This year, Mercury will retrograde about three times and will give the chance to complete what we had already started and left incomplete, while also we will re-examine our decisions, since these three times the retrogression movement will occur in water zodiac signs.The target is our thoughts to be disorganized and give us a second thought to work on our life conditions and also bring ourselves in touch with the inner part of our personalities. Mercury represents communication and the nervous system and it will be better for us to be cautious during this time regarding the way we use our speech because there many dangers of being misunderstood. We also avoid begin something new, to sign any contacts and make important purchases and then it will be also good for us not to move or at least be very cautious and check and double-check what we sign and read. Mercury retrogression is good for introspection and is always closing down a life cycle, particularly issues are being connected to education,finances,trade,telephones,computers,negotiations,media and transportation. When Mercury retrogrades, it is forbidden strictly to start new love affairs. Even love relationships appear then from the past or perhaps we strongly feel nostalgic to old good days with someone from the past and they target into revealing the causes that those old affairs never being developed. Let us see now the planets retrogression one by one and their influence.


MERCURY 23/2 – 17/3 (22:03) at the 19 and 51 degrees – 5 and 40 degrees of Pisces.

During this period we will be very sensitive in issues are being connected to our psychology and moods. We will tend to be alone and daydream and is possible to feel an unexplained fatigue. Secrets and background activity is also very possible and call-offs will occur. During this period it will be good for you not to believe of what you hear but only of your intuition that will be particularly developed now. A cycle is closing down and it is important to see things more realistically, not to let yourselves into delusion and being carried away. Limit yourselves and others’ .Be cautious with drugs, alcohol and other substances. Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgos and Pisces will be particularly affected.


26/6-20/7 (16:08-21:22) at the 23 degrees and 6 -13 degrees and 23 of Cancer.

Whatever has to do with family, home, property, past experiences and emotional relationships will be on a crisis. Over-protection will be in vain. During this period, we do not sell, we do not rent, we do not buy a house, we do not move and certainly it is not the right time to get married. There is tension for being extremely reserved, mood swings are intense so it will be better for us not to take serious decisions regarding our lives. We should be cautious in nutrition matters. Cancers, Capricorns, Aries and Libra will be affected particularly.


21/10-10/11 at the 18 degrees and 22 – 2 degrees and 33 of Scorpio (13:28-23:13)

Being suspicious with others will touch red and nothing will be able to be believed if not first will be proved. This period will bring fear on the surface, jealously and insecurity. We will tend to keep secrets from others and play power games with money and emotions. It is very possible this period to uncover many hidden secrets and documents will come into the light. People who might have hurt us now appear again in our lives from the past. Unconscious fears are creating  aggressiveness. It is the right period for us to examine the deepest pasts of our soul. We also be cautious with economical transactions and love relationships. Taurus, Scorpios, Leos and Aquarius will be particularly affected.


VENUS 21/12/2013 – 31/1/2013 at the 28 and 57 degrees and 33 (13:53-13:33) in Capricorn

Venus will retrograde during the last ten days of 2013,at the zodiac sign of Capricorn and is being connected to finances and relationship matters. A lot is happening inside us and we used to put the behavior of those we  love under the is not a  good period for us to start a new co-operation or  anew love relationship because it is certain that it will not last for too long.We do not open up ourselves financially, we do not invest our money and we do not make aesthetic changes on our body and generally our appearance. It is very possible here also people of the past to appear in our life and the reason they do is because we have not closed our accounts with them definitely. Between us and our companion issues of jealously and insecurity appear and also repressing emotions are coming on the surface. We should see this period of time as a chance for introspection without rushing to take any serious decisions. As long as Venus will retrograde in Capricorn, will bring overthrows in matrimonies, love affairs with older people or emotional confusion with people from our working arena. Many will use their love relationships as a step for their professional progress and success and those who have the power and the economic influence will be sensitive into flattering. Our relationship with others around us will be cool but also it is the ideal period to get over what hurt us in the past. The zodiac signs will be affected will be Capricorns, Cancers, Libra and Aries and of course those who have their Venus in Capricorn.


JUPITER 4/10/2012 ( LAST YEAR )-30/1/2013.(16:17-13:35),at the 16  AND 23 degrees -6 and  20 degrees of Gemini.

Jupiter this year will retrograde twice and during this period issues regarding law, politics, religion and education will be affected. Fanatical expressions will appear, we will lost the measure and there will be intolerance too. There will be strikes, intense reactions and agitations, overthrows and political riots. Till the end of January Jupiter retrogression as we saw  on the past few months trade was affected, media, transportation and journeys too. In relationships there are many promises with any response. We tend to be reserved, everything remains at the same point without particular developments. During this period we have to be cautious with rumors, gossips and slander. We tend also to be over-optimistic and extravagant. Words without meaning and action. Normally, we should spend this period in order to complete spiritual work, journeys or any studies left in the middle. Looking for the truth is a good time too. This retrogression will affect Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgos and Pisces.


JUPITER RETROGRESSION IN CANCER -7/11/2013-6/3/2014 at the 20 and 31 degrees- 10 and 27 degrees of Cancer.

Here things will change. We all know that in summer Jupiter will change zodiac sign and will enter Cancer. Regarding the retrogression in Cancer, emotional and family relationships will pass through many changes and many reformations will occur. We say “ No” to economical openings and investments and we also do not buy or sell, property. But we can say “Yes” in order to resolve issues of the past that are being connected to family matters. You need to be cautious at he extreme consuming of food and alcohol and try not to be over-emotional. Free yourselves from emotional attachments and try to be more autonomous. Those who will be affected will be Cancers, Capricorns, Aries and Libras.

Astrology and planets

SATURN-18/2/- 8/7 (08:11) at he 11 and 31 degrees – 4 and 49 degrees of Scorpio.

When we are talking about  Saturn all is being connected to cleansing and structure and order too. We get mature and we overtake our responsibilities. Saturn is the law and power. Is the teacher is giving us lessons and remind us that we should work harder in order to move in a different is the substance of our existence get rid of enough  ornaments. It is the justice and the truth. Saturn rewards and tests and that depends on our efforts. As long us Saturn will retrograde in Scorpio, will open issues regarding power and economical centers. There will be austerity and economical exploit. Personal relationships will pass through crisis in order to be renewed. There will be underground agreements and moves that will be definitely revealed and come into the light when Saturn will get into a straight direction. Finally, you need to be cautious and take care of your psychological problems and strictly follow the law and legal ways. Issues will come up regarding our father or male persons. Try not to lose control in any way. Taurus, Scorpios, Leo and Aquarius will be affected mostly.


URANUS-17/7-17/12 (19:40) –at the 12 and 31 degrees – 8 and 35 degrees of Aries.

Uranus as you all have learned lately is being connected to change, the unpredictable, the revolution and the new things that will come in our lives. Those who are ready for these changes on  a personal and social level, will not have a problem at all. But those who resist stubbornly will have to face up the consequence of their intransigence. As Uranus will retrograde in Aries will give the chance to those who have not realized that a new era will come into their life. They will be forced to see face to face painful truths that till now could not see at all. Those will doubt values and establishments and much more their way of thinking. There will much irritation and nervousness and that energy will have to be drained into creative channels. Whatever has to do with internet and technology will absolutely  absorb us particularly. There will tension for infidelity. Issues regarding aerial military will also come up. There will be fanaticism in ideological movements, cruelty and violence. There will be some kind of internal blink, independence and wisdom. Take advantage of this period in order to seek for the truth and originality in your life. Try to find out who you really are. Aries, Libra, Cancers and Capricorns will be affected.


NEPTUNE-7/6-3/11 (20:40) at the 5 and 22 degrees 2 and  34 degrees Pisces.

The planets of theosis, art and metaphysics. It is the spirit and the soul. In Pisces ,is the ideal position to express our love, spirituality and sacrifice. Being in retrogression this year will affect our psyche very much. We will be very sensitive and our intuition will be particularly intense and sharp. Pay attention into your dreams without being carries away from illusions. Many false prophets will appear now presenting to be spiritual people and cautious regarding deception and particularly  with love relationships that begin now. These might be ideal but certainly must be false. After all, you will be able to see this when Neptune will get into a straight course. Be cautious with chemical and drug substances and alcohol too. Disruptions and scandals will also rise in the field of art and religion. Do not make economical investments as also do not borrow and lend money during this period of time. Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgos and Pisces will be affected.


PLUTO 12/4 -20/9 – 22:31 -18:28 – 11 and 35 degrees – 8 and 59 degrees of Capricorn.

And the last planet, Pluto who is symbolizing the deepest part of ourselves. It is also symbolizing the money, wealth. It is the death and rebirth. It is also our subconscious and the invisible side of our being. As long as it will be in Capricorn retrogression while also at the same time will square Uranus in Aries, will finally bring radical changes in matters of power and situations that collision between  the power and the uprising crowd will be very often. Public money, economical scandals, underground exchanges, power abuse and such will come on the surface. Violence will show her face while also there will be movements intense activity. The system and the structure of it will change, nation leaders will face up overthrows and they will do anything to remain on their powerful positions. Money will pass into the hands of the few. But Pluto is targeting to throw out everything is eroded so there will be many cleansings. On a personal level there will a  transformative procedure inside us. Our density to control anything will be stopped or just fail because the only thing we can do is just control of ourselves. Change begins from within us.