Let us examine first the astrological profile of a man who managed to become a living legend, against the advice of his northern neighbors.According to one version, Hugo Chávez was born on 28/7/1954, at about 4:00 in the morning,at  the city Sampaneta and based on these data his Ascendant was at the 6th degree of Cancer, a position that recently accepted the active influence of Pluto and Uranus. Perhaps it would be sufficient to justify the end of its course, but never a sign or just one astrological indication is not enough, especially for matters of “life and death”. And the point here is that at the progressive horoscopes are absent strong those evidence that could support such an hypothesis.

According to the Argentine astrologer Mario Raskovsky who edited the horoscope of Chávez reportedly finally been born about an hour later.The version of Raskovsky explains better  the health issue of Chavez, because apart from the (retrograded) Mars in Sagittarius at the  axis of the sixth-twelfth house are also being hosted the Nodes of the Moon.Moreover,at the astral solar arc the progressed Ascendant for 2013 is precisely “above” the natal Pluto in the second house, which is consistent regarding the unfortunate turn of events for him.Simon Bolivar, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez  were three big trouble for the Western powers and the U.S. by “coincidence”  all of them belonged at the zodiac sign of Leo.By this aspect at least the U.S. should outlaw any representative of that zodiac sign in Latin America, since it appears  potentially  that could become a real lion, against their interests.


What of course they did not succeed politically or militarily, came as a result of the long illness of the late President of Venezuela and behind diplomatic formalities, certainly in Washington cheering madly making dreams for a new round of domination. There are many … oils over there, and certainly The US president will not waste his time and this chance!Unlikely, in Venezuela there is great concern about the future and not unjustly.

Personally I believe both versions have their pros and cons, but I will keep for sure, that Chavez had Uranus in his first house square to Neptune in the fourth, a figure that represents fully his revolutionary role. Still, the faces of Jupiter in Cancer with the Moon conjunction and Demeter square is directly indicative of his popularity and the Sun square Saturn ,also in 4th house, photographing the most difficult part of his life and his desire to stay as long as possible in power. He even changed the constitution in order to achieve this, but tips of people are much different from the Gods,as it seems.

Of course, the huge issue that arises after his death is what will happen to Venezuela, a country with rich soil and thus constantly exposed to the action of predators everywhere. And here’s Astrology has its own answers, even if they arise through an horoscopic chaos literally.Venezuela has a checkered history and it is very difficult to decide what is the ultimate natal horoscope. Revolted against the Spanish colonizers in 1810-11 and one of the proposed horoscopes is that on 5 July 1811 (at 15:00 or at 16:00 others in Caracas),at the zodiac sign of  Cancer  and with Ascendant in Scorpio and a multitude of planets be hosted in the corner houses of the horoscope.However, the first rebellion failed and the country reunited under the Spanish yoke, until Simon Bolivar finally defeated the invaders in the period 1819-1823.In Venezuela is celebrated today  the Independence Day on June 24, the anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo (1821), which leaned definitely the balance in favor of the rebels.There are however several other acts that could be considered as the starting point of the Venezuelan state entity, such as the September 22, 1830 and March 30, 1845, when Spain finally recognized and officially the country’s independence.


 And with so many candidate birthday horoscopes, to assess the future of Venezuela shows initially as a labyrinth without exit, but eventually in this case is happening in others too.is an evil  coincidence that, all the proposed charts have some common reference points, the most important of these is Pluto, particularly the  square Jupiter-Pluto regarding the sensitive degrees in two specific regions of the Zodiac: The 16 to 21 degrees and 11 to 12.

It is no coincidence…in the 19th century, the stellar version of 12 degrees of Cancer is about the 20th Gemini and as you probably know are there somewhere and will be found Uranus and Pluto, either tropical or as stellar.Proceedings that have to do with the”meeting” of two planets on vital points of Venezuela, which certainly exudes an unpleasant “aura”, when combined with the evidence of similar consistency in progressive systems.And conclusions from a thorough study of the most distinctive astrological data that Venezuela is entering directly into a zero-phase  and restrictions, leaving the tunnel to be located the earliest after about three years.The country is going to be a fierce battle field of interests, which is bound to have international implications.Unfortunately, the last thing the world needs is currently still a destabilized region, but I am afraid that this cannot be reversed.