Fundamentally I do not have to write too many about February, in fact what I had to mention about this month I have already write in the article of January.

Regarding the New Moon of February, will occur on the 10 of February 2013,at the 9:11 at the zodiac sign of Aquarius  and certainly Uranus and Pluto will contribute with negative aspects of a small climax and its influence will have an unannounced and fixed character regarding the developments. This New Moon like every such phenomenon is opening a period of new beginnings always that will be meaningfully vital for other people’s lives. Any probable mistakes or attitude for instance could lead us into a deadlock. In a few lines, calculating the aspects of other planets, like Mars from Pisces that he is going to be close to Neptune and Saturn in Scorpio who is also being connected to the phenomenon in a negative mode as also the start of Mercury and Saturn retrogression is pointing  an extremely hard period regarding the national matters and economy too.


Regarding the Full Moon on the 25 February of 2013, at the 22:49,will befall at the axis of Virgo-Pisces. In this phenomenon we will see the participation of Venus and Neptune obstruction and Jupiter in a square as also will affect the zodiac sign s of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces too. Her activity will be completely misleading and deceptive. Neptune’s engrossment will complex any situation more and will deepen conspiracy theories. However there will be chances in order to resolve some long-termed problems of economic and political nature. This period with the Full Moon in Virgo is pullulating surprises, is ranging danger and cultivates background activity and intrigues. Divergences and conflicts between nations will grow and will be increased as also reaction will be multiplied too. Finally there will be intense atmosphere and geological disturbances and changes.

Valentines month however on a personal level will give happier moments, also we will be in the right mood but it will be hard for us to find easily solutions into our daily problems and that misplaced long time ago. During the first ten days of February, Mercury will complete his course through Aquarius and on the 5 of the month will pass in Pisces. Venus on the 2 February will also enter Aquarius from Capricorn and on the same day Mars will also enter Pisces too. This atmosphere will lead most of you to take decisions or change their attitude. At the same time Mars will shape negative aspects with Jupiter and that will definitely raise our stubbornness and superficiality. On the other hand Jupiter, Venus and Mars will shape a positive aspect and will give the chance to most of you to reconstruct yourselves spiritually and mentally.


From the 11-20 of February the New Moon will play an antagonistically role in our lives and will provoke a wave of changes extending our intentions for claiming our rights particularly those who are oppressed. During these days the harmonic aspects will be strengthened as also will give us small or greater chances depends on our personal horoscope, of course. So during these days we can take advantage of our communicative but also all our creative talents.And on the last days of February from the 21-28 Mercury will start his retrogression from the 23 of the month and the Full Moon in Virgo on the 25 will bring on the spot issues regarding unemployment and labor matters mostly that will be very fragile. However Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn will serve what it had been stalled for long time now and there will be developments, for instance some of you will be able to save their business or make easier any hostilities with the system. The Full Moon will give a short period of grace to people who owe money in public and banks.

The Sun will be at the 13 degree of Aquarius( luck of concentration, fertile imagination,) and on the 18 of the month will pass till the 10 degree of Pisces( intense emotions, being sensitive and love for home but also practical and persistent regarding our desires), till the 28 of February. The Moon will be in Libra. On the 10/2 the New Moon will be at the 21 degree of Aquarius (nice mood, many friends mainly from abroad or connect with others) and on the 25/2 will cross the 7 degree of Virgo (rebirth, restless mind, high perception, fertile ideas).

Mercury will be at the 22 degree of Aquarius ( intrigues in politics, enemies)and on the 5/2 is entering Pisces, on the 23/2 retrogrades and will reach the 19 degree public work, enthusiasm, being more practical) till the 28 February.Venus will be in Capricorn and on the 2/2 will enter Aquarius and then and on the 26 of the month will enter Pisces till the 3 degree of Pisces (idealism, capable, flexible and intuitive). Mars will be at the 29 of Aquarius, on the 2/2 will enter Pisces and till the 28/2 will reach the 21 degree of Pisces.(emotions and intelligence are collide, house, adopted parents).


Jupiter in Gemini will be at the 7 degree (love, marriage of love, be kind and good hearted) and till the end of the month will reach the 8 degree (bad mood, short-tempered). Saturn in Scorpio will be at the 12 degree and on the 18/2 will start to retrograde and till the 28/2 will reach the 12 degree again. (Being methodical, scientific mind, precise, experiment)Uranus will be at the 5 degree of Aries (generous, artistic and creative abilities, but severe too) and on the 28 of the month will reach the 6 degree Aries. (Unsatisfied desires, limited life, disappointing tasks)Neptune will be at the 2 degree of Pisces (mental enlighten perhaps through risks or danger, and being emotional and sensual, Apocrypha abilities) till the 28 of the month will reach the 3 degree.(idealism, capable, flexible and intuitive).


Pluto will be at the 10 degree of Capricorn (parents) and till the 28/2 will reach the 11 degree (tough and possessive nature, cleansing through love,) The North Node all through the month will cross the zodiac sign of Scorpio (22-19 degrees=home, attachment to mother, high ambitions, pride, obstacles, intrigues) and South Node will move across Taurus, also from the 22-19 degree.(someone capable, leader of a team, speech ability, fertile solutions, stability in family water journeys and emotions).