There was a lot of work to be generated today and the reason for this was a client of mine who asked a reading with Deste, so I find the chance for a flashback to something I had completely disremembered in my headquarters for long time ago! Endless hours to dusting and cleaning one of the oldest Tarot and decided to transfer the complete collection on Internet, certainly that was something I never seen before in other sites. I was asked to recount my client’s life through this precious and stunning deck of cards, through the Deste and so I did something I had not done so far. I knew, I had to leave the rest I used to do in order to travel in the bygone and I like to do the same with the myth of Princess Chantis Oracle.

The Deste divination deck belongs to Katina, central figure of the book “The Witches of Smyrna”.

The story is about an intelligent and resourceful Smyrnian woman, who grew up in Smyrna boondocks and rapidly became a lady by taking four men, one richer than the other. Katina was a keen and ruthless Smyrnian. In boondocks she meets the Attarti, a Turkish witch who initiates the magic. No barriers could stop then a witch, and Katina sets and rises too high socially. Love filters, buyums and other Magic are being proved infallible…and so she accomplishes to espouse four wealthy men. Katina was ascending higher and higher on a social basis and handling advantageously the traders, pot, tobacco, and one day she dominated over the whole city of Smyrna. Her Scriptures, spells and magic found in a dusted chest one hundred years later, at her home in Aegina Island. Katina, who knew of magic and herbs, was in the hands a valuable resource. The Deste. From witch to witch in 1000 and over years, Deste had passed into her hands. “I went to the top with Deste” she said “I always know what will happen. If I know, then I will do what I have in charge to act. ”


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The deck is not like any other. Colors of the East, elements of China, India, Egypt, the civilizations of Persia, bounce their own mark in the deck. It’s a hidden secret over one thousand years in the trunks of witches, which comes to light.

The Deste consists of 65 cards, divided into faces, figures and symbols. Witches had their own mythology. Important persons in the myths of witches have taken their place in the cards of Deste. The reader finds Tattaret, the leader of Kahn, the sultan of emeralds, the Munzour, the horse of ebony that means for the witches the brightest spirit of Manchuria and symbols.

Our story begins in 1887 where three women start from a village in Cappadocia, called Sinida in order to make a new life start .Eftalia, the daughter of Katina and her little niece, Annecy arrive in  beautiful Smyrna, a city ​​in which Jews live together without problems, Turks, Armenians, Italians, French and Greeks. Do not forget that is still 1887.When three women arrived in Smyrna Katina was having 9 years old. Having no property, Eftalia forced to seek for a job in order to bring up their two children and herself. The only thing she knew to do was housework and manufactured elixirs and some rudimentary cosmetics .At the beginning she took a job as a domestic cleaner but soon she could be recruited in a perfumery where enriched her knowledge around cosmetics and scents. At the same time she enriches her knowledge next to a Turkish woman, called Attarti, who not unjustly, she had the reputation of being a Witch. Eftalia was talented in potions and cosmetics from which she managed to make lot money starting her own business but the real talent in magic was her daughter, Katina. Attarti was as a second mother to Katina and imparted her knowledge to her with a physical and metaphysical way. These talents, Katina started to use at the age of 16 years and accomplished though her bad appearance and without a drollery to marry eventually four men. Four handsome males… one richer than the other.

Spyros Sermpetoglou was the first, a handsome and rich young man 20 years and when Spyros murdered in the port of Smyrna, took his turn in her bed and in the life of Katina  with the help of  spells and herbs, Constantine.

Constantine Karamanos….

But at the same time at the bed of Katina alongside Constantine had found his place also his brother, Syrios. During that time, the young Witch of Smyrna had her first child, a baby girl named Olga! Constantine died of heart failure and Syrios officially became the next husband of Katina.With Syrios, she had her second child, Elia, named after her father’s. She had finally two births, but Katina eventually had three after she adopted a little girl and so the prophecy of Attartis  became true which was saying “You  will born two children but you will have three” in all this Attarti had also predicted and the devastation of Smyrna in 1922. A year ago had already warned of Katina for the future. So, she moves her greatest part of her assets in Greece, before Smyrna will be delivered in the flames and brutality of the Turks. She married the next man in Athens, after the Minor  Asia obliteration. I will not reveal you how Syrios died because this is one of the surprises of this delightful story. Nevertheless, it is  hard to convey the emotions and atmosphere of the story in just only a article, but definitely you enjoy more as you immerse yourself in Smyrna of the  19 century and the beginning of 20 .