Even according to the Chinese Astrology as one of my astrologers friends informed me 2013 will be the Snake year. In fact the snake year will not be an easy or peaceful year at all on global level. Of course there will be some economical settlements but also revolutionary actions and coups will not miss at all. Some politicians will be overthrow just because of health problems but perhaps just because of an overthrow itself. Pluto is representing the global capitalism, in the position of Capricorn, the hidden money as also the world order of things that constantly will accept powerful blows till the 14 of May 2018, from Uranus in Aries. Drawing scandals will come into the light and there will be many secret testimonials regarding those scandals. This hard square will be enhanced when Jupiter will enter Cancer on the 26/6/2013, during the second half of 2013, where many people is being expected to lose their fortunes in just one night. Those planet aspects will also provoke strong weather phenomena and geophysical. The world will not be destroyed as we think but it will be transformed dramatically in a much different way. Greece may not bankrupt in a sloppy way and perhaps this may be not so strange anymore after all what we show this year. But when we were predicting the whole situation since January 2008-9, all these predictions seemed to be so far away and unbelievable and crazy while we were observing and writing for what would come in the next few years. We had also predicted that the euro and the European Union will be blown in a hard way and that Greece perhaps will open just one of her nostrils, just to breathe as she belongs to the zodiac sign of Aquarius, not to die from asphyxia. And exactly that is the point we are.

Greece will take the dosage and certainly much more than the expected since Jupiter is constantly supporting her second house. Money does exist, as we had been told from the start that the so-called bankruptcy of the nations would be fake but it happens for different reasons. At the moment at least there will be no haircut but they will promise a lot in order not Mr. Samaras and Venizelos and Stournaras return to Greece with empty hands. Of course all of them are stroke from the lunar eclipse of November, at the axis of Gemini-Sagittarius while both of them belong to these zodiac signs, as also Mr. Kouvelis.

Greece 2013

Till the 2016, Greeks will be dragged at least satisfied at one point but not dead too but certainly with many losses. Greece belongs to the zodiac sign of Aquarius and certainly and naturally of course, she has the idea that the oxygen is limited.

On the other hand, things will be particularly hard for Germany. Elections in Germany will take place in September of 2013, and irrelevantly with the date elections, the face of Merkel will become pale enough as also the face of Laggard. The style of the type “I do what I want in Europe” will end abruptly because their stars will start to fall since Merkel will not be able to face up the difficulties with her own banks and economy.

Perhaps this is not so good news, but till the 25 of June of 2013, Jupiter in Gemini will support the prime Minister of Greece Mr. Samaras and we see him escape from the worst with the best way and less cost as much is possible. However here is a strong possibility the country go again in elections after February or at least this issue will be enough intense then. The worst periods from the prime Minister will be from 2 Fbruary-11 March and the second period will be the lunar eclipse on the 25 of May and the Full Moon. If for instance, the prime Minister would proceed into nee elections till the 25 of June the percentage of the new Democratic Party would be high again and so he could win the elections and take better results. Later, the percentage of the Democratic Party would start to be decreased. Greece will not have an independent government for long time and we always may speak for a government of co-operation.


Things for Mr. Kouvelis would be god enough and will have a good co-operation with Mr. Venizelos, no matter if he breaks down his nerves. Mr. Kammenos is completely inappropriate to join, of the Independent Greeks party, because his Saturn would completely go crazy the other two. Till the end of June, it will be the most productive or favorable period of time for the Democratic Party. On the other hand the President Obama trine from Jupiter in Aquarius with Samaras Sun in Gemini, it is the best combination. On the other hand if you would like to see Merkel go green or get spots on her face, you could put Mr. Tsipras sitting opposite her. His Saturn on her zodiac sign means loss, obstacles, restriction, demands and bulks. The percentage that Mr. Tsipras took in 2012 June elections, he will not have it again till the beginning of 2015.But if  his party will become united he will be favored again till June of 2013.Of course if there will be elections we will study the results then. No matter the results, there will be no self-reliance. There must be over 40-50% but the old god days are over. In any case that Mr. Tsipras will co-operate with Mr. Kammenos,(Leo-Taurus) problems will not miss but with Mr. Kouvelis it will be the worst we could see, because his Saturn would break their nerves literally. February will create the background for new co-operations and political transformations. No matter what they want or not this time. Of course, PASOK, will be transformed constantly till the year 2014, there will be pressure, changes and they will be obligated to change direction in order to pick up their laundry.

From an astrological aspect the problem of Greece is not bankruptcy but the control of production and delivery of her mineral wealth but also the delivery of the oil and gas. Till the end of 2013,as we speak now, Greece will continue to have problem in order to choose which camp ,she has to choose.

As the motto says “Greece never dies” her Saturn in Leo is representing her hidden enemies and suppressors. The Sun is her ally. The natal opposition of Sun-Saturn, in her modern history is showing that her patrons knew the capacity of Greeks to excel in the business world. So, in order to avoid a challenge of their future sovereign, implemented in Greece a centralized bureaucratic system of administration, in order to have her people under complete control. The administration of this opposition now is undertaking Mars in Sagittarius which trines Saturn and dissolves the difficulties of the natal Saturn. That is a strong point that the country is having a future and that the Greeks will not lose their creativity, their ability to negotiate, their courage and stubbornness. That is what I have to say for those who believe that Greece will be deleted from the map according to some politician’s plans. Greece has passed through fire and iron and a civilization of million years has survived and knows how to survive.

Progressive Mercury is also telling us that the country has reached at a point where the chasm between the business establishment and the “working class” has grown so much and the next step sooner or later will be revolt. Without any doubt Saturnian energies are working on the future plans of the country that are aiming to reverse the solar energies to take over the reins of the country. Greeks will realize that they must become more serious and concentrate on practical issues that are being connected to the restructure of the economy almost from 0 bases.

The year 2013, will help us understand and realize that we need to find new solutions regarding our problems and that time is limited. Beneficial contacts with exceptional personalities will not miss in the field of transportation  and energy. However, there will be still problems in the country’s economy and liquidity, delays in order to pay off the dept. and denial regarding paying off unbelievable increased taxes that the government puts illegally through Power bills and taxes as also there will more severe control in the hidden capital and regarding taxation.

Greece leadership is under the control of foreign interests and they do not allow her to promote any measures for development or proceed in progressive agreements for the developments in the Energy field. Then it is very possible, to have the creation of a co-operation that will project the picture of the country abroad and will give the government negotiating footholds. The need for changing direction has been understood and percepts already but the major capitals are not sure for this direction. The cause of is the government’s failure to reconcile the diametrically the opposed views of the business sniffers and the working class. Any movements will be done during this period of time, in a prism of pessimism and fear, they will be evaluated later under the light of the developments that will have to do with the creation of a new alliances out of the European Union and the exploitation of the country’s natural resources for the benefit of the living standards of its people. The decisions will be made now from Greece in this stage will be definite for many years in the future.

The heavy atmosphere is certain because of Saturn influence, by the end of this year, while also Jupiter enters the scene, handling the natal opposition of Saturn-Sun. That means that whatever we will do, others will not let Greeks take what they belong to them legally as a nation but additionally there will be instructions and more cut-offs in the society without any support from the surrounding European and international world. It was very possible the tactics that the government to follow an additional economical bleeding since they do not resist. However, at the same time the idea of separation from the European Union had already started to get more mature since the dream of “commonwealth “has lost its target completely. And while everything looks black, in the last quarter of the year, appears “a deus ex machine», Jupiter in Gemini. That seems to do his job very well forming a formation of rectangle which handles the natal opposition of transiting Jupiter with natal Mars.

This aspect means that Greece is not able to continue in this way covering her needs through borrowing money constantly that mathematically would lead in the uprising of its people. It is the moment that we should turn ourselves in the formation of new healthy co-operations that would help the country exploit her wealth and as an evacuation center and energy product line. Jupiter is conjuncting the interval of Mars-Uranus- and not only oil-drilling-of the USA, that in turn she activates the natal synastry of the Sun-Saturn opposition of Greece with the axis of MC/IC of the USA.


Conclusively, it is obvious that the problem of Greece is being connected to the game of domination in the area and its sources with contenders Germany from one side and USA from the other, Great Britain but Russia too. Greece is at a critical point, requiring the revision of its traditional allies and the creation of new ones. It is very obvious that some of the above will lose (Great Britain and Germany) and some will win (USA and Russia) for different reasons. Incredible pressure will be applied to Greece till the beginning of German elections, in September 2013, where Germans and British we make enough hazing and then Greeks should be particularly cautious regarding these challenges. Unfortunately, the government, whoever will be, will have no other choice but impose more additional tax measures targeting real estate, the welfare state, and the middle class. Also till the March of 2014,a collision with Turkey is very possible. During the period of September 2013 the it is possible also o change two governments. Inner turmoil is possible to be organized again and we need to be cautious with eclipses because spirits will be heightened regarding Turkey.


Despite what propagates on the existing government of Almighty shape of Germany in combination with the already elected president Obama in USA, this November, I consider that the international conditions will function for Greece, in particularly because the role of Turkey will be intensely doubted on the same period. The hope for Greece will come close to the autumn days of 2013 and things will start then to change for the better and even more better in the year 2014,till May of 2014,regarding the geostrategic role of the country. Of course there is an establishment, regarding the administration of Greece that is blowing the remains (Great Britain, Germany) because the role and the interests in the area are being also doubted. But I also consider that the river never looks back and probably around the year 2015 Greece will have already reconstruct and regain her powers. In the following years of the decade, Russia will continue to be the most important player on the international chess board interfering in Greece territory events. Russia good cards, with flexibility and religion and her alliance with Israel, Russia seems to guarantee the borders of Greece despite her opposition with USA, but altogether will find a common point of communication.


Israel now is completely different than the previous decades and the political scene has been corroded through the international developments and phenomena like Greece, with the programs of  equipment’s have been developed on peoples shoulders. In the following years, Israel will approach Greece, on a diplomatic level more and both will align together for the sharing of resources.


Iran, on the other hand, will remain on a pre-war state which is based on the export embargo imposed by the Western community (USA, Great Britain). The embargo will function backwards abroad and will rally its people around the religious leadership. In the following years, Iran will lose restrictions  that have been imposed on women. But generally, Iran will not become more open aggressive position into any direction.


Britain will now openly interfere the scene and will contribute at the background scenes in shaping the situation in Greece region.

USA have already passed in a different phase now and they have become more introvert. In the near future ,it seems that they will hesitate to participate in the territory of Greece and that will be not good because the situation will be not under control. Beyond their reserved attitude and economic problems, the aspects are showing  that a sudden event abroad may start or put can put a land or air transport in the game. Also there is a possibility of falling victim bugging talks  that will become known to the public. Americans are not really going well with their traditional allies because their strategy in the area-impose of handling regimes- for the of the  ensure control over the extraction and transport of gas and oil will be dissolved, thanks to Britain, Israel and Turkey. Simultaneously they are forced to confront synchronized with Russia. Turkey, seems to take promises and economic exchanges relating to the Greek territory and for creation of an Islamic Commonwealth in the region, with the blessings of the British oligarchy that directs the fate of the United Kingdom.

It is a common secret now that during this period, new history is being written and everything is changing. We passing through the era of Aquarius, who is connected to Prometheus, who ignited the fire to people. Aquarius is an altruist and progressive, but till we get there Uranus energy will be opposed to Plutonian energy. The collision of the two giants will have explosive consequences. Pluto is destroying and Uranus is changing and  creating new things. Through these constant changes, we should be armed with faith if want to drive the chariot of the new era ahead, leaving the past behind us.

If we will analyze carefully the horoscope of the New Year we will see that the signs of the difficulties are waiting us  are obvious but the joyful thing  most of all is that here will be great opportunities too, globally and each one of us.

The fear for a general war ignition in the Middle east is constantly growing at the moment, while as also many countries seem to get into this game of balances and terror. The civil war in Syria, at the moment has cost many lives while the collision between the regime and those who revolt seems to have no end. The warnings have been clear, that this situation will function as a fire in the wider area and did not delayed to set the fire and touch red in the countries of Turkey and Israel too. Things there is like playing with a lit matches over gas. With one wrong move it seems that the warfare will be an event with unpredictable consequences while the interests will be great for the powers of the West and Russia. The planet aspects are giving us the message that this collision will not stay at this level and will not be limited at the specific area while the whole situation is another issue for Greece that beyond the economic problems wouldn’t like to be in the eye of the hurricane, under the war operations of NATO, which is also a member of it. At this point, we will see also the astrological characteristics of the protagonists for the specific situation.

The Sun is in Capricorn. It is very possible for the president Assad to be overthrow ,that certainly is a cruel dictator that is torturing people. The Moon, represents people, at the zodiac sign of Pisces and not well-aspected.That means that the people of Syria will continue to be divided.

The Sun of Iran is being placed in Aries and Venus, Mercury and Aries in Pisces are in contradiction with the planets of Syria. (Mars, Uranus and Saturn).At least Iran is not showing to have aggressive aspects but Iran is Aries and will accept great pressure. The question is if something will happen completely suddenly and unpredictably. Let’s not forget that the president announced that he wanted to erase Israel completely out of the map.

Israel was born and started the war with the Arabic countries. The Sun in Taurus in a negative aspect with four planets in Leo. Saturn at the moments controls of everything. What will happen if the next two years Israel will be under the influence of a very hard aspect? If there is a chance for America to lose something from her superpower. Another question is why these countries are being connected with dangerous aspects till the year 2015?I believe that except the economic war, they should do anything in order to avoid any sort of density between Iran and Israel, which will be completely destructive. When at summer of 2013,Jupiter will enter Cancer, then it will be the right time to calm down, for everyone. So density needs to be de-escalated. European Union will continue to face up important problems and seems to have  difficulties that cannot be overtaken, regarding its people. Some nations already threatens to retreat from the Union. The European wholeness torments and there is a strong need for reconstruction.

Despite the fact that Germany from the beginning of 2013 will have many hopes to succeed in her targets, finally this will not be easy at all. In spring and at summer, their targets will be overthrow completely.

The economical course of Switzerland will go up. Jupiter perhaps is supporting her but that does not means that there will be no unhappy incidents, regarding some scandals may come on the surface.

This decade will be definite for the course of Great Britain, probably there will be some overthrows or changes but there will be not important.


Italy seems to be from the countries that till next spring will be benefited from opportunities that Jupiter will bring because affects her Sun immediately. Then we will see how things will be developed in the future.


Russia seems not to pass through a peaceful period in the next few months. Under the zodiac sign of Aquarius also, Russia will be able to support her plans but there will be not only difficult aspects but very dangerous ones that are not showing a very peaceful period at all. For instance there will be physical disasters or accidents.

Spain will also pass through two difficult years with overthrows and difficult reactions and certainly her path will not be strewn with roses. Jupiter will favor USA but however, they need to pass through structural changes. Obama will be doubted but he needs to pass through great reclassification’s. There will be also natural disasters through the year of 2013 but the question is if Obama will be able to keep his protagonistic role.


With the yearly eclipse in Taurus around the 10 of May 2013 and with the participation of Mercury and Mars it is very possible the markets pass through a great danger while also this danger will be huge for warfare’s for ground and oil.

The Moon eclipse in Sagittarius on the 25 May 2013, and the square of Neptune will bring revelations, deception, excessive weather phenomena and floods. The precise square of Uranus-Pluto will increase possibilities for sea earthquakes, tsunamis and attacks with chemicals.

25 may 2013,lunar eclipse

The eclipse of the Moon in Aries, on the 19 of October 2013,there will be outbursts, war impacts and simultaneous opposition of Mars-Neptune.

What else we could say about 2013?Regarding the Mayan calendars and the destructive day of 21 December 2012.As you show the end of the world did not come. We all save. We do not know if Mayas were right or wrong, time will show. After all, I have write an article about the last 8 minutes of the Sun and in my opinion that is more important of everything else. Of course, the last thing I want to happen is a great flash that would interrupt my convenience to write my articles. I would love to write the results and conclusions regarding the entrance in the winter solstice, through Uranian equitation’s.

25 april 2013

Today,21 December, those who know astrology and those who do not know, the Sun entered Capricorn and that is a  very important and catalytic event because the great conjunction is about to bring significant changes that define this date ,particularly important. These changes are going to be inevitable and will be not able to be overthrow which is confirming the Mayan prophecies in some way, on the level of changes.

The MC, is showing  our actions which is pointing that there will be bad news and worst measures will come regarding the economic crisis but some of them always will be neglected offering in this way some kind of relief. Through the year of 2013,the voices of protest will be intense regarding human rights and those will be heard by choice. In the atmosphere of constant changes, governments will be absent. However, there is an aspect between Zeus and Saturn equal to the MC and that is being translated as the “time of militaries», which confirms the first paragraph I wrote regarding the overthrows of regime in some nations. The truth is that many weird aspects are falling on Greece which she will continue to be the center of the  developments in the next few years. Changes regarding the working sector will be strange and hostile to the people. Between the period  of March-April there will be intense  reactions regarding tough measures will be taken that will transform the Mediterranean countries into a kind of “the slaves of Europe” and will take us many centuries back.

The Sun is talking about new economic scandals ( in a few words ,this time we must have broken the record regarding the Watergate scandal or any other in history). In addition, the South and particularly Greece will face a sentence that has broader implications. The extra-parliamentary forces will fade and people will show clearly their intentions.

19 oct 2013,lunar eclipse

The North Node is showing that 2013 will be hard and perhaps people may understand that they will avoid their responsibilities but not the consequences of their choices and ignorance forever. Regarding Greece, which is the country with the most problems ,the government will not have resources to do as much as necessary and judgments will blow up the budget. All this will contribute to the overall transformation of the social fabric. Pluto’s changes have been already started long time now, with strong earthquakes, changes in the political system and power. At some point here we see that a plan is being supported by some people, finally it will be abandoned (memorandum, agenda 21 etc.).Uranus on the other hand will bring violence and explosion. Patience. Patience…patience let’s see how much patient we can be. Saturn is showing that it will be difficult for people to communicate with each other, there will be racial conflicts. Saturn symbolizes also materialism as a currency and there will be economical dependence from third parties that will provoke great turmoil. Neptune, (faith, inspiration, utopia, fraud) means that many projects will be undone. Parties, politicians and the doctrines deceived the world will finally get the pay they deserve. Jupiter is really good at this point, with profits and aid will be offered.

But the main battle field will be the courts but even people then will disbelieve the law.

The Poseidon (journalism, priests, inspiration) brings a sudden shift in public opinion and a sudden governmental cooperation that until recently it seemed like science fiction.

solar hybrid eclipse 3 nov 2013

The axis AS/MC  is showing intense violence and interfere into power games and money through dirty actions. Regarding political parties will do tricks to earn bigger piece of the pie and misleading ways and tricks to use and the government.

The Moon (crowd) will make the reverse but not to a degree that ensures robustness and because it has to deal with unethical tactics and practices. Admetus (stability, immutable positions) is particularly surprising because it brings profits from raw materials and culture but also talks about bullying and abandonment. This dissolution is imminent but will bring great changes and humiliation of all. Admetus comes to recall that “any nation that considers more significant ease and comfort of freedom will soon lose his freedom. And the irony is that soon will also lose the amenities and comforts “. And we need to regroup our forces and to shake off the yoke from upon us an hour later. It also shows maturity partnerships, associations and parties.

The Vulcan (big power) that beckons people to show that they have guts. Large lectures will amaze the crowds and bring to the surface who can draw the chestnuts from the fire. Even though they will not be able to overthrow the status quo. Prepare for brokerage bankruptcies and precipitation that reaches the limits of the crash hard – painful and generally changes, which give hope … over time.

In conclusion, 21/12/2012 is a date that portends significant changes of megatons. An annual ultimately will not bring the end of the world but says the end of a world as we knew until recently. The Greeks in these difficult circumstances in its highest moments in which time is eternity and eternity is time to prove that they carry deep inside them insubordinate identity and heroism of their ancestors.

2012  was a difficult and hard, with twists, mishaps, intimidation, and doses without rearrangements yields both political and partisan and economic, and social. While all of these were made in the past almost everything we do in life echoes in eternity. Especially for those politicians who instead give their lives to change the course of history, with a signature took them around their necks  millions of souls.

2013 is a year with lots of subversive events, which I assume you got a first taste during the year of 2012. And since the new year is a sequel to the 2012 piteous terms of critical, by definition, things will be even more difficult.

In a region (Mediterranean and Middle East), which is a cauldron ready to explode, an economic union (Eurozone), where solidarity exists only for slaves and docile, Greece is necessary to regain her lost independence and play an important role with its stance. Undoubtedly she will be not transformed into a superpower nor will miraculously solve the serious problems that faces. However, in 2013 it seems that  Greeks, with a good way , or by force, they tend to adopt an attitude that is attributed with the phrase “better to die for something than to live hoping for nothing.”

It is an open secret that the government is fully in line with the wishes of Germany while the two superpowers (Russia – USA) want their turn to play their role, creating also a political opponent in awe government. The third Memorandum essentially tied hands and feet together of people and politicians since from now on we have “formal government.”

Some years ago Mrs Benaki k, at the Greek presidents oath ceremony the worst yet to come. Remember what she said: “National borders and a part of sovereignty would be limited to the rights of man and of the citizen will be subject to change and there will be new forms of governance.” Then in 2005,while we were watching the ceremony no one knew what would come in the world. No one had noticed her words, but now the video of the 2005 ceremony is making the round of the world.

I will translate what Mrs Mpenaki told to the President in 2005. The  President of the Greek Parliament Anna Psarouda-Mpenaki  followed from other members of the bureau announced the new President of the Republic, Mr. Karolos Papoulias, the results of the voting and during her address ,said the following on 02/08/2005.

“National borders and a part of National sovereignty will be limited for the sake of peace and prosperity and security in the enlarged Europe. The rights of man and citizens will be subjected to changes and may be protected but perhaps also being violated by authorities and powers outside of  the known and beyond well established, however, the Republic will encounter challenges and be will tested by any new forms of government.”


But let us see the basic indicators of 2013 and actually is showing that people will be tragically disappointed….

  • The Ascendant indicates an irreversible situation, particularly in issues with the balance of payments will have a general alert.
  • The progressed Midheaven, in 2013 meets Hades and presages greater calamities and dangers that their dimensions will go beyond the ordinary. Here “leading” the difficult signals, short-sighted politics and bereavement.

Subsequently, Saturn hypothetical (the state) has equations that create … goose bumps! Apparently, the state will be deceived and being deceived which will bring losses to the government. At the same time, problems with feeding and hygiene in prisons, hospitals and camps will reveal that urgently needs a fresh start.

In summary, in the first phase, the economic miracle that they promise, that of rapid (or even sluggish) growth will not happen, but we will continue bleeding and constant liquidity issue will have the economy into permanent status of suffocation. The short-sighted policy will escalate the already difficult situation somewhere while the state will not have the revenue estimates and would thus seem unreliable to the people. So the people who most seem to not be as docile instrument in the past,  will  want change.

  • Uranus, the large tumbler, whereby there will be problems with the borders, or water damage from the water and generally shows that prevails in the country a state of anarchy. Moreover, the implementation of an innovative idea will not take place due to lack of financial resources.
  • Pluto, is indicating the order of social degeneration and decadence with things going from bad to worse. Still, it shows that the country is again coming under supervision – alert. But we also see the rise of a new leadership. Presumably, anti-memorandum forces will find “tips” to some external forces.

  • On the other hand, Mercury, at  the same rate shows a maypole pressures with new measures and with “borrowers” want to empty the entire dish. Especially after February 20  the big trouble will start. Important events and developments will contribute in total contravention of the working rights. The staggering system will do everything to keep and even to use new ways and new forces of repression.

    • Vulcan, which in any equation involving growing range of events, “speaks” for efforts and opportunities that will ultimately prove useless, which would escalate the aggravation and misery.
  • Meanwhile, Zeus is showing caveats and the other heralds that the people will think realistically. The people seem to put in mind a reversal, which due to involvement of Hades shows that it is a direct consequence of the escalating discontent regarding unemployment, working conditions (working hours, wages, conditions etc.) and of course an increase in poverty.

  • From February 20 onwards punishable expected changes and shameless violation of labor rights. Fact that the people will not swallow easily but  instead will become the evil doom.

    • In addition, the equations of Mars, will raise anger, rage and recklessness, while mentioning a big “accident” or “bang”. Some “dude” actions would have unpredictable and painful consequences. Both “speak” for police forces, snipers that “capture” a new terrorist organization or the reappearance of  an older one.

    At the same time, the pre-ecliptic, ecliptic  and after ecliptic period from early April to mid-June are particularly important, on the 25/4, 10/5 and 24/5. Eclipses prejudge these tremendous changes. The first compared  with the progressed horoscope of Greece talking about someone who occupies a prominent position, a social leader who is by the people for the people and the restart a new situation, which previously had stumbled or stuck somewhere. In connection with the natal horoscope of Greece heralds the time of one big event. Indicates more people with increased guard and an association, a partnership with selfish purposes.

    But what causes goose bumps, at least to me, is the last part of the equation that predicts “from slavery to liberation.” Additionally shows that “The people expect something exceptional, people take decisions.” The last eclipse gives the following “an unexpected check in the government a check for a result of the government”, plus contacts with people who are in senior ranks.

    The leader of the opposition government  has a birthday a few days later, and what you need to keep in mind is that Alexis Tsipras has no plan B, and the facts show that he will need a plan B, to say a plan C.

    Within this period the political party PASOK will give its own battle to stay in the parliament and generally for its historical survival while New Democratic party will catch again historic bottom in rates. At that time if we will have elections there will be an. .. ultimate doom!

    Let’s move but with Admetus again, who after March brings a consolidation of everything, as the country has lifted handbrake. There, it seems that people cannot stand this situation anymore  and … rushes while the  three eclipses will trigger political developments.

    Jupiter shows the diminished purchasing power of people while Apollo presages serious harassment and requirements regarding the richness of Greece. That is, the “friends” we will ask the lion’s share of water, energy, minerals, real estate … everything.

    Uranus, over tension and frustration portends involvement in a fight or that the country will be on foot. Moreover, it shows sudden collapse – bankruptcy.

    • At the same time, Saturn  from the 3, November is forming the equation Zero Aries / Saturn = Hades (Poverty. Decay. Strangers -refugee-immigrants. A death under unclear reasons.) At the same time on the  3/11 eclipse takes place on the  11 degree and 46  of Scorpio. Major problems in sight, with a question looms again: who can pull the chestnuts out of the fire?

    What ‘intrigue’ me, however, is the fact that the dissolution of a state cooperation – an agreement (not in Greece) will sweep over Greece as Europe too according to Vulcan’s annual.

    The euro will be faltered and Italy, Spain and France will continue to face serious problems. Saturn is not joking but  instead brings serious jams that will test the global economy.


    • In addition, the annual moon portend problems with judges and lawyers and the public will undoubtedly change attitudes and behavior. Particularly women will feel betrayed because many will have trouble raise of their children.

    • The annual Ascendant shows the need to keep some secrets while someone who inspires the crowd is asked to lead the country out of the impasse. But I think that as you try to hide what is really repugnant towards some ultimately will not allow it.

    • According again to the North Node (mass number), foreign intelligence services will have orders to get someone out of the “game”, while the annual Saturn indicates strong contrasts within the government plus an intrigue, an ambush. The task will not be done will bring unpleasant consequences.

    • And to end with something pleasant, the sun comes to “give” great sporting and artistic achievements which will be an indication that the spirit still lives in Greece.The hard stuff will come after February 20. I think the 2013 is a year of dramatic political changes and even bigger economic changes in the standard of living of Greeks to roll down of the stairs. With a disaster of “ante portas” worldwide, Greeks are asked to show that the best battles are not won but those are truly given.