November will be finally one of the most significant months of 2012 because of its important eclipses. The first eclipse will be occurred on the 14 of November, there will be a total solar one and the planets that will participate will be Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. The total solar eclipse will affect the zodiac signs of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio and its impact is being considered particularly overthrowing. There will be divergences and conflicts that will come up as also many relationships and partnerships will be interrupted. Accidents will be amplified and generally there will be many practical problems. Generally, the Full Moon will be characterized from particular density that will provoke chaos for some time. Internationally, there will be a new kind of crisis. This winter is being predicted to be particularly tough, on a financial and political level.



The second eclipse will occur on the 28 of November and it will be lunar. During the lunar eclipse the planets that will participate in this phenomenon will be Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. This phenomenon will affect the zodiac signs of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces. This phenomenon will provoke episodic changes in emotional relationships and professional ones as also discrepancies, open conflicts will increase problems and make them worse. Criminality will be increased more than the usual and accidents too. Because of the lunar eclipse phenomenon, conflicts are in danger to take a different dimension while the war atmosphere that will have been created will be escalated and being expressed in a wider climax. Personal relationships will be terribly affected separations and divorces will be also increased. This period of time will be particularly hard for the international political developments and the deals will be made will be not able to be preserved through the time.




Eclipses generally, is a natural phenomenon that provokes disorder, oppositions, losses and dissatisfactions as also psychological tests. During these phenomena, balances are changing and human beings are obliged to enhance their defenses, their foresight and above everything else their attention. The particular eclipse, mainly the first one, will underline the needs of some people will increase financial problems in a mas and atomic level. Our health will be will be affected as also the security of important political and popular personalities will be threatened. The total solar eclipse will provoke unexpected overthrows and will oblige some of them to take particular measures of security because of sudden irritated incidents. The lunar eclipse is being connected to communication, the expression of feelings and relationships, regarding personal and social ones. However, the lunar eclipse always being occurred on a Full Moon and burdens our emotional life while at the same time creates problems into co-operations, partnerships shaking our emotions.


November of 2012, will bring undesirable developments on the international political scene and will underline the efforts for the decrease of density and the establishment of a peaceful atmosphere. But the two eclipses and with the Sun to approach closely Saturn in Scorpio, will increase conflicts between individuals, social teams, as also among people, their leaders and its governments. Economy, Work, unemployment, public health, security and administration system as also the executive power will be mainly affected.



The election of the American president is under the influence of the solar eclipse that will occur one week later. That means that if someone just elected (it is possible to be Obama) to face up a particular hard year, at the inner of his country as also with the foreign politics too. Without any doubts, the November eclipses will affect intensely the fields of economy, companies, citizens, teams and nations will be increased.





During the last ten days of Mars entrance in Capricorn, his conjunction with Pluto and his simultaneous negative aspect with Uranus will activate the square of long duration, Uranus-Pluto, which is a very particular hard influence. Mars involvement will extend the war atmosphere among many nations on the international political scene. At the e same time there will be many social unrests and probably terroristic activity that will stigmatize deeply the international public opinion.




In Greece, things will be particularly tough. The government will have to face up many problems even will threaten of the fall of the current government. The lunar eclipse combined with the Full Moon of the 28 of November will increase violence and the reactions of simple people opposite the system and the fearless laws. Criminality will be high as also accidents will be increased too. There will be also serious problems with weather. Extreme natural phenomena or geological overthrows are possible to be expressed during the month of November. Psychological and problems regarding our circulation system, regarding our health will be expressed too. Any efforts for deeper changes will be not approved and intensely will be disapproved. Background activity will come into the light regarding foreign politics but they will finally take place. The end of the month will be overthrowing and episodic. It will be good to avoid the beginning of new partnerships and co-operations, not to ignore any health symptoms and cancel traveling and any movements with ships or airplanes ,be cautious with driving,as also to avoid open conflicts.