Today, at 12:03.44 (Italy), the official Vatican radio announced something that had six hundred years in the history of the Pontificals to happen, the resignation of Pope Benedict the 16th!The official announcement of the pontiff, says he resigned because of the needs that the Roman Catholic Church has, the challenges it faces and his inability to cope with most of the role of head due to old age and infirmity.Born in Marktl am Inn, Bavaria, Germany, as Joseph Alois Ratzinger as (Joseph Alois Ratzinger) on April 16, 1927. He was the 265th Pope. Elected at the consul office in the Roman Catholic Church on April 19, 2005, succeeding Pope John Paul the second after the death of the latter. He was the ninth German pontiff and the older who ever ordained at the consul office.
At the time of the formal announcement of resignation of the Pontifical the Tenth House is loaded, beyond the Sun s position in Aquarius, the multi-gathering of the planets of Neptune, Mars, Moon, Mercury and Chiron. The Ascendant of that moment is in Gemini, a sign that there were so new that involved the head of the Church and the State (the Pope is also head of state of Vatican City), and also the announcement of the electoral process (the Pope is elected by the College of Cardinals ).

The Sun rules the 4th House which militates with the official excuse of the Communiqué on age and weakness holding of tasks. At the time we have the semi-square with Pluto and Uranus. The aspect of the Sun-Uranus caused the accelerated need for the establishment of the conclaves of bishops in order to have a new Pontiff. The aspect of the Sun-Pluto shows the compulsory end of sovereignty Benedict’s 16th as head of the Roman Catholic Church. Both aspects give us what is called Sede Vacante, namely the period there is after the death of the pope until the election of a new Pope again at his place. The square of the Sun makes the Nodes of the Moon , Scorpio / Taurus in 6th/12th House reinforces the official version for health problems (perhaps even for problems are still not known to us).Yet it would stupid to ignore any other strange theories with such a conjunction in such a  zodiac sign,everything you see,is possible and I might be um-progressive excluding such information,such prophecies or any conspiracy  theories….and many asked me…yes,I wouldn t deny such a fact.

multiwheel pope-13 february 2013

The multi-gathering of the planets in Pisces we see that influenced the leader of the Roman Catholic Church (Pisces = religion 10th Head). The meeting of Neptune( 11th House) with Mars (12th House), Moon ( 2nd and 3rd House, Chiron and Mercury ( Ascendant), is describing of the difficulty that events unfold.The multi-gathering of the planets gave a very difficult decision needs to be made regarding  the resignation of a religious leader, which in the annals of the Roman Catholic Church occurred only four times and the last time was before almost six hundred years. This decision of the Pope caused worldwide shock. Astrologically we have the weakened leader (Mars-Neptune) which caused shock, awe and sore everywhere in the world Catholics (Chiron), the intense feelings of insecurity caused by the transmission of this decision (Moon) and the need to elect a new leader (Mercury). Mercury in Pisces certainly helps too much Para philology developed around the person of Benedict the 16th, which probably is true. At the same time enhances the uncertainty of the Roman Catholic Church and its flock as to where they should move in the future.

Beyond the conjunction in Pisces and the presence of the Sun and Venus in the same House it is very interesting to see that this conjunction falls with contra-parallel over the Sun of the Pope. Moreover, we have the transiting Sun in opposition to his Natal Neptune and Uranus transiting course meeting with his natal Uranus in the 1st House. Regarding on his birthday Nodes of the Moon which is NW / SW Cancer / Capricorn in 4th/10o House and a conjunction of Yen. Pluto in NW. There is also a trine transiting Saturn in Scorpio and the eighth house of the Pope and the natal Pluto in the 4th House.All astrological data shows that Pope Benedict 16th, feeling of his natural death decided under a veil of secrecy to resign shocking with this decision the World community.

Benedict XVI

The reasons for aging and physical inability to perform his duties stand up. Joseph hiding beneath the face of Benedict the sixteenth unable longer to restrain the centrifugal forces of the Roman Catholic Church.Much has been written and much will be said about the controversial tenure as pope that he  chose to make his own revolution, to depart from the scene and to return to his native Germany to die quietly, away from the eyes of his enemies.The new Pope of Rome probably will be elected by the conclave of cardinals before the Catholic Easter, that this year is on March 31.This was announced from the head of the Vatican’s press Federico Lombardy. Meanwhile bookmakers have already presented a list of candidates for the papacy. They 64 years old the predominant color Cardinal Peter Kontvo Apiacha Tarkson from Ghana. Betting on the election of the coefficient 9 to 4. Tarkson  is also being followed by Canadian Cardinal Marc 68 years old Ouelet, the chances of which are estimated at 5 to 2. In third place is the Francis Cardinal Arinze  80 years from Nigeria. Betting on the election of the coefficient of 3 to 1.



Just a few hours after the announcement that Pope Benedict XVI is going to resign, lightning struck the cupola of St. Peter’s. Thousands of Catholics, who were already in a state of shock from the decision of the pontiff, remained with their mouth open. Was the lightning a sign from the heavens, many wondered and raised much confusion.The impressive photo of  the photographer took by  the Italian agency ANSA Filippo Monteforte. Many of course were those who commented that it is almost impossible to be someone so lucky to capture this image of the day, essentially questioning its authenticity.There is plenty of information on the web about the prophecy of Malachy. The most controversial point is that the next pope, Petrus Romanus – Peter the Roman is the last on the list. Theories accounting for this range from the Second Coming to the end of the Catholic Church to the first female Pope.Pope Benedict resounds powerfully with planet Jupiter – He has Jupiter (conjunct Mercury and Uranus in Pisces) on his ascendant. So his AstroCartoGraphy Jupiter ascendant line runs from his Bavarian home and Munich to Rome. Also, he was ordained on his second Jupiter return in 1951 and his Papacy was announced when Jupiter was on the ascendant. A challenging Saturn in Sagittarius in 9th house rages the expansive and easygoing nature of Jupiter.

The prophecy

Mayan calendar does not cope with the forecast for the end of the world, but many argue that perhaps St. Malachi came true with his own prophecies. Following the resignation of current-bomb Pope Benedict, the Italians began to talk about prophecies, starting from the director Nanni Moretti and his film «Habemus Papam» speaking pontiff to resign, moving on to what Nostradamus predicted for an unexpected which would convulse the church and reaching to St. Malachi who had predicted the resignation of the Pope and the advent of a black pope who will be the last before the end of the world.

So during a visit to Rome of St. Malachi Archbishop Ireland in 1139, had a vision in which he revealed the names of the leaders of the Catholic Church to be elected until the end of the world, in a list of 111 pontiff.The names in this list seem to match reality, making people believe in prophecies about the end of the world to worry intensely.And because St. Malachi predicted that the penultimate Pope Benedict will be, which will follow Peter Romano during his tenure will come the destruction of Rome and the end of the world.Indeed, some scholars give basis to another aspect of the prophecy which says the arrival of the “black pope”, the time from the prevailing successors of Pope Benedict is the Nigerian 81 Arintze Francis and the 63year old cardinal from Ghana, Peter Kontvo Tourkson Apia.Certainly the text of Archbishop Ireland strongly contested by the Catholic Church, and researchers believe that either the prophecy does not belong to St. Malachi but in Nostradamus, or that the document is false, or that was added later falsified.

*****Ι will update probably for those who did not understand.The ascendant of his solar horoscope in on Libra,at the 7th house while the MC in Cancer,at the 5th house.It seems in some way that there are issues regarding co-operations-relationships,while the 7th house and Libra are representing any developments in this house,that are not depending from him but perhaps from a kind of scandal that came into the light.There are findings on the progressive but also in the secondary and progressive Moon at the 8th house.The 1 st degree of Sagittarius in conjunction with the progressive Saturn (retrogression) is another sign of pressure.The general appreciation is that the Pope preferred to quit instead of letting  any details come into the public,perhaps regarding his personal life.Additionally we have the suspicion that the nature of the scandal probably is economical/erotic? and who are these people who have the power to  to threaten the Pope without worrying of his reactions or what the Pope didn’t do in order to become  a target?You will learn more on the next article.If you will look well into the chart you will guess it looks like more economical to me.

*** To end with this matter,I would like to add for numerologists must have already noticed that the date of Popes resignation is 11/2/2013 is equal to 1 ,of course notice number 11,( we all know it now)and examine also the number 9 on his official resignation,on the 28/2/2013.You may also search the Pythagorean meaning numbers on my blog.

****To update this article,last night while I was zapping the TV channels  that usually I do not have the chance to do so often, a Greek, priest who is one of the most well-educated of the Greek Church said that the Pope  resigned because he wanted to help Greece because he liked of the Greeks too much.Now I am convinced one more time that developments here on the next few months  will be very significant and each time that something occurs in Greece they delete people from key positions.That is something we saw intensely on the last few months and I am afraid we will see it again.