The card of the Sun,is upside down and that is certainly something I have never seen before in all these years of my career.If we will try to say it more flexible ,I might say that access to joy and happiness is not available at the moment.In some way we should expect a form of loneliness or unhappiness in our lives.However,light exists and we can understand that from previous months,no matter of the obstacles and difficulties.We will not escape from economic difficulties neither the countries that have joined the Memorandum.Economical perspectives might not change now but  circumstances will change to the better in the far future,so we can be more optimistic,patient and hopeful.Of course we should work  harder ad be more persistent.Experts say the same after all,regarding their predictions when we will get out of this predicament.The card says that from the middle of 2013,things will be in an orbit of development.Those who managed to survive they will see important perspectives of improvement for many years in the future.During this process ,individuals are being carried away from happiness and often forgets to search the meaning of life and his existence.We become irresponsible and we neglect our duties and responsibilities regarding those we love and to ourselves.