In 2000 I had write some observations on my first computer regarding the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn. This conjunction was occurred then in the zodiac sign of Taurus and with her consequences would seal the next twenty years and will affect seriously the economical-political structures but also our private lives too.

So, I find my old notes and I thought that it would be nice after 12 years to re-write these transcripts on my blog now. First of all, neither Saturn of Jupiter, belong to the cycle of out- Saturnian planets but they belong in those who were recently founded. That means that both of them were known from the beginning of astrology as it is putted since the years of Middle Eastern civilizations. We can think in some way how the conjunctions of Jupiter-Saturn were fantasizing in the eyes of individuals since those two were consisting the upper limit of the universe was stretching out. For this reason, these conjunctions with the Moon cycle were suggesting the main subject of global astrology till the discovery of the out-Saturnian celestial bodies. Someone may conclude that it had been collected huge experience and wisdom from the researchers of the time for the specific phenomenon though the passage of the is necessary to add here that this conjunction, because its high frequency of appearance, is also affecting not only our personal charts but the global planet chart too.


The picture of the cycle in another cycle is being enhanced from the incident that through the course of the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn do not exist in all planet conjunctions with the same density and power. Some of them are just the top spots of a bigger cycle of 2000 years and these are named Royal conjunctions. Such a conjunction was occurred about 200 years ago and consequently it was about time to occur in our times too. This conjunction is being connected immediately with the Christ Birth as I will analyze in the next few paragraphs.

Beyond Christ birth another important event was the birth of Moameth, the founder of Islamism, who came in this world under the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in 570AC.On the other hand, the year 1156, with the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn, it is considered to be a year milestone for Europe’s spiritual life, while after this date it seems to get into a period of fanaticism that will be stigmatized from the activity of Holly Acquisition that will sink in the deep darkness the entire Europe. The end of this period and the beginning of Renaissance in Arts and Literature, the well-known “Kouatrotsento”, but also the change from a closed economy of Middle Ages in a more free market of the new era, these are being beckoned from the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn, in 1484.Finally, the phenomenon itself in 1643 defined the last phase of a 30 –year war, which divided Europe in Catholics and protestants.

But what this conjunction may bring generally and what we should expect from this conjunction? First of all, we should not forget that both planets when come in conjunction, both have a royal nature. So, the ones demands and requests may enhance the others demands. It is mentioned from older researchers that Saturn, the great dominator of political power and administration may come into a deal with Jupiter, who is the great distributor of the earthly goods, with flexible nature, an aristocratic but also who is a very excellent jurist. In this case, as it is expected we observe very positive developments in all levels and sectors of our lives, for instance, administration, politics, the economy of a nation, everything should go better.

Everything is working properly as a clock, hierarchy is not being threatened or violated, laws and the order are not oppressing anyone at all. Justice is working fairly. Such a picture of course, is only in fairy tales or it is a kind of a political utopia- the ideal ruling country and government- that the ancient philosophers of Greek antiquity created of those of the Renaissance and Enlightenment. In fact, we can tell that this aspect showed her positive results only once or not so many times. But only once it could be enough to change the entire world for good.

For the same reason the positive traits of the conjunction may bring the other side of the coin, which is the negative side of the connection and certainly we are much more accustomed to live with it. However, this conjunction should not be so strange for us for these reasons. The one has to do with the main characteristic of the planets are joining, in a definite manner, energy and direction. Jupiter is about growth, is pushing the limits out, and is pushing people to expand their space, to enlarge their dominion. It endorses and rewards, is generous and is offering material goods. On the other hand, Saturn is completely the opposite, is setting limits. He is conservative and his motion is inwards and not outwards. The cycle of activity is being limited. Is always looking inwards and is reacting in slow rhythms, applying hard criticism and teaching again and again the same lesson until this will become completely understood. So, the one planet is fighting against the other bringing on the surface the phenomenon of the expansion and contraction.

On a worldwide level, Saturn is ruling economics and politics so it is self-understood that the interweaving is expected, no matter if the activity limits of each planet are distinct, the expression of conflicts is inevitable while such conjunction will have a negative influence. Clemency is not known to Saturn so he is imposing it on Jupiter in this way and he is leading things into political dead ends. So poverty, economic crisis, the lack of understanding and tolerance are inevitable. People are moving without thinking following orders blindly. There are uprisings and unrest in every activity level is being connected to the center of decisions and power but also in a diplomatic level too. The market and banks are not having their best time under such cruel influence of the specific conjunction. Others researchers mostly perceive of consequences of the conjunction over the masses. So, they claim that the conjunction is responsible for unemployment and oppressive political power over people. Other experts are underlying, among others, the importance of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in economical scandals.

In general lines, according to other astrologer’s indications, it should not be so weird to us a deep change in religion matters or a radical change in the area of ideas and spirit or in education and legislation.

The Royal conjunction the 7 B.C. was in Pisces and there was also Jesus birth too. Pisces is about philanthropy, mysticism, self-sacrifice, visions and treason. It is very difficult to understand all the influences of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction but certainly we record as many events we can in order to understand much more though the times. That is one reason, we always go back in time every time something important is happening, and we do the research and try to realize what is happening or what will happen. But how the conjunction is being connected to Jesus birth? From our sources the only astrological phenomenon we know, is the star of Bethlehem which helped and lead the Magus to Jesus. The star is one of the most important symbols of Christ’s birth. We can meet this phenomenon in every kind of narration is being connected to Jesus on earth. In the Gospel and in other manuscripts of Middle Ages or stories we tell to the children during the Christmas days.

There is always a small shining star over our Christmas trees and manger. All these narrations and Christmas celebrations are being accompanied by the information that the star was shown by only three Magus from Persia who ran to find the right spot of the birth. Many astrologers and astronomers d tried to clarify this mystery and go beyond the recorded miracle in the sky, as we know it. What this star really was? Who were these people from Persia? How they learned about the spot and how they really get there? Our interpretation is not excluding the divine plan, which had defined to conjunct the planet meeting with the birth of our Savior. But, it contains the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn the planet cycles that we have referred from the beginning of this article. The first issue we have to look at is the nature of the nature of the star.

Which one of the celestial bodies could be closer to the planet that time and shine for such long time, so the Persian magicians travel always and get to the right spot and additionally understand its significance. All this procedure needed to be prepared for months and one star or comet alone could not shine for too long. Perhaps we have misunderstood the word “star” here…Indeed, it is very possible the evangelists to use this word to refer in any star in the sky or celestial phenomenon, since they had no astronomy or astrology knowledge, like magicians had, who were astrologers of the time and realized through astrology the coming of Messiah. So our research must be turned into different directions and ask for a greater planet event who might occurred near to the Jesus Christ birth. Such an event was the conjunction of the 7 B.C. between Jupiter and Conjunction, which is a royal conjunction too, and extraordinarily important regarding its energy which lasted for about 8[9 months. The two planets approached the one the other during the period of Pisces, there times.

The specificity of this conjunction is justifying the fact, which the star sometimes could be seen but sometimes was not visible. When the planets were coming into a conjunction, the phenomenon was visible, when the two planets were separating, then the phenomenon was invisible. With this explanation, a  new question is being created regarding date. Jesus Christ, according to the calendar system which defined in 533  A. C. during the time of Justinian, he was born in 1 year and not in the year 7 B.C. as is being proved from the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn. The astrological research independently from the historical one has been proved that the great divergence from the date of 533 considered the year 1 as the real time-birth of Jesus. The combination of the historical facts are being mentioned in the Gospel with the information we have from further sources (Octavian’s royalty, Herod’s death, Augustus census, Tiberius Royalty, the non-calculation of 0 year) are ending in the fact that Jesus is born between the 8 and the 6 B.C. regarding the calculating calendar system that was demarcated during Justinian’s times and not in the year 1.

Typically, we should not have another conjunction of the planets which connected immediately and so catalytically with the appearance of an event with such reflection beyond the narrow limits of a society or an era. Jesus birth, the new King (Jupiter) under the protection and the seriousness of Saturn, in a conjunction which was occurred at the zodiac sign of Pisces, proclaimed the contributing presence of Jesus Christ in the world, his self-sacrifice, his love for humanity but also treason against him and upon faith. With he same way it is clear, a new spiritual vision is being announced (Pisces) to the world, a vision of love and peace, which is also the total spiritual reason of Pisces era.

The trends of the conjunctions we are interested have to do with the modern world which begins from 1842 with the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn (power, prestige, governments, organizations).Then we have the beginning of a new cycle at the zodiac sign of earth and in this way a period in the history of humanity, mainly in politics and economics, characterized by a trend for practicality and imposition, attachment in materialistic values and earth annexations and soil claiming (Jupiter).

Anew time era of political claiming also begins two opposite issues too which is the national independence and the autonomy of populations and the other is the mood for extension and soil annexation for the creation of spectacular empires. The changes regarding borders, for the creation of empires, under the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn and with the perfectly attuned activity of a very powerful conjunction between Neptune (borders, visions) and Uranus (revolt) in Capricorn in 1821, taking a different dimension and the meaning of nationality is being connected closely with that one of soil expansion in a relation, one by one. Every nation, must live in a  country, in a exact area defined by the bordering lines and in every state organization must corresponds one only population united ethnologically. This connection of inattentive meanings with the fragmented along at land border, with the land itself, is a result of the conjunction Jupiter- Saturn in zodiac signs of earth (practicality, earthling).

If we will consider the economic developments of this period that generally we can see in their total a kind of earthling that brought this cycle of Jupiter-Saturn, theoretically and practically. Even if practical ideas and theories came in contradiction, issues take a more practical form anyway. Like in the past centuries, they were not talking only for abstract ideas, mixing the divine theories with cosmic matters, but for specific ways which the economic and political developments would grow in reality.1842=Jupiter-Saturn=Revolutions and Peace.Capricorn- (government, system, power, image, conservatism, revolt, restriction.)

So, let us see closer some of the most important conjunctions of this cycle, starting from the first conjunction in Capricorn ,in 1842.At first, it seems to be a very positive aspect since a negative one was not following it and her activity at some point was catalytic enough. In fact, this conjunction mobilized powers that did not conveyed immediately but in a later phase of this cycle Jupiter-Saturn.

The consequences of the conjunction were immediate in the case of China. In 1842, the Opium War is being terminated which begun for economic reasons (Jupiter) against the British Empire and with the victory of the last one. This event had a great significance for Chinese. On an economical level (Jupiter) are losing (Saturn) their command (Capricorn) in Hong-Kong and in other five ports, that they forced to give in British (expansion=Jupiter).On a political level,(Saturn) a substantial demise begins as also the collapse of the Chinese Empire which was weak enough to concept the meaning of the new era.

The economic blow of Ireland,(Jupiter),that encountered in 1845,perhaps the most frightening lack of wheat in history (lack of wheat=Saturn/wheat=Capricorn/land)The economical crisis (Jupiter and Saturn) of this country lead to mass immigration in America, and in an ideological turn, which is one of the most important characteristics of the conjunctions we study, with the manifest of intense frustration to the British empire while the oppressive regimes are being enhanced by the conjunctions of Jupiter-Saturn in matters of power.

In general Europe, this conjunction in a co-operation with Uranus-Pluto (revolution0-rebirth) in Capricorn, pushed the masses in great philosophical and ideological  radical changes and reconstructions, pushing into more democratic positions by creating revolutionary movements of 1848,that shake the foundations of Europe for good, resulting to the  proclamation of the Second Democracy in France. After all, the fall of the last one four years later, in the middle of the cycle Jupiter-Saturn- was a product of this  of the conjunction itself, and as always give expansion (Jupiter) and then take it back (Saturn) promising a different kind of rule (Capricorn).Finally, this period passed away with peace and economic developments and progress (Jupiter). 1921=Jupiter/saturnine Virgo=serious problems=Virgo=health, social charity, clearness, practicality, labor, scientific research, detail.

The year of 1921, is being characterized one more time from the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn and is the beginning of the greatest economic crisis that manifested in 1929, known as the Great Crash, at the market of New York. For many economologists even now, it is very difficult to tell the reasons that lead them into this situation. But if we will see the developments through the prism of astrology, we will realize things better how this occurred. Historians of economy are tracking down the beginning of this situation by the end of the A World war. Then it was created a imbalanced development of industry and agriculture, reinvestment of profits in the market and industry, without simultaneously, to be increased the capacity of absorption. Who else can hide behind such a development, if not Jupiter with his expansion ability and with his drift to push people in greater and more daring openings-usually unthoughtful and not reasonable- and on the other hand, Saturn lurking for punishment the unthoughtful people and limit the Jupiter wealth.

The same conjunction stood particularly negative for Greece too. Let us see in which way. Already since 1818,Greece was in a war with the Ottoman Empire, aiming  in the freedom of brothers Greeks who were living in the Minor Asia. The arrival of the Greek army in Smyrna and their march in the inner was a real triumph. But in 1921, at the year of the conjunction, we already examine, the scene is constantly being transformed. After the elections, the political leadership of the country is changing (Saturn) Venizelos is losing, and Konstantin returns from exile (Jupiter).The European allies are signing contracts of economical nature 9Jupiter) with Kemal, something that consists a blow regarding the diplomatic position of Greece (Jupiter).

In a few words, we might say that the conjunction pushed the developments in a political path mostly (Saturn) and not military, as it was till then, giving greater emphasize at the economical factor (Jupiter).Till the summer of 1921 the terms of war, had substantially reversed and Turks had taken definitely the total control of the situation in their hands. Small steps were separating us from the destruction of the Moor Asia and uprooting of the Greeks of the Minor Asia, with Saturn proclaiming and predicting the limit and shrunk of Hellenism.


Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus=war expansion=Taurus=earth, security, stability, occupation, realism, beauty, economical and emotional conquests, labor.

The conjunction of 1940/41 brought to a dramatic point the collision in Europe and lead to expansion (Jupiter) of the war of Germany against other European countries. While till then the situation was restricted in specific fronts, where Germany, seemed to be invincible, that date, and under the influence of  the conjunction, the attacking country expanded her activity (Russia and America) and the countdown started for her, and lead into new developments with the contribution of the conjunction Saturn-Uranus in 1942.

1961: Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn=International density=Capricorn=governments, power, conservatism, restriction, establishment.

The conjunction regarding her political action is shaking for good, initially, the national waters, with the contradiction between USA-Russia, regarding the future of Cuba. Fidel Castro is improving his relationships with Russia, regarding his politics, while the fresh –elected American president John Kennedy is trying to take her out of this influence, with the arrival of American army at the Cuban Bay of Pigs, an operation which is ending up in fiasco and is leading USA in a diplomatic conviction.

The density between the two political systems under the influence of the conjunction Jupiter-Saturn, will be heightened for once more in history, in Berlin, the city which was divided in East and West already from by the end of Second World war. Compressions in the eastern Berlin are many and intense enough and with every chance its inhabitants are escaping asking for political asylum at the western section. That is extending the control measures and repression at the eastern part of the city (Saturn).The climax is coming during the summer of 1961 with the unanticipated rise of the wall which excluded the eastern part from the rest of the city, capturing the inhabitants in a repressive regime almost for the next 30 years.

Two years after this conjunction the great after-war hope of America for a better world, as it is expressed at the face of  the president John F Kennedy, is being completely deleted when the last one is being assassinated. It was an event that shocked the entire planet for good. America wails for the great loss. This death is coming to be added at the macabre chain of president death of USA which is being connected to the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn and are taking place in a short time after it. We observe at this point, that the dates of election and death of some presidents are immediately being connected with the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn. In 1865, four years after the conjunction of 1861 in Virgo, Abraham Lincoln is being assassinated too. In 1881, at the same year with the conjunction in Taurus, Allan Garfield is falling dead too on the ground. The same fate has William McKinley in 1901, when the conjunction takes place in Capricorn. Reagan escaped from this conjunction by the attempt of his assassination in 1981 which conjuncts with another meeting of these two planets.


1980-81=Jupiter-Saturn in Libra= a turn to a different political direction=Libra=relationships/alliances, agreements, war and peace, justice, beauty, harmony, marriages, publicity.

In 1981 Jupiter and Saturn will meet at the zodiac sign of Libra promoting impressive changes at the global economic and political map. First of all, there is a change of governance and a choice of different political systems in many of the protagonist countries of our planet.

Just a little bit before the conjunction will occur  Ronald Reagan is being elected in USA. That meant a change of style regarding the way the institution of presidency was confronted. Instead of realists professional politicians, in the power came someone from the world of Art, an ex-actor (publicity of Libra).At the same time this election showed the general turn of the country to conservatism (Saturn).So it was about a radical change of thinking and pose of life of the Americans, something that is usually happen with the combination of Jupiter-Saturn. This trend was expressed in different levels of life and thinking of Americans and then it was perfused all over the world for the next few years. The world of conservatives reached the whole world though the soap –operas of Dallas and Dynasty, as consuming standards.

But what really meant this conjunction regarding the economical state of this country. First of all, it meant the reduction of taxes to the 1/3 and the dramatic increase of the investments in equipment. The Cold war was entering in a new phase the latter, however proved to be, with the most cutting edge “The Star wars», with different words the equipment of  space technology.

The change took in political and in ideology took completely a diverse direction in the European Continent. France, Greece and a little bit later Spain are winning for the first time the elections, the socialistic parties. This turn, was an indication of our detachment from oblate ideas, a trend which will be expressed through state changes and the voting of new laws (Jupiter) in these countries. At the same time with these changes, the conjunction of 1980/1 is preparing the ground for powerful shakings of the conjunctions that would take place in 1988/9 is giving the trigger for the beginning of the Communism fall.


Here, perhaps there is also the cause regarding the upsurge of Islam power all over the world. The Islam is being represented from Saturn and the conjunction of this planet with Jupiter is giving to religion the capacity of growth and expansion. Many Afro-Americans, as also members of the international artistic world are turned again in this religion. It is also very stern the fact, that the increase of Islam influence in the Middle east, and North Africa where we see the creation of movements or fundamentalistic parties, particularly fanatic, in order to take the power and impose the religion principle over the cosmic one.

People of power in every level, and much more in politics and economy are facing up greater dangers from the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn. From the one side, Jupiter, are their natural protector and regulator and is pushing them to live their greatness, making them sometimes bold enough and thoughtless. On the other hand, Saturn is ready to limit this joy, even sometimes their lives too. So, a few months after Reagan elected is falling at he target of a psychopath murderer but finally managed to escape of his own death. Two months later, the pope John Paul the second, is also accepting a failing assassination attempt by a fanatic Muslim from turkey. Sadat, president of Egypt, did not have the same fate with the others above, while he is also being assassinated, by accepting shots against him during the military parade in Cairo.

The same bad luck a few months before, an extraordinary personality from the rock music, John Lennon is also being assassinated by his paranoic fan in New York. Regarding the personal life of each person, the zodiac sign of Taurus is dominating a house of his life. This house will suffer the expected changes or developments. Of course, assassinations, is an exceptional chapter in astrology and next time we will write an article for John Lennon assassination which deserves the attention of astrologers.

And I will add the last ones now in this article, another Grand Conjunction cycle begun in May 2000 reaches its three oppositions between May 2010 and March 2011. This period marked, of course the turning point of the current global economic crisis, and which is also producing breakthroughs in international political impasses. When forming the Jupiter–Saturn opposition for the Israeli capital, Jerusalem, Uranus conjoins the MC and the rising degree is 13° Cancer, the degree of the U.S. Sun.