious efforts but Saturn at the 17th degree of Pisces are showing obstacles and small failures. Uranus at the 2nd house is confirming a kind of danger and treason through Vatican environment regarding any economical scandals and irregularities. But also the 25th degree of Gemini is showing someone whose mind is ablaze from new ideas and hopes. Nevertheless, the 29th degree, of Pluto in Cancer will give to the Pope the role of martyr. Mars at the 8th house of Libra is giving him a strong desire for diplomacy and justice, and a strong creative urge. Mercury in Capricorn, also, is making him a wise and careful thinker.

The Moon, Venus and Ant vertex in Aquarius at the 11th house are making him a domineering, original, daring personality, which will be loved from the people. Of course it is not necessary to explain that as a Sagittarius is a person who has visions and is being expected to express them on a professional level, at the 10th house. The conjunction of Sun/Jupiter, in order to succeed his targets is the aspects that will bring him down to earth and pay attention into more organization that will help him secure his position. The new Pope has an extremely good horoscope, a very smart man with a vision that simply wants to give joy to those who are suffering and give a new fresh air to all of us. From the first moment he will have to face up a lot and there is no doubt that there will be objection to his humanistic priorities and abilities. Lets hope that the new pope will accomplish his work.