Synastry is one of the most interesting sectors of Astrology. It is about a combination of methods, that astrologer is being called to track down the features of two atomic horoscopes, to analyze the influences that the one provokes on the other and finally end up in conclusions that are being connected to the nature, the quality and the differences of a relationship. If we will look around us, we will understand how much important Synastry is in our lives. Beginning from ourselves, certainly we have been caught to react with a completely different way regarding an issue, that we have been called to face up before and now. Let us take for example, a picture from out daily life. Our best friend in general lines is working hard and she is an example in the working place. She never had a particular problem with her supervisors, because sometimes she was feeling of the heavy atmosphere in the air and so she was always trying to prepare herself psychologically and always with her good manners to bring back the order. Till one day, she took her bag, left from work and disappeared. The reason was the not so good relationship with her boss and consequently her bad behavior.

The incident of her resign surprised everyone around, her friends and even more herself. She could never imagine that the behavior of another person could have boundary consequences in her life and that she would adopt such an extreme behavior. This example, is simple, however, it described with success the consequences that have in the life of a person, the connection with other people or teams. We could really find thousands of examples, like that are confirming of this conviction. The student ,who is having more positive results with works out with a  s specific teacher, a friend who is choosing someone particular and not another for his bosom friend, the businessman who absolutely trust a  specific partner at his work and so many different examples. Human communication is duplex and human contact is being based on action and reaction. During our connection with others, no mater of the kind of the relationship we have, substantially we make an exchange of our personal information. If that contact is creative or not it will be judged from the result. Because the messages we beam are influencing and transform, at the greatest part of what we take and receive from others, defining the quality of communication.

Love Synastry is studying the upcoming combination from the astrological charts of the couple. Each one of us is bringing a “pattern” which is immediately being connected with the planet pattern there was existing at the moment of his birth date. In our personal relationships this pattern is being called to be adjusted in a new upcoming situation which is being created from the existence of a second atomic pattern, which is that one of our companion. Astrology, through the art of Synastry, is functioning as an advisory factor for each couple, because it can discorded the deepest causes of behavior and attitude of each companion.

Synastry may help not only those who are looking for love but also all those who are committed to someone else or are married. Through the explanation of each planet combination, contributes in the improvement of the relationship, the sexual life, the covering of our emotional needs, helping the couple, to take advantage of chances and the challenges in different fields of their common life. If you need your own Synastry chart, or read other articles we will write in the future, you will understand  many facets of your life, which is the one is being developed from the existence of the other human being next to you.

Interpretations may contain information for each personality separately. So, in this way, it will be easier for you to make your own thoughts for your companion and get your own conclusions. Synastry, as a practice is not being limited of course at the analysis of two horoscopes or two love or sexual relationships, even though the last ones are occupying the people at the most, for many reasons. For instance, you can analyze the Synastry of a whole family or the relationship between an employee and the company he is working at, even though to compare the horoscopes of two Nations or define the nature of their co-operation.

Every erotic experience is unique and each relationship we create is different and unique. Sometimes, we can even understand that we behave completely different. That is happening because every time we co-exist with someone else, the traits of our personality are being combined respectively with the others. The results of this combination are defining finally the type and the quality of the relationship. Have you wondered how many times you have not seen the change of behavior on the face of a very good friend because it happened to meet a specific companion? The same perhaps, will happen to us, provoking others surprise around us. What we express each time in a relationship is probably connected to our personality and character.

But what and who we will choose to be, regarding the situation we are, it depends on the person who is sitting next to us and which of the traits are provoking us mostly, according to his emotional handles and moods. The love Synastry is examining exactly this interaction and the exchange of energy among the couples. How much powerful love and sex can be? The members of a relationship are going really to tolerate the challenges of life and will support emotionally each other and psychologically? Which are their difficulties and easy points? Do their habits fit? How much comfortable they can be together?

The angles of love our informing us for everything we write above with a specific and unique way and are helping us to understand our love relationship, our friendship or marriage. From the analysis of every aspect, we are going to have a complete picture for the nature of the relationship, we share with our companion, and then we will take some explanations regarding the way we both react in matters of our common life. So the Moon is giving us information for each other’s emotional responses, Venus and Mars for love emotions and sexuality and Mercury for communication and understanding.

Then, we will see if Venus is receiving positive aspects and influences from Jupiter and Saturn. If for instance, Venus is receiving positive influences from Jupiter, then she will express herself with the best way of her nature. But if Saturn is interfering, will give endurance but also delays and restrictions. On the other hand, we could say also that trines, sextiles and some conjunctions are functioning protectively and intensively, giving to the relationship luck and good fortune. Oppositions are informing us for contradictions, conflicts that usually can be overtaken and usually are creating attraction and interest. Squares are tending to oppress the members of the relationship and make them serious and conservative, bringing on the surface many times problems and serious disagreements. The knowledge of choice, which means we are being connected with someone particular and not with someone else, if there is true love  or not, are primary thoughts of great importance.


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