During the spring of 1988 the world learned that Nancy Reagan, wife of the president of USA, was changing sometimes his agenda or imposing some of them to change and that was depending on his astrologer’s predictions. Moreover, it was revealed before a summit meeting, Reagan’s astrologer drew Gorbachev horoscope in order to help the president and prepare him properly for the upcoming negotiations with the Soviet president. The news then surprised the media and other politicians and some of them confronted the issue ironically. Probably, everyone was wondering how it was possible, during the nuclear era, such a strong man like the president of the USA to let his opinion and decisions being affected by the pseudoscience that had been slandered and had been also rejected by the scientists, centuries ago? What people would think of the White house when the president was giving such a value to the nonsense was being connected to the stars, planets, points and other stuff like that?

In fact, many Americans and even more strangers were not really surprised with Reagan’s interest for astrology. The study regarding the correlation between celestial bodies and human beings was not nonsense or a pseudoscience, but a valid and practical frame- a way to see life- that sometimes is helping people to distinguish, generally, what should expect in the future. And all those who believe in astrology redounded in order to be considered as a clever political action the denial of the president Reagan to renounce in public, which he doesn’t knows enough for the issue and then he could not judge it.

Astrology publicity is more apparent in the Middle East where the ancient art never lost its good reputation but on the contrary, in the West had been abridged for long time. In many Asian societies, even to the most civilized ones, the well-educated people never define their marriage date or make an important purchase before they will advise an astrologer who will also give them the appropriate date and time for the specific move. It worth’s to memo that the day of the Indian Independence hastened, because the day of the 15  August in 1947 that had being defined initially, was considered to be negative, so the ceremony for the Indian Independence occurred on the 14 of August, exactly on the midnight. In Bangkok, for instance, business people are not taking any decision before the will take an advice from their astrologers. When Coca-Cola opened her first factory in Thailand, the managers of the factory were waiting till “the stars allow it». Someone well-known said that if you deny the advice of an astrologer, the Buddhists monks will not bless the machines and no one will drink Coca-Cola in Thailand!

Sikkim Kingdom, located in Himalayas Mountains, when the Crown Prince Tontoup Namgkial wanted to wed the New York Hope Cook, but with astrologers instructions their marriage was delayed for a whole year, till the 1963.

In the West, The Age of Enlightenment (18th Century) brought the decline of the astrology, witchcraft and other Apocrypha arts. But thanks to some stubborn scientists and intellectuals, astrology returned to the world in the 20th century. It is being calculated that there are around 10.000 professional astrologers and that, in USA only and there 50 million fans too. Of course this number can be greater because it is just a gallop that was made many years ago. While in 1979 the percentage of the papers that were publishing the horoscope was the 78%,in 1988 the percentage increased to the  92%Even through astrologers are considering the column of the daily horoscope nonsense without valid, however, the daily horoscope is the most famous column and the most mulch-read one around the world. In the Western world one to the 10.00 is being occupied to astrology as a student or professional but also the same percentage is being referred for psychology too. There are thousands of books that are talking about the astrology seriously published in many languages and the same number also is being referred for astronomy too.

The above evidences are proving that the last few years, astrology, are an important factor in our lives and is being extended beyond simple newspaper horoscopes where readers read compulsively in order to find promising predictions regarding to their finances and personal problems. On the contrary, the eastern astrologers, are being devoted completely to the prognosis of the future, the most western professional astrologers are emphasizing the psychological arena and their horoscope is being based on what the stars and the plants saying about the character and the personality of their client. Though, they do not ignore the destiny. Every newspaper reader knows that rich people are being advised from astrologers regarding professional and emotional matters. But it is less known that even businessmen are also advising their astrologers, often enough as also their stockbrokers too. It is being said that tycoon J.P Morgan once said” The millionaires are not using astrologers but billionaires are really advising them». The predictions of the best astrologers are being specialized in economic matters, like A. Crawford, in market values, are attracting the attention of the Wall Street and bring to their clients high annual incomes and even important purchases are completely effective.

That is astrology which has being described as an Art, Science, language, system, philosophy as even a huge deception too. But they use it as a tool to the market, in psychology, the official program of the president’s agenda and for important purchases. Despite all that is an ancient creation, a remarkable old invention that its influence has been felt in human relations thousands years now. How much older astrology is, was revealed to the modern world by the middle of the 19 century, from an Iraq archaeologist, educated and trained in Oxford, Chormouznt Rasam, and of what we know was not particularly interested in this kind of art.

In 1853 Rasam begin his excavations for ancient ruins close to his house, at the Tiger River. His people and he also were working during the night as quietly as much as they could because of French antagonistically team had already secured the rights for the specific spot. His faith that he would discover the secrets of the great Assyrian Empire that domineered once in the area made him take the risk the rage of his associate archaeologists. So, when by the end of December, those men brought on the surface the ruins of the building they were really enthusiastic about it. He cleaned the dust that had been gathered through the centuries and find himself in a gallery. The sculptured walls with wonderful relief were picturing a royal hunting lions. Also in the middle of the space, under the dust, there were thousands of small clay tablets with cuneiform scripts. Rasam had also founded in the library of Nineveh, the capital city of Assyrians, which was built between 668 BC and 627 BC from Assurbanipal King, the strongest from all the kings which was containing the richest collection of ancient wisdom that was even found in the Middle East.

While scientists were studying more than 25.000 scripts, written in Akkadian language, which the ancient language of Babylon and Assyria, there was founded the real significance of Rasam discovery. Nations history, religious manuscripts, royal laws, correspondence, literature plays, medical texts, dictionaries, grammar books, and  all that treasure was buried there. Some of these scripts were about at least 1000 years ago even before the kingdom of Assurbanipal. Among these manuscripts was also founded a line of astronomical data that were containing a variety of prophecies.

The first saved catalogs of cosmic omens are containing astrology, astronomy, religious customs, weather prediction and generally anything else they could think of was written there. In a weather prognosis we can read this test for instance “If the sky is bright when we have a New Moon and we welcome her with songs of bliss then the year will go fine». Another prognosis we read is, based on great experience they had regarding grasshoppers and storms is saying “If will rain on Sembat month, then we will suffer from grasshopper scourge.”

All in all the first prognosis were referring to the prosperity of the nation. The idea of an atomic horoscope based on the personal birth date of someone would become an absolute reality after many centuries. Then the only client of the astrologer was the King himself only and his main work was to distinguish the willingness of the Gods in order to help the ruler and his politics. Burdened with the responsibility to watch the stars, the royal astrologers of Babylon and Assyria, were using every mean for their prognosis. So, except the study of the stars, they were analyzing the shapes of the birds while they were flying in the sky, they were explaining the royal dreams, decoding the shapes that had being created from an oil drop in a cup of water. They were using even weird labors in order to use their predictions, for instance “if a woman will give deliver a swine, then the throne will be occupied from a woman but if she will deliver a n elephant the n the earth would be deserted». However it is hard to know the circumstances that were leading them into such predictions. The art of the interpretation of an animal ribs obtained a particular significance, because they believed that when the knife of the priest was getting into the sacrificed animal or lamp, was freezing for a moment into the cosmic time and was reflecting the situation of the entire  universe. They were concentrating their attention to the liver of the animal because it was the bigger organ. Some of the prophets were devoting exclusively to ipatoskopia which is the art of analyzing the omens is being related to the liver.


But the strongest and immediate relations between the habitats of Mesopotamia and their Gods remained of the lights in the sky. As a part of their efforts to please the gods and observe their divinities, the masters of Nineveh and Babylon, build temples at the top of pyramids that named Ziggurat. Babel Tower, of the Old Testament is the most well-known of everything else. According to a Babylonian myth, at the beginning of every year, the gods were assembly at the top of Ziggurats and were deciding about the destiny of people. The rest of the year the prophets were using the towers as observatories and as much as they were discovering the work regarding the interpretation of celestial bodies movements was becoming harder and harder.

The complicating geometry of the celestial bodies was always being a source of questions but disappointment too. When a prophet for instance was observing the stars from a pyramid, he was thinking that the most of the stars were just were going round over his head in a stable line. They were rising at the east, going down to the west. Real sky travelers indeed…. The astrologers distinguished shapes. A team was looking like a hair flock, another one with a Scorpio and another one with a lion. Their position was changing on a particular moment and that depends on the time which was predictable. Every spring according to the Babylonian period, the asterism we call Taurus was appearing on the horizon at the dawn and one month later that was being replaced from the asterism of Gemini. Of course a number of light stars were not following this standard. The most apparent explanation was the Sun. Even the most indifferent observatory knew that in summer the Sun was rising earlier, was staying more time in the sky, was following a higher path than in winter and the spot of the horizon that he was coming out every morning was gradually being moved to the north. In the middle of the summer period, this course was reversing and the Sun was moved back to the south following a lower path in the sky. It was very obvious then that his movements were absolutely independent but in some way they were connected to a huge bow that were deleting the other celestial bodies at the length of the stereoma. But the astrologers were always had the key for every almost non-mistaken predictions. Counting the days since the Sun was starting to move the north they could calculate when the rivers of Mesopotamia would flow, during the spring floods and when was the most appropriate time to sow, harvest or plant. One more bright exclusiveness, regarding the celestial order was the Moon, which was rising and going down in different hours of the day, changing shape constantly. When was full was bright, then less bright and becoming smaller and smaller and then nothing at all in order for a new brightness to be reborn again. The circle was lasting for 29 ½ days and offering to the prophets an easier way to calculate the time. Every circle was becoming a month, and twelve months were making a year. But there was an important problem: the circles of the Moon were not fitting with the annual rhythms of the Sun. So the times were delaying according to the calendar and the prophets had to correct it every now and then and add one month into it. Some of these days were devoted to the worship. Sometimes they were avoiding every activity. The last days, before the New Moon when the old one was crossing the “Death River” was considered particular fortunate.

On the 29 of the month, Tembit, the King was not walking out of his palace in order not to be bewitched from” the winds of the road. Anyone was walking out of his home on the 29 Nisan, definitely was dying-at least the magicians were claiming so. Indeed, from the times of Hammurabi, in the 18 century BC every activity during the first day of each seven phases of the Moon was a taboo. The preservation of the day passed also in alternative cultures too. In this way, the Hebrew Sabbath was defines and later the Christians Sunday. The Sun and the Moon were important divinities at the pantheon of celestial gods of Mesopotamia. The same was happening with others stars which their movements seemed to be enough unbalanced. Those were the planets and the priest, through the Ziggurat, was watching only the five ones. The brightest of all was Venus –Ishtar for Babylonians prophets which was morning and a night star which was sometimes was visible even when the Sun was high in the sky. She was the goddess of beauty and love, because her brightness was not stable. Additionally was the lady of the battles picturing on a lion with a weapon in her hand. Jupiter, another bright star was connected to Marduk, the king of the gods, since his radiation was royal and stable. Marduk could cause storms and floods but generally was compassionate and was giving earthly power and glory. On the contrary, Mars with his red negative color, known as Nergal, was the god of war, an omen of death and destruction. The faraway Saturn,-Ninurta, for the priest-, who was pale divinity, was the god of time, old age and scholarship. Because his circle around the stereoma was lasting about 30 years, Ninurta had a long-termed insight of things. Mercury was the Nebu, fast as the mercury that gave him the popularity of a cunning fox.

The observation of the planets course was making a puzzle for the priests and was making feel dizzy. Planets seemed to wander through the sky in the way they wanted, without any reason between or with anything else. Mercury was dancing back and forth around the Sun area. Saturn was delaying for ages at the same asterism as someone had chained him to the specific position. Sometimes a planet could follow a normal direction to the forth then stop or even retrograde, going backwards. The priests were meaning these peculiarities “bibous” or “wild goats”-which an old disrespected term for the gods and the human destiny. But their movements are being recorded with great attention and details particularly on the days are appearing near to the horizon just some time after the sunset. While the wild-goats were jumping on the stereoma, the called steady asterisms, easy report spots for the record of their movement. Priests were dividing the sky in there wide highways, that were transferring the stars like they were transportation conveyors. The northern conveyor seemed to revolve around the Pole star since the observatory was looking from the northern hemisphere of the Earth- and then so the stars were never seemed to go down. According to some experts, this conveyor belonged to Anou, the divinity who ruled the skies. Enlil, the god of rain and winds, was controlling the middle conveyor which his stars seemed to rise and go down with the revolve of planet earth. The south conveyor was containing stars that could disappear for months, in winter, when the northern hemisphere was fending off them and the Sun. The god of waters, a, seemed to rise periodically in order to save humanity in crisis hours and then was waning again into the ocean. Frequently, he was pictured as an old wise man who was wearing a mantle in a shape of a fish. He gave to the world, the science, the art, the writing but also magic knowledge too.

The Middle East, was always a place of colliding civilizations and armies, so the 7 century BC. periods of disorder started and overthrow the cultural atmosphere. The Assyrian Empire collapsed, since reached at the zenith of her power. New cultural influences were gushed in the country from Persia, eastern, and the Greek spoken who were living at the shores of the Aegean Sea, at the west. The ancient city of Babylon, demised at the time of Assyrians, saw a kind of anew glamor under the influence of the active Chaldean King Nebuchadnezzar. The Hebrew chroniclers slandered him because he occupied Jerusalem and obliged the Jews to live in Babylon exiled-and at the book of Daniel is being confirmed that he was eating grass.

But also during his reign from the 605 till the 562 BC restructured Babylon and made her a city of great brightness, and the Hanging Gardens to be one of the greatest miracles of the world, on a new bright Ziggurat of seven floors, serving the observation and the study of the uranian mysteries.

The Babylonian priests, inspired from the royal structure and environment, fixed charts of astronomical data with double energy. The calendar was corrected to a new one, a more normal method of adjustment of the moon months to the solar ones. Observations became more precise, since the scientists, in order to spot different celestial bodies, were using now mathematics. Solar and water clocks were helping at the timing of the astral events and incidents. The scientists divided the day and the night into equal periods: 12 hours from the noon till the other, with every hour to contain 60 minutes and every minute to contain 60 seconds. So, despite the fact, that the units of time-counting were double in duration from ours, every clock in the world today, is picturing the Babylonian astrologers hard work. Babylonians astrologers studied main asterisms that also being discovered in previous times. But their substantial occupation was to study the bodies were crossing the sky, the Enlil Street, the road where the Sun, the Moon and other planets were following. They distinguished a total of 18 shapes that were containing all the points of the modern zodiac circle, except Aries. Every star was taking specific traits and astrological behavior depending on the physical shape and its role part in Mythology. Finally, the priests divided the “Enlil Street” in 12 equal monthly sectors and named each one of them depending on the respectively star teams. The fact, that there were more asterisms’ from sectors, as also that some of them were expanding wider than others, it was not so important to them. Some of them were indifferent to them, but also the different sizes of others were ignored. The Zodiac Circle took its final form just a, little bit before the end of the 5 century BC. The zodiac signs divided the sky in 12 equal sectors of 30 degrees each and that consisted since then, with just a few changes, the basic tool of Astrology.