Aries-2 Pentacles

There will be pleasant changes regarding your love life with the 2 of Pentacles. You will make new acquaintances, you will meet interesting people who will charm you literally, and perhaps you will have to face up a kind of dilemma about who you have to abandon and with who you have to go. Go with the wind, and you path will show you what is the right way or the right path to follow or even better who is the right person for you, if you are single or want to move on with someone else in your lives. The only certain thing is that you will not feel bored but on the contrary  your personal life it is expected to be adventurous enough and your social life very intense. You will conquer many people’s hearts and the opposite. There will be harmonic changes and a variety of choices. There will be many opportunities regarding your career and you will have the chance also to show what you really can do and merit. Everything will change for the better, routine will break and is possible to make two jobs at the same time. However it will be good for you not to focus on money  earnings but give the best of yourselves and invest your love into something is fitting you and is expressing you. If so, then the money  rewards will give you exactly what you need. Try to follow a middle way in issues regarding your health, no matter what you do. Try to schedule your life, give time to yourselves for relaxation, meditation and fun after work. Do not  get at the extremes because this year it will be necessary for you to do many things at the same time. and so you need time to recharge your batteries in order to relax and attain some peace of mind. Harmonize the opposite sides of your personality and you know exactly which pieces are these. The one is wild and tough which also makes you  lose control and go mad. The other side is the generous side of your personality, politeness of your soul and the support you offer to others. Dominate over your passions and anger and anything else that makes you lose control and arm yourselves with creativity and use your power to achieve the impossible. It is like have a flame inside you. Do not use this flame in order to destroy others but warm  yourselves and people around you in order to create a whole world, thanks to your flame.



Taurus-9 Wands

Battle for your victory. You will do everything in order to preserve a  very important relationship in your life and in such way that you may look over-protective, even oppressive at times. How things are going to be developed, depends on you because first of all you have to trust the person you love. Try not to get stressed with every little thing that other person does. Let your loving person relax and express feelings and emotions, give time and space to express freely everything feels for you. On the other hand if you feel that you have worked hard and you have done everything in order to be at the position or have the job  you want. Perhaps there is something more in order to complete this success and get to the top. It is certain that you will succeed. You may feel tired and exhausted but also determined to pick up all your strength and channel this energy into your dreams. You need to let your scars in this world and that also depends on you. Finally, you will need much energy this year in order to afford your responsibilities and you have to be aware of your nutrition, take care of your diet and find time to rest yourselves. If you have  a lot to do at work and feel overloaded this situation might cause you exhaustion so find  a way to strengthen your body and relax your nervous system. Try to sleep well. Put an  end to old attachments and attachments generally. Change you way of life and forget of old habits that have nothing to offer you anymore but on the contrary they  sink you more and more into the bottom. What you call “intimate” or “routine” must be changed from the root. I know it is hard to be done for you but it is necessary to be done in this way. If you  are still living  with someone who does not means anything for you and emotions have been faded or even worst  there is a kind of turmoil or even if there is a job that is not satisfying you anymore and does not let you create now it is time to change this too. The most important for you is to recognize your attachment and forget the phrase” that s what I know and so that is what I trust” or whatever you fear, is new and unknown. Take a step out to the world, take the risk to live.



Gemini-The Magician

Love will play an important role in your life this year and is very possible a new person come into your life awakening  latent emotions were sleeping for long… long time….This new person indeed, seems to bring a magic sensation and perhaps you may feel that you live again your teenage years and also you may want to start your life from the beginning. Let emotions of adventure carry you away and dare to express feelings and ideas that will be born now and are completely new to you. On the other hand, your career will be at the zenith as also circumstances will allow you to take advantage of your talents in a huge grade. That means that there will be enough opportunities that you have to take advantage of but also create immediately, alone new circumstances for something new that will be also very important regarding the way you will handle things.in a few words, it is in your hands to manage all you want because you just simply have the tools and abilities of a magician! This year still wants to be on the top and take the right initial ties .Finally, regarding your health and particularly health problems are being connected to the past, this year will find its solution while also you will have the perspectives to find the right therapy for you. Generally, your mood will be good enough and your vitality high. Start to show off your feelings without fear and stop thinking that something terrible will occur. Drop your resistances and stop fantasizing. Allow yourselves to enjoy life and your success. You can certainly communicate with many ways except your brain. Repressing emotions will create some polarity that often express and so  that is because there are misunderstandings and others do not understand how much you love them. Others think that you will not hurt if  the will abandon you. Do not let them doubt but offer them love.




Cancer-The Hanged Man

There will be many ups and downs in your love life this year and the reason will be because your moods will swing constantly and change and that will make you particularly sensitive. This behavior will make you literally hook yourselves over your mate and sometimes you will become more reserved. Some of you will be not able to decide if they want to continue with their existing relationships or if you are going to end your current one. Be sure that you have to be clear regarding your wants and needs because in this way you will make others suffering too. However, you will have to ask for the same from others too. Perhaps ,you may feel that you sacrifice yourselves but be sure that it worth’s to be with the other person. Regarding your career you have to examine carefully what you have now, you have to examine carefully your co-operations and obtain a clearer opinion about what is really going on. Perhaps someone is not so honest with you and you have to clear up the situation. You have also to be very cautious with deals of every nature and contracts and the same involves regarding the way you handle your finances too. Do not trust easily others and do not confuse your love life with your money. Trust of your strong intuition and believe more in yourselves. Regarding your health, you need to tone more of your mood and generally enhance of your psychological moods. Do what it is necessary or what is possible to be more optimistic because this factor will be very important for you all through the year. In fact this is a critical year for you where changes must be continued in order to succeed. Do not block of your own luck. Being afraid of failure because you are just attracting of it. You are attracting exactly what you are afraid and stop worrying about everything. Then, better days will come for you, believe me. Visualize and think what is good for you. Make your choices based on your likes and wishes and you believe you need and it will be given to you. Then the best will come for you. During this period your energy will be enhanced and you will be able consciously or unconsciously to affect your life in the way you want. Do not rush about the results. Enjoy your journey and do not rush to get in your target. Everything will happen on time, but leave your fears behind.



Leo-8 Pentacles

You have to work hard regarding your relationships and now perhaps you need to put aside of your Leo ego-eccentrics’ and give more significance into what others need next to you or make greater efforts in order to have someone you are interested. In any case, the only way to get favored in your relationships this year, is to see  them as an exercise or learning where your main target is to offer without caring too much what you will take back. And then all your wishes will start to be accomplished. Regarding your career, a new opportunity is coming for you. It could be a new job or education that is being connected to your career. Now you will put the foundations in order to bear the fruits later. Now you need to work hard without expecting to get recognized or get to the top. This will come later for you. You will get joy from the procedure of your work, being cautious with details, however this and work will give you what you need later on. The same is about your finances. Be patient because now you are just working for your future. Regarding your health be cautious regarding details too. Take care of yourselves and find time to rest and relax. Improve of your nutrition and do not be excessive. Finally, try not to get stressed. Do what your  heart desires, based on your intuition and feelings, if you meet someone for the first time. Go with the wind but it is not necessary always to get the initially and be in action. Become more receptive and allow yourselves to relax. Take care of you and others around you. Connect with the world through compassion and reception. It is time for your therapy and you will do that by giving love and care. There will be therapy in all kind of levels and mainly in your roots.




Virgo-5 Wands

Try not to transfer the density of your professional life into your personal life and guard your present relationship. Do not let  third people interfere in your personal life even if these people are family members or friends you trust. It is time to be proved if  the passion you have inside you it will end up to be creative or destructive. You will be tempted to play power games often but try to avoid such. On the other hand, try to low own the volume of your voice as much as you can and this kind of procedure will make you more mature. Regarding your career your ambitions will be great and antagonism will be intense too and this situation will make you raise the level of  your work and finally will also improve of your economic situation too. This will also provoke some who will also is possible to react against your progress and success. On the other hand it is possible to experience disagreements with people from your working environment. It is being demanded for you to stand up on your height, fight hard and support what is yours. Forget stress from your life and keep your heart clear from worries and negative projections, regarding your health. Try to focus on positive things and finally strengthen of your defense system. You will become more mature emotionally. This is what will happen to you and this is what must happen to you this year because you have let yourselves still believe that you are still in adolescence and that you have every right in mood swings. Now this illusion will be dissolved and the nice things will be that you will want to do so. You have understand that in order to have progress and proceed and take you more seriously you have to stop self-pettiness as soon as possible. In this way only, you will be completed as persons and make also more completed relationships that will be based on harmony and not in antagonism. Stop being alone and start sharing with others.



Libra-The Strength

Passion and love will knock  your door and if you are free birds, most of you will find the other half in your life except if your personal horoscope is not allowing it. Wonderful romantic moments will wait for you where love will be combined with your erotic moods and then you will want more to formalize of your relationship. This will be a time of fertility and love attraction. On the other hand your mate will do everything in order to prove how much loves you practically and show you how much important your relationship is. Now you will able to make the moves you want and fix up your daily personal life in the way you want. Regarding your career and work ,you will be able to see beyond in order to afford any difficulties may appear. Your politeness and harmony will help you now to conquer difficult targets and win more materialistic rewards. This period demands militancy and soul superiority. Your environment will favor you and you will manage to be distinguished and win against your enemies. It is  very possible for a leadership position be given to you and others rely on you. Great success. Regarding your health will be good enou8hg and vitality will be absolutely healthy. You may start to gym your bodies and strengthen  of your muscle system and also strengthen of your circulations system. Eat alkaline food and do not eat too much meat on a daily base. Try to handled others but do not let others manipulate you. Manipulation may be done  through money, with emotions or in any way others may impose power on you but you can also do the same with a more quiet way. Stop sticking yourselves literally on things that you believe are giving you security and fight hard in order to control people that you share your life with. Free your mind and spirit from the worry that something may happen and so you have to be prepared with your wallet filled with money, just in case…Instead of saving money with agony, you better enjoy your relationship and generally your lives and connection with others. Do not become greedy regarding money and emotions. The real plentyness is in sharing. If you share a lot then you will have more.



Scorpio-The Devil

A powerful love will appear to you, a kind of love that will awaken forgotten emotions. You will come face to face with the darkest and most passionate side of your personality and this will help you  finally dominate over your invisible side that has to do with control, manipulation and dependence that you allow to feel every time you decide to give your souls. Stay away from hidden and weird situations and get rid of the idea that if there is love there must be dependence too and addiction. The real love is freedom. On a professional and materialistic level things will be improved as also financially too. Of you course you need to stop being obsessed with the running after  power and strength but if you love your job for instance, just do it with love. Do not let others to manipulate you and do not manipulate others too. Use of your intuition and flexibility while also your ability to clear up the situations. A very important position will make you distinguish and give you more power. Regarding your health, you will get rid of the last addictions that have left in your life. That is being connected with your life levels and that will bring renewal and cleansing. Self-control is the key-word. Fall in love. Let your spirit free and fall in love with a different way than you used to do. See things further and then you will understand the difference. Do not identify yourselves with your desires and do not let your “wants” command you. Your motto should be “freedom”. For  instance you may think in this way: «It would be nice if that will happening to me” and thinking in this way:” That must absolutely happening to me». Do not be attached to anything at all. Do not have any expectations. Let the flow of life lead you without projecting résistance. Whatever will be, will be. Nevertheless try to renew yourselves and be more beautiful. Falling in love, you have first to fall in love with yourselves.



Sagittarius-The Wheel of Fortune

Things will be developed very fast with the person you want and desire to be with and in a very successful way. Now you will take things in your hand and you will become more dominating over your fortune. You will have the power to change what you do not like and being liberated by what is keeping  you at the same point. A new cycle will begin for you in your love life and a new acquaintance will make you more enthusiastic and will certainly carry you away. If you are in a relationship already, you will see that being transformed and things will move ahead in a high speed and get more serious. Happiness is literally out of your door. Luck will be on your side, regarding your work and career issues and you will be rewarded for everything good you have done in the past. It will be something like a karmic completion and you will see your dreams come true and unbelievable things happening in your life. New offers will come up through creative work, you will be more independent and your finances will be significantly being improved. You will feel renewal and change to the belter. A new cycle will be completed successfully and another one will begin. There will be movement, traveling, studied and teaching but also there will be material and ethical rewards too. However, regarding your health, good life and success may carry you away in excess and it will be more balanced for you to follow the measure in everything. Be cautious regarding your nutrition and do not take additional pounds and try to exercise yourselves as much as you can. Life will take you ahead so do not stand for a minute. Go ahead, talk, communicate, surprise people, arouse others with your ideas and thoughts  with your sharp mind. Stand up and support of your beliefs. Make your ideas action, work on the data you have with reason and analyze the situation objectively. However try not underestimate others abilities or yours. Be cautious how you use your speech. Do not launch sharp words left and right because you can handle and use them in a better way. Do not say anything that comes in your mind, try to control of this and choose what you are going to tell and to whom. Finally do not forget to give love and time to others and yourselves.



Capricorn-8 Wands

You will get feathers and fly high on the sky! This could mean that there will be distance between you and the person you love, because one of you lives far away or you may meet someone in a different country, on a trip that will definitely fascinate you. Eagerness will be great and spiritual as also psychological mutuality between you and the person will awake emotions that will inspire you. You will feel that you find your soul mate. Everything will be developed so fast and in such a way that you be led in a new phase in your life. Regarding your career, now you will be free to go ahead, to mobilize yourselves and apply your ideas with dare and confidence. Things will be developed faster and  there will be intense activity and communication with new people, perhaps from abroad. You will be constantly on the move, you will broaden your minds and there will be professional success and growth. It is the time that everything will move with high velocity and you will accomplish  of your targets without setbacks and delays. There will be a sense of unity inside you, between the direction and the target you have put in your life. Regarding your health, try not to look back in the past not even for  a moment because this will have serious consequences in your psychological health, just move ahead. Are you thirsty for power and material success? This year you will be distinguished for many things, things that you desired for long time now but the way you approach things must be changed. Your attachment to material things, your obsession with money and your fear not to lose your savings, looks like a religious attachment but it is time to cut your greediness from the root. If you are interested to live  a life where your relationship with yourselves and others will be based on mutual love and not on the need for materialism and emotional profits  then you will be reborn. Think well and do what it is necessary.



Aquarius-3 Pentacles

Now you will set new foundations regarding your professional life and perhaps you will not have time and luxury to get busy with your personal life. However it will be good for you not to be isolated completely from those you love and love you. Things on the other hand will be more positive if you have a relationship and also there is a possibility to make  a child too. If you are single, your professional environment will bring you a person that will absolutely charm you and share also the same interests. Regarding your career something bigger is expecting you. There will be a project that you have to dedicate yourselves, love, time and temperament and perhaps your entire soul. And that is something you will not do just for money. You will create something  that is expressing you and you will be passionate for it. Some perhaps may put you work on a project because your abilities and talent have already convince them. Now you will be able to combine inspiration, skills and make the necessary efforts to do something that will last in a long-term and will also attract the interest. Regarding your health, you are going to have good results from a treatment you follow or from alternative methods. The year is being indicated for fast and cleansing generally. If you have taken  any extra pounds you will lose them. The freedom and independence you beam is  the greatest source of your charm. You are a free spirit, pioneer and there is something particular in your mind. Your greatest care is your spiritual development and solidarity and you always run to help and offer what it is necessary and more than that. Your relationship with money and materialism are not particularly occupying you and you are able even to give your last money if someone will ask you. But things will be changed. You need to be redefine your relationship with money and materialism while abundance now will get into your life and you have to handle things properly. Do not mix your money with your emotional life and do not let others or family members get involved with them.



Pisces-Ace of Wands

A love-fire is on your path that will arouse you completely and will fill you with strong heartbeats and teenage enthusiasm. You will have so much charm that you will fascinate others and everyone on your passage and the only thing you have to do is just to choose the person that will make you feel conquer the whole world. Middle situations will be not for you this year because you will want all or nothing at all. The most important for you will be to experience feelings and joy that love will offer you in all its greatness instead of a compatible and daily relationship. Just live the experience and adventure. Regarding your career now, the secret is that you will continue to do what you do with passion, dare and enthusiasm. Follow of your inspiration and dare to set your plans in action, something you desire too much without care if you will be immediately get rewarded for it. Your creativity will be high and will also lead you in very interesting paths. It is very possible also to obtain a new job or being experimented with a new one into a new direction. You will be recognized for your work and you will be in a position to choose if you want to continue do what you used to do till now or change direction. Regarding your health your energy will be at the zenith, vitality and strength will be high so what you have to be aware this year is not be excessive because of passion and impulsiveness. Put limits and do not let your emotions and appetites being manipulated from others. This will provoke loss of energy and you will mix things in your relationships. Say what you have to say, use the strength of  speech and reason and put in order all you feel any situation. Keep the distance for some time in order to realize really what is going on and see things objectively and do not participate if you will not be asked to or anyone will may asked you to do this. Perhaps, you may want to help but be sure that you will not spend your life running left and right, losing yourselves because of others desires. This year, it is time for you to be more practical regarding your own life. Stop being identified and obtain your own identity.