From the ancient times human beings believed that the influence of the stars consisted the most main regulating factor for their own evolution.Releavant researches have become in Greece the previous years prove that the phases of the  Sun   and the Moon  combined with the stars motions,can  intrude at the mechanism of genetics.The  characteristics of the above conclusions is that these were observed thousands of years ago from texts of the Ancient Greeks writers.

Could we really designate the sex of the child by choosing the time of a sexual contact?In a few words,we would say if is possible the sex of the child to depend on the hour of the day,the  position of the  location where the sexual contact  occurs,in relation with the Sun?If yes, then the 24 hours consist the regulating factor which defines the conception of a male and a female , respectively.These 24 hours,divided in four teams of 6 hours,that possibly  correspond in  the four basic  zodiac teams,give with a harmonic  proportion the possibility to  be achieved the desired sex with a mathematical accuracy.The positive answer in these questions for  the first time was given in Greece about 20 years ago.Even if that looks impossible the relation between  genetics and astrology are being exactly defined by the motion of two vital celestial bodies,that one of the Sun and the Moon. These two bodies were Gods in the ancient times,at the person of Apollo and his sister Artemis.Decades ago,there was  a book,published with the title,”The Mysteries of the Pyramids of Life”,the write ended after  long researches,into some general conclusions which those would be filed much easier to the science of astrogenetics.According to all these, the genetic information of the cells are being affected by the climate and in a wider field,from the stars of the Universe.

The stars combinations,are responsible for our course and development and our survival.Into this,we can of course add the solar activity,is immediately connected also with the earth phenomena for instance,the weather,the magnetic storms,the evolution of animals and vegetables and finally the genetic mechanisms of human beings.The participation of the planets at the phenomena of genetics and inheritance,is doubtful.With these conclusions,the write analyzes the human activity under the influence of the Sun and the Moon and the other planets,which is being considered to be integral part of the wider cosmic body.So the biorhythms, ovulation,the sex of the child,intelligence,spiritual charisma’s,the health and the dural of life on the planet can be predicted and contribute into a programmed,and not fatal,genetics,without any question,at the creation of a new era, like this one of Aquarius.

The two specific conclusions of the research  are being summarized in this way :

1.The period of a  woman can only occur  in one of the 4 or 8 days that exist at the total month of the Moon and where an  angle is being shaped and is also equal with that one of the woman s during her birth time.

2.The sex of the child depends exclusively from the hour of the day,the position of a place A on the earth,towards the Sun.The male is being concepted when the sexual contact will occur in some of the opposite 6 hour that have for their center the Noon or the Midnight, and the female at the rest of the hours,with center the 18th and 6th hour.

The prediction  for the child s birth.Modern scientists are concentrating on the study of the relationship  that seems to exist between the exact time of birth and the position of the planets.Could  such a study allow us to control up to a point the number of births?In the middle of the last century,Gokelen,a psychologist, started an amazing program of collective elements that had a as a result,sixteen printed volumes.He was determined to discover everything for the birth dates of individuals and if those had an influence over their future.Did the personality of Aries really existed?Many people were dying under the influence of Saturn or it was just an accident?Did the fundamental meanings of astrology really  existed too?In these questions, the initial results were based on 27.000 birth dates were completely negative.There was no any indication for Aries personality or for the deadly influence of Saturn.But ,there was something equally very important that finally astrologers claimed: An obvious relation between the future profession of the baby and the time of its birth, in relation  not with the solar time or day but with the planetic day.It seems that the most famous doctors were born after the rise of the Sun or the culmination  of Mars or Saturn and not by accident as many wanted to be.Great future Officers

Are showing a preference for Mars or Jupiter,in similar positions.In a few cases there was only one case in five million to be caused only because it was just fatal.Of course,something  more important came up: These extraordinary results seemed to claim only for a few teams of people that had succeed at their jobs.

For instance,in 1458,in non distinguished  scientists,it was noticed that they were not born during the say of Mars or Saturn,but this was observed in a greater team of distinguished scientists.We have to say here that the possibility it s because this relation by accident,was one  in 300.000.( possibilities one in 200 are accepted as extremely important in the most fields of Science.)

Gokelen ,had also made a lot of other discoveries too that seem to support the traditional astrology but not others..He showed for instance,that two positions of a few planets in the sky,the MC (exactly above ) and the East or West  (in the horizon),have  an important significance form any other position in relation with the babies professions,that born in such moments.This was not new for astrologers,but it was new for  all the rest.Even though Gokelen  figure out the relation between the planetic day  and the future profession,he couldn t find any indication for the fact that someone to be born at a specific zodiac sign,had by its own any sort of significance.One of the most strange discoveries he made that had to do with interests,was compared with  astronomers Kepler s statement,which was saying that babies were born at a specific time that corresponds with the time of birth of one of his ancestors.For unknown reasons,Kepler refered as a releavant ancestor the grandfather or the uncle of the baby,but not its mother while Gokelen had find out that there is more possibility and  “immediate planetic inheritance “ between the baby and the one or the two of the parents.

After a statistic analysis, of 160.000 planetic comparing horoscopes,he felt enough confidence to claim that children have the tension to be born after the sunrise or the culmination of the Moon,Venus,mars,Jupiter or Saturn,if the conditions were involved for one of their  parents.There is only one possibility in one of the 500.000 this relation to be  clearly fatal.In one of his other observations,he is claiming that  the Sun is much stronger  from every aspect from any other planet,no other solar relation has been found related to the standards of birth,while  many planetic influences have not been recognized and  studied.Of course the solar supply is not stable.It s following a specific number of sunspots production and relevant  flaration activity. Which means that planet earth accepts periodic changes at her solar influx.It has been exactly founded that there is a close relation between the solar activity and the activity of a magnetic field as also the fact,that the last affects the living organisms  though many ways.

Relating to this,Gokelen made an extraordinary interesting  experiment.He took ,16.000 birth dates and combined them  with elements of geomagnetic activity ( this activity has been counted since 1984 according to the “Indicators of  International Magnetic Character “,in 0 -0,2 and one day over the indicator of 1,0,characterized as agitated)From this experiment came out an important correlation:Children are born in days are magnetically agitated  they have 2,5  times more inherited similarities with one of the parents  from those are born on quiet days.The possibilties not to be considered as fatal is one million to one.Beyond allt hat,the active scientist and researcher expressed his opinion that “ the Sun is the engine and the  and the solar field the means”.However,what creates blessing questions is  that the baby is going to be born can distnguish between the different  radiations is being surrounded and respond at one of the weakest ones.We can only suppose that receptivity at the planetic aspects can programme the genes ,so the baby to feel instively when it s time to be born.

Michelle Gokelen,has described in details the methods,in scientific articles and books and also has published his sources.None of the scientific field still could shake his theories,even though many tried to prove the opposite from the field of the traditional science.Another two scientists Guy Lion Playfair ad Scott Hill made a right supposed observation on his studies and in the female cycle of fertility,where they report these:

“Maybe in ancient times where our relationship with nature was closer without any obstacles,and respond easier at the influences of the planets and the only thing then it was necessary was a small push of the magnetic field to have born babies,according to the program.These babies  asserting  a full inheritance of capacity and become better to their jobs from those babies were born inderected and do not agree with the directions of the planets.Perhaps today, the babies that are not born under  the planetic pattern of their parents to bear a form of unnatural birth (seizure of a natural procedure).It is very possible now to need a push from the magnetic field to line up ourselves again and replace our sensitivities at the point were that one was before.

All these are very clear,but when a  scientist gives contradictory data,the only thing we can do is to assume relatively with these and trying to repeat them.However,seems that the cycle of the female fertility,was regulated once from the  lunar synodic month of the 29,53 days.The  accuracy where the fish and crabs raise at the Full Moon, implies that the upper forms of life maybe once respond at the clocks of the nature with the same capacity and their rythms distuned while new and artificial cycles intrude in order to make them lose their natural course.

Researches on this issue,which is called Astrological Birth Control, Giougken Jonas,a Czech gynecolosgist and psychiatrist believed that every normal woman has only four days in the month,of fertilazation where they can  be predicted with accuracy,with only base the time and their place of birth.He also claimed that women can choose if they want to make a girl or a boy and even choose the right day for the start of a very successful pregnancy.

The localization of a  four day period ABC of a woman seems to be very easy.According to Jonas,the only thing we need is the angle between the Sun and the Moon (geontrentic horoscope) on the time of the birth.This angle comes once in every 29,53 days on average and every time returns points the fourth day, that Jonas calls “Cosmic period of Fertility”.

It is said that Jonas made his  experimental researches in 30.000  women and specified the cosmic period of fertility in the amazing percentage of 97,7%.Of course,for all these it was necessary to establish the Center of Astrological  Control Research.The reserch programmes that were applied on 10.000 women scrutinized in four categories:

1.Calculation of” infertility days”, in which conception cannot happen.

2.Calculation of days where we can programme the birth of a boy or a  girl,depends on our desires.

3.Calculation f days of increased susceptibility at the conception,in case  that women we cannot find any medical reason for their infertility.

4.Calculation of days where we can expect the conception of a healthy child.

The reports refers that 1.252 women accepted to be tested for  a year,at the first category, and from them the 1.224 (97%) confirmed that the method was reliable.Jonas conclusions for the astrological birth Control,we can say that they express,the ability of fertility, the sustainability of the embryo and the sex of the child  and these  are formulated in this way:

1.The capacity of a mature woman for conception has the tension to appear exactly on the Moon phase (phase of Earth-Sun) that was there when  that was born.

  1. The sustainability of an embryo is being affected extensively,from the positions of some celestial bodies during the time of the conception.

3.The sex of the child, depends on,if during of its birth,the Moon, is being located at a positive or negative field of the elliptic or angle position,on the level where the Earth makes an orbit around the Sun.

According to these Jonas,seems to support the theory that the time of  maximum fertility in a woman in every lunar month,is the point where the Moon reaches precisely  at the same relation with the Sun,that had at the time of birth.Those who comment on Jonas theory, Playfair and Hill,have assigned some other elements that are useful to report.Researchers support specifically:According to the astronomical coordinates,everything we have read for the Astrological Birth Control and the methods,have supposed that we mean a relation at the elliptic length of the Sun-Moon,calculated on the background of the fixed stars.


That doesn t makes any sense.It would be like saying that a total Lunar Eclipse is necessary to occur,every time where the Moon and the Sun have a distance among them  of 180 degrees with the Earth between ,and that is not happening,because the level of the Moon revolve around the Earth appears to be  inclined at 23,5  degrees,to the elliptic of the Earth-Sun.Even those who build the Stonehedge should know,and that s because they made up the complicated computer,in order to predicts the eclipses.Since,the Moon is under or above the elliptic of the Sun-earth,there is another angle.That is being called, inclination or width,and we realize this we understand that the precise relations of the Sun-Moon,are not repeated every month,but in a larger period of time.This critical element seems Jonas to miss from his attention and his  fans too.Many magazines advertize for the calculations of the fertilazitation cycle,paying a fee.Before you give your money,I suggest you ask how many angles are being calculated.if the , inclination or width of the Moon,is not being calculated,then they will just waste their money.




However,all these  scientific theories commented from the mathematician  Thanasis  Aggelopoulos,too.In his book “ The secrets of Life Pyramids” agrees with Jonas theory at the half,for the capacity of the mature woman for conception.Regarding the sex of the child,he defined some other features that are too distant from Jonas theory.In Aggelopoulos theory, ovulation becomes once in every 28 days and is statistically proved that occurs on the 14 th day of the cycle.But when the ovum will be released is completely unknown.Usually it happens from the 10-18 th day of the cycle,without excluding the release of others later or sooner.The average rate is not helping , and at the specific occasion,not at all.Because the ovum lives usually for  a day and its insemination must be done at in the next 24 hours.It s understood that the faster time where the contact will occur in relation to ovulation is the best from aspect of possibilities for the conception.The question,is to be able to predict the presice time of ovulation.Medicine  and gynecologists of course has made great progress now so to be able to predict the  the day.

There is no problem also with the sperm,because this can be produced in big quantities  at any time.The time is being demanded to meet the  ovum is just only a few hours.Now,each  sperm,except the other chromosomes has also a sex chromosome X or Ψ. If the ovum will be inseminated with a sperm of sex chromosome  X,we have a  female,but if with Ψ then we have a boy.(ovums are always X).



In these classical opinion for the sperm attitude and the sperm also,Aggelopoulos  related and combined the  tidal powers of the Sun and the Moon,,specifically that one of the Moon, because her power is 2,2  greater of the Sun.Later,he calculated with  a mathematical way and concluded that the combined tidal powers of the Moon and the Sun,provoke the  strongest tides when shape aspects of opposition and conjunction,but we have the opposite when we have an aspect of a Square ((0 degrees).These tides variably reduced from the 0 degrees of the conjunction till the 180 degrees of the opposition and then the cycle is being repeated.As it seems at the specific research,the angle (ω) that the Sun and the Moon shape from conjunction to conjunction,and that is from 0 degrees till 180 degrees,consists mainly the dominating factor for genetics.The conjunction of these two occurs every 29.53 days with one diurnal variation of 12,2 degrees,which means that the 45 degrees are being covered in the time of 3,7 days almost.These calculations where used in order to define the woman s cycle and its relation with the synodic cycle.

As it seems ovulation occurs always the moment where the angle  ω is the same with that one that existed during the birth of the woman.If this angle is 0-45 degrees demands 7,4 days to be repeated,which means that occurs  only four times  a month.If that is 22,5 degrees  it is needed 3,7 days,so in one month this occurs eight times.That means that some women are in advantage position regarding this issue,if their angle is different from 0 degrees or 45.This event agrees with reality,because as it looks,some women are able to conceive easier from other ones.Most of the times,conception occurs in the same day,where the ω angle is being repeated.

The interest of the surprising research is being designated at the study and the practice development of the theoretical elements. Eleven samples were used as an object of the research,between friends and relatives. And 9 samples that used at the hospital Alexandra with the permission of professor S.Mihalas (April 1984) and  commissary Sakellaropoulos.The case of the samples,16,17,18 and 19 were studied from S.Mihalas and the 12 th case from an assistant nurse at the specific hospital.

At this point,we should note that he has predicted the sex of the future-born children,those of the nurse, many  months earlier before.The rest of the samples,of the research,exist at the hospital Alexandra and their results can be repeated.This original research,that occurred with a  private initiative of the hospital opens the way, for the researched of the organized Astrogenetics.From the 20 samples , the success reaches the 75%.For the rest, the main factor is the motion of the Moon which is faster comparing that one with the Sun.



For the relationships between the Moon and the Earth, and their influence on the living organisms, many books indeed have been written before.There are also many who describe the relationship of the Sun with the Earth.However,the fact that the Sun is the exclusive regulator of the baby s sex that will be conceived,consists a revolutionary point of view.Aggelopoulos examined the influence of the Sun over ovums and he find out that something occurs over there.s it seems  in our daily life, the chances to have a boy or  a girl,is 50-50.In fact,the Sun favors the birth of a boy and is being connected to that,,as it is being proved in the 17 cases that being refered,because the straight line that conects the centres of the two bodies pass through the two opposite 6-hours,where this sex is being conceived.

What all these mean?The 24 hours of the day,divided in four intervals of the six hours.The male sex,according to the theory is being conceived when the sexual contact will occur at the two opposite 6-hour that have their center the afternoon and the midnight (9-15, 21-3 )based on the 24 hour time.Of course,the female, is being conceived on the rest of the hours (15-21 and 3-9 ).We will note here that the hour that defines the sex of the child is not related with the time of conception or the fertilized ovum,but with the moment of  ejaculation during the sexual contact.Twins as we know are Monozygotic (“identical”) twins or  Fraternal/Sororal (dizygotic) twins.Aggelopoulos said that in this specific case,we are not interesting at the expected proportion,but the reality.And in reality,the percentage,of twins of a  different sex is smaller .This fact,confrms the specific research,because if at each 6-hour ,will calculate the difference of the half hour before and  after the change of the 6-hour,it will give us 4 hours in the 24 hours,a percentage of 16,7%.But also in reality,we realize and is known that the most of the twins is the same sex and not often different.Specifically,I believe that the  16,7 % is lower.

These assumptions are conducted from the researches are really interested and should be examined further.For instance,the scientists in cooperation with hospitals could  elaborate   into their computers the data.Such research will give to Greece,the previlege to make these researches,give answers and help in order to define the sex of the child  before the birth.The last medical achievements relatively to the data bank of genes,may open new ways of research,such as the astrological Death Control.Fot this,there are enough researches that examine the influence of the celestial bodies over the biological  behavior of  the bodies and organisms and the existence of the specific biological cycles.


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