Since today we will start write a few articles regarding Mind healing, without taboo, and prohibitions because it is time for people to realize that they can do a lot with their mind. The reason of these articles is to make people change the way they see things and become more honest with themselves and help each other now that the economic crisis will start to be developed out of my country. Remember, that it is about an experiment and not real economic crisis as we also predicted in 2009.


Economic crisis creates social problems, violence, health issues such as depression, we all pass through significant changes, some of us are without jobs, relationships are becoming more and more difficult, we are forced to change our lives in a violent strange way and things will become more tight with the time. However, I have seen miracles and through my experience I will try to transfer to you some important knowledge. These miracles I have experiences into my private life since I begin to change way of thinking through my difficulties in life but others lives too, no matter if those were relatives, friends, clients, through my parapsychology studies, medical university,astrology  and etc.


During the last few thousands years, the power of the mind has played an enormous part in the history of healing. With so little reliable medicine available, the importance placed on the human’s race spiritual development often surpassed the search for a cure. Humans needed to possess a strong faith in their spirituality to sustain them when disease caused terrible suffering and death. This awareness helped people make sense of their world if only, as many believed, to prepare them for the next life.


Their lives were shaped by their deeply held beliefs, which many would have died for rather than relinquish. Few doubted that the mind was capable of having an enormous impact on the body, but unscrupulous charlatans preyed upon the vulnerable people who were sick and dying, and distorted their beliefs. A profusion of magic, disparaging to witches sorcery and spells degraded the ancient healing wisdom that our ancestors knew and trusted. Amid such absurd quackery, where the gullible and desperate paid for useless remedies, people turned away from their natural, intuitive selves and many lost sight of their won healing power.

As science became more sophisticated the demands for more authority and status led to the establishment of rigorous standards, which were both commendable and understandable. Evidence based science reigned supreme and the medical profession adamantly refused to acknowledge what could not be proven. Whatever was in people’s minds was ignored and precedence was given to what was visible and provable.

Matter over  mind. During the last 100 years, medical science has raced along with breathtaking speed and the advanced technology that is modern medicine today has progressed beyond the imaginings of most 19th century and even some 20th century doctors. From conception, through birth to adulthood, human life can be transformed, genetically determined or altered, organs transplanted and longevity pursued through chemical and surgical procedures.


Equally impressive as the advances in medical science are the extraordinary revelations surrounding the workings of the mind. Brain waves can be shown on computer screens; the signals carried between neurotransmitters to the brain can be traced and evaluated. Pharmaceutical advances have produced remedies that not only alleviate physical symptoms but are also capable of targeting specific areas of the mind. There are drugs that can inhibit the uptake of certain hormones, heighten happiness, reduce misery and create calmness. More significantly, doctors are prescribing these medicines for asset of invisible symptoms-emotions and moods.

The most brilliant medicine in the world, however, cannot cure the body if the patient’s state of mind refuses to co-operate, just as a person’s state of mind can have a devastating effect on his or her physical health. While science looks for reason and argument, very often faith is what is required. In the past, different cultures all over the world have combined a spiritual dimension with their approach to healing, but this required belief in an invisible spirit. Now we no longer need to leap of faith to accept that the two are connected. We know the mind-body symbiosis that can lead to disease can also lead to a cure.

Nearly 100 years ago, Sigmund Freud claimed there was a realm of the mind where unconscious thoughts could determine behavior, but fellow members of the medical profession were among his greatest critics because we had come up with a scientifically unprovable story. Modern medicine no longer isolates patients into categories of either psychological or mental illness because of the undisputed impact of one upon the other.

My teachers believed that the time has come to acknowledge the value of the old wisdom’s alongside the new. My enormous respect for the dedicated doctors who practice modern medicine is equaled only by my respect for those who practice alternative and complementary therapies. To ignore one in favor of the other would be to dismiss the achievements of some of our brilliant minds just as discarding the wisdom of centuries would be an act of folly.

Our patterns of behavior over the centuries are the same as those of our ancestors-we show predictable responses to life events. Our psyches may be individual to each one of us, but when certain chords are stuck, in a similar way, we think and behave, almost as if an invisible signal has been sent or received and the only variations come from our cultural backgrounds. Many serious illnesses, such as cancer, necessitate radical treatments, for example chemotherapy. These chemicals are designed to destroy cancer cells, but inevitably attack the body’s normal cells, too.

This frequently knocks out the immune system and leaves the patient vulnerable to all kinds of minor infections and viruses that normally would have few ill effects but can be dangerous without a fully operational immune defense system. Why not counter these side effects with a complementary therapy that will minimize the worst of them? This would not only improve the patient’s physical health but also improve the state of mind, which we now know is crucial to recovery.

What do scientists mean by “the mind»? Is it our brain, our emotions or our spirit? History, shows it was our ancestors’ faith that gave them hope mover lives that often seemed hopeless. This faith springs from the very essence of our being-our spirit. Is modern medicine catching up with the spiritual side of humanity? We know that if a patient does not believe he will be cured, a cure will not take place. An African witch doctor may agree when a scientist uses physics to explain why a river flows, but he will then tell the scientist that it is because the spirit of the river is making it happen.

Taking a medicine to change your mood, increase happiness or reduce depression will only benefit one part of the mind, the part that reacts mechanically to the altered chemistry. The whole of the mind needs to heal to effect a full recovery. Many ancient religions that survived to this day contain this element of spirituality in their teachings, believing as I do, in a holistic approach to health. By “holistic” I mean that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. If only the brain-the mechanical part of the mind-is treated without healing the emotional and spiritual aspects, then recovery will only be temporary. Healing the body means healing the whole mind, and if the mind is in trouble, the body will not heal. Those of us who have been healing ourselves refer to this ability as our sixth sense, because we know its power and value without formal training or prior knowledge.

Science, today acknowledgements the impact that the mind can have on the body. This means that the emphasis on spirituality over the centuries, alongside the science of these modern times, has brought us to a unique position. As we have embarked on the 21st century, we can benefit from the combination of medical science and the ancient healing wisdom that our ancestors relied upon. In spite of the evidence that there is a marvelously orchestrated interaction between the mind and body that plays a vital part in the healing process, many people do not have e any confidence in their own resources.

The knowledge that we all have the potential to heal ourselves is dismissed as if thousands of years of civilization have numbed our instincts- they have become absorbed into a world in which only the physical exists. Yes, the greatest scientific inventions of our day have sprung from wildly imaginative ideas, emphasizing the crucial role that creativity has played in humanity s it the essential nature of our adventurous spirit to visualize the unthinkable, to be driven by an unstoppable desire to push out the boundaries and imagine the impossible.

Neglecting this inner part of our being is all the more extraordinary when you consider the immense task the mind completes on a daily basis, silently storing and memorizing more information than we consciously comprehend, coloring our opinions and  enabling us to communicate, converse and create ideas.

Every book, television program, painting and movie begins as a tiny seed of an idea, nurtured, developed and propelled by an inborn knowledge that it will work by someone with the vision to see what has not been seen. No one questions that millions f invisible images is  the atmosphere and at the press of a button become animated, colored moving pictures, any more that pressing another button introduces the  voices of strangers, perhaps sitting in a studio far away, talking to thousands of people they cannot see.

Speaking to one another across vast continents is common place through the telephone, and now mobile phones bounce our voices off satellites in space. We have come to expect our computers to perform a multitude of functions at great speed without really understanding how the invention of such a tiny microchip makes this possible. Scientists generally, distrust what cannot be explained, yet a physicist needs a vivid imagination to apply his evidence-based knowledge resourcefully. Without that inner vision, how would an experiment ever be expanded upon-how would an ultimate goal ever be reached?

The overwhelming power of the mind to infiltrate and influence every aspect of our lives is gradually being recognized, but, of course, I have known of this extraordinary phenomenon most of my life. In the past, this psychic power has been abused and corrupted as well as used for positive good. Today, although we know so much more than our ancestors perhaps and are aware of the many other functions that the mind performs, we still only know very little.

Technology, has invented computers, but none has yet managed to create an artificial intelligence that even begins to compare with the power of our minds. The human mind can tune into information from the surrounding atmosphere. Science may use psychics to explain certain phenomena, but if you can sense a presence or hear an inner voice, why do you need to search for a logical explanation?

When it was discovered what we could achieve through the mind power, we questioned the source of this power. There where o models to advise us. No one could teach us at school that these things were impossible. There were no computers and textbooks to lead us through the different stages, no examinations to be passed. There were a lot of questions and no answers but it did not make an enormous difference or stop us from pursuing the endless potential of Mind Power. What begin when I was a child has remained with me ever since and has become a part of my everyday life.

Although I was constantly curious, I knew instinctively that I should never allow my natural inquisitiveness to block or dilute this energy. This same instinct has served as my guide ever since and given me incredible insights which have reinforced my faith in their wisdom again and again. As a child, I felt an awesome responsibility at being handed such knowledge, as if I were an adult in a child’s body, old before my time. Comprehending the force of the Mind Power inevitably led me to develop it and see how far it would take me. I soon learned that its potential is limitless, that I would always be learning. When my personal journey through life has led me down difficult paths, my recovery has added to my experiences which, although occasionally painful, are surest routes to knowledge.


Many people wake up every day in allow frame of mind. They may have many of the material possessions that they believe they need but they feel jaded and cannot understand is almost as if something is missing. Why are they not happy? This is usually the first question that precedes the search for a greater meaning of life. It comes at a time when we realize that a new possession brings no pleasure any more, and the prospect of a journey of self-discovery is much more exciting.Finding a balance between body and spirit means tapping into the most formidable power of all-your own. You do not have to spend money or barter for it because it cannot be bought, sold or is not dependent upon anyone else or anything else.


That is not only  a theory but I have seen it happening ,I have test it on myself and many Greeks who also spend hard times  through economical crisis.Many people are dying every day,many people are being fired,lose their homes,their jobs,their dignity and they have no the mind power to regain their lives back.Since 2009-2010 I have helped many people to come around from the first shock of the economical crisis who literally being completely blocked out with the first signs .Some got their blood back some others not.


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