The Priestess implies that November will be very difficult month too. However, it favors great decisions that will show us the right path for the next year. This card, when is upright position it symbolizes the wisdom, intuition and virtue. It seems that there will be careful handlings regarding the memorandum and that will give the kiss of life. It is very possible then the government to use as an answer the first positive results during the time of spring, no matter if they lost their direction on the way. In working matters, perhaps there will be opportunities on a personal level. Number 2, is a dual number that represents duality, bipolar situations, number 2 is “You” and is being connected with someone else, our relationship with another human being. It connotes the difficulties to make up our mind or take decisions regarding a relationship or generally. We will realize that it not only me here but the others too. However, there is a great distance between Ego and others.