The Conspiracy

Many people have sent me many e-mails about the issue of the Indigo Children. It s not so simple, I have read a lot about indigo Children, I have made a lot of Astrological profiles about children who bring this  special charisma .And also I always mention that is not so easy to brought up these children because they are not like any other children, and I mean it Sometimes I feel dissapointed.A mother comes to me for the Astrological analysis of her child ,because she noticed something…and when we find out that her offspring is an  Indigo, that amazes the mother but off the door of my office, we forget what we have told.

In fact, I didn t wanted to write about Indigo Children, because I m an indigo child and furthermore I didn t get away from the procedures you will read today in this article. The information I will bring into the light today for the Indigo Children issue, I think are new to you, and these are coming from a personal experience and the results are from a personal small research on the specific delicate issue.

It all started from the so-called Epidemiological study of the Paediatric Clinic of the University of Athens, a study for the prenatal mortality in Greece. Such studies are supposed to happen worldwide and are a useful tool for bringing health policy for any government. Similar studies have been done in England, Denmark and Finland and other countries in the world. Announcements, researches and TV programes have been made and broadcasted and anyone can find them on the Internet website of Imperial College London and other sites. In these pages one can read how individuals are being selected to participate in these surveys.

In other European countries people were dispersed in one or two years, allowing dispersal of the sample, in Greece, the sample was reserved for only children that were born in April 1983, and that was really weird. The conspiracy scenarios are various.

At the TV night show of the brilliant Journalist Kostas Hardavelas, many years ago, the distinguished author J.Fourakis took a strange position about the children of April 1983.According to him, 98 Greek children that were born in April 1983 are “sons and daughters of ancient Greek semi-gods and heroes.”According to his sayings these children were born with special genes, talents and strengths.

However not many others have also brought up such information however we can search the confirmation of these sayings above from the Birth of the Conception, the  galactic, stellar and planetary meetings, coordinates and Conjunctions of the year 1982.

Mr. Fourakis explains that at that time there was an event that takes place every 343 years, with the exclusive focus of its influences and effects at the broader Aegean area. Mr. Fourakis supported his idea that these children receive, from the first grade of primary school till the end of the High School, many several Questionnaires that contain questions that are highly suspected, referring to their intelligence. And Mr Fourakis is absolutely right.The scandal has found its form of a questionnaire sent by the Academy and the University of Athens a few years ago to children that were born during the specific period.

The questionnaire had the title: “Trans-European: Biological, Clinical and Genetic characteristics promoting Physical Health.” with the signatures of the Academic Nicholas Matsaniotis and Associate Professor of Paediatrics Chryssa Bakulou. Without blaming the above academics as guilty, Mr. Fourakis argued that these questionnaires were released without their signatures of the above scientists BUT from various Religious Organizations like the Scientologists, Lions, Rosicrucians, Krinaetous, Martinistes and etc… That unfortunately cannot be confirmed officially, at the moment.

Indeed, personally I have to answer to Mr Fourakis, where I admire for his work and as a personality with all the respect, that I have received Questionnaires, from Scientologists, putting me in a test of 60 minutes, and that included the count of my IQ and other gathering information about “ abilities of supernatural nature “.

Plus, to add here in these information that I have been invited for this purpose with the years to travel abroad for the research above, that of course I have denied the specific invitations.

Indigo children, Misunderstood Charisma and Astrology

We will search information for the issue with the help of Astrology. The issue will be addressed on a cosmic level, which means that it will be related to all persons that were born in April 1983 around the world.I will use the date of the 15/4/1983, the middle of the month, and that this date reference that will lead the whole research. According to karmic Astrology, the purpose of incarnation is being represented from Jupiter, just eight years before the birth. The horoscope of the purpose is the 15/4/1975.And that is a very important date too.However, Jupiter itself represents the High Intelligence, connected to philosophy, compassion, justice, law, honesty as also the wealth and the social caste.

Jupiter consists knowledge in order to understand the influence of the karmic law, in our daily lives, and how to deal with this law. Additionally, this involves the assumption of a global system of intellectual justice into which we are all exposed to and the need to move away from the stage where our faith is limited only to ourselves, randomly or in restricted fanatical beliefs.Jupiter requires a comprehensive study of many branches of philosophy and religion, traveling to foreign countries, justice.Jupiter is helping us in order to understand the functions of the law, their cause and effect. Here, we understand that we cannot do things that we have not worked and that the concept of luck has nothing to do with it. Furthermore, we understand that generosity and positivity (with our thoughts, emotions and our actions) we can eventually return to “us” and that depends on our personal offer.With Jupiter is challenging us to adopt a more creative approach to spiritual life with the feeling that we bring the future a good luck with our current generosity and positivity. And additionally to keep ourselves away from excessive and irrational optimism or fanaticism, which could end up in fictitious expectations and silly exaggerations.

On the specific date, Jupiter was in 6 degrees and 32 of Aries in a triangle with the the North Node. The seventh ray is the most dominant trend of all the planets. The seventh ray gives people the ability to bring order into chaos and rhythm through the disarray because the way they think, speak and act is filled with the rhythm of cosmic harmony.

These people use strong psychic powers to help others, cultivating positive forces for the planet, heal the physical body with transcendent ways, organizing details of the transition to a different perception of things outside of the conventional boundaries of science.However this date gives the specific characteristics we see here:

  • Have strong self esteem, connection to source
  • Know they belong here until they are told otherwise
  • Have an obvious sense of self
  • Have difficulty with discipline and authority (Uranus trines with Mars
  • Refuse to follow orders or directions
  • Find it torture to waiting in lines, lack patience
  • Get frustrated by ritual-oriented systems that require little creativity
  • Often see better ways of doing thing at home and at school
  • Are mostly non conformists
  • Do not respond to guilt trips, want good reasons
  • Get bored rather easily with assigned tasks
  • Are rather creative
  • Are easily distractible, can do many things at once
  • Display strong intuition
  • Have strong empathy for others or NO empathy
  • Develop abstract thinking very young
  • Are gifted and/or talented, highly intelligent
  • Are often identified or suspected of having ADD or ADHD, but can focus when they want to
  • Are talented daydreamers and visionaries
  • Have very old, deep, wise looking eyes
  • Have spiritual intelligence and/or psychic skills
  • Often express anger outwardly rather than inwardly and may have trouble with rage
  • Need our support to discover themselves
  • Are here to change the world – to help us live in greater harmony and peace with one another and to raise the vibration of the planet

These are the characteristics are given from the Jupiter in Aries, which I think is not an accident at all. Additionally, we see that Jupiter was at the 4 th house. We see that they have ethical principles about everything on this planet, certainly Indigo children exist everywhere and the most important of everything is that these children is not a  simple case about how they will be brought up. We talk about favorable bringing up, in suitable global environment. Or the specific environment of that time formed their spiritual inner world.

Another important detail is Jupiter s Opposition with Pluto (at the 7 degrees and 26 of Libra, that generation demanded more justice and peace). Jupiter revolves around Sun every 12 years but Pluto every 246.So, Jupiter forestalls Pluto every 13 years. After 6 ½ years, Jupiter comes into an opposition with Pluto and every 3 years Jupiter shapes a Square with Pluto. This planet circle reflects on events that influence a global situation. The efforts of these children are of great importance, because they have already provoked collective changes.

This 13 year old circle showed us the power of an ideological fall. At the beginning of a new circle, are occurring massive conscious changes that bring new collective ideas and opinions. Often, there are huge ideological battles; the prevalence of each other.Finally, this aspect is showing secret small teams that are functioning perhaps, for bad. Of course, it s not only that, we have to mention that Uranus was at Scorpio retrograded (0,42 degrees) at the 11 th house, which means  that these children are completely disappointed from the society, demand more justice, their role tends to be more catalytic in the society because their  ideas are progressed and unusual. This position of Uranus they can make them feel different and strangers in this world.Is a really interesting and intense polarization.Neptune was in Sagittarius as also the Ascendant of the horoscope itself (1970-1984, high intelligence, greater consciousness, and unlimited horizons) retrograded (11, 32 degrees at the 12th house).That effected a whole generation. The 12th house give us to understand that these children have spiritual desires and they may prefer to work alone. These are Indigo children, the pre-angels of the Crystal children (that were born after 1995).

The Conception

We take the date of the conception, the 15/8/1982. The ruler planet of the horoscope of the Conception is Uranus. Uranus is at 8 and 41 degrees in Sagittarius. The main feature of Uranus is the use of our harmonization with the global spirit, which can provide us with access to unlimited knowledge and communication.

This leads to break down barriers that prevent access to unlimited scope to refuse the uniqueness of the universe and lead to arrogant attitudes and actions and disrespect for others. With Uranus, revolutionary changes are occurring like now on our planet, that usually provokes the development of human consciousness.The aspects and the house where Uranus is shaping are showing where the changes will take place but also our need for release and action with a very unique and personal way.

Uranus makes a complete revolve around the Sun every 84 years and remains at the same zodiac sign for seven years, expressing a collective influence to a whole generation. It shows in which way the individual is being influenced by the revolutionary trends of the society. Uranus is to take personal responsibility for the difficulties they may face as a result of our unusual beliefs, the contradiction of the opinion that the limit of opinion, to consider whether or not to work constructively to throw all the barriers of intolerance and prejudice in understanding the ways in which humanity finds meaning in life.

In practice can benefit from a comprehensive study of many different philosophies and religions of the world in order to obtain from each worth something and not to expect to find the whole truth to a belief system. The third radius (mental activity) gives people the enthusiasm to look for spiritual truths and set their goals. The mission of these people is to understand that knowledge comes from many sources.From this we see that indeed, the “children of 1983” have some skills that statistics from the millions of children born around the world, one will have some special abilities, which will reveal whether local or global level.

The astrological signs are not so strong to say that these children really are something special in relation to children in other months of 1983, according to other astrologers. What are these children, the cosmic astrology cannot really tell, because the object is large crowds of people and not every person individually. Perhaps…but I cannot ignore the fact that Uranus in Sagittarius retrograded at the 12 th house, (beyond spiritual frontiers) is not important. This generation has principles about freedom and human rights and certainly with their own thinking way have affected the Crystal children in big grade, and I m sure the results will be soon visible. I believe that this generation gives a message with their own way, because they have a special charisma at the education of the masses or for the transmission of the ideal on a collective level.

Something that has escaped from everyone s attention is the entry of Pluto at the sign of Capricorn in 2008. Pluto will bring major policy changes as I have mentioned to my articles across the planet for twenty whole years. It is the reason to activate the arrow of time, and then the generation of 1981-1987 will have a leading role into these developments  are about to come and happen now and of course the children in April 1983 will be participating in this global  change.When Pluto made his entrance into Capricorn to 1762 Rousseau, published his Social Contract. Also in 1516 the entry of Pluto in Capricorn we had the publication of “Prince” of Machiavelli and “Utopia” of Thomas Moore.This generation has a leading vision about humanity and probably they have the ability or the power to transmit and project their collective visions through the power of media or internet. (Neptune in Conjunction with the South Node, 28 and 21 degrees of Sagittarius, in the 1st house).

Additionally the  sextile  between Neptune and Pluto can be considered as a period of a psychological fertilization of the planet. The planet circle of Neptune/Pluto is connected with the psychological development on Earth and whole generations to share this aspect that lasts from 1940-2040- which is specifically connected with a procedure of a deep psychological transformation, affecting the whole human consciousness. This aspect can be connected with high spirituality and creativity. Many personalities were born since then that changed the world, and played important impact to the masses. Materialistic issues were less important, in order to achieve a Collective dream. People, that were born under this influence maybe have the ability to predict and abilities are connected with dreams, omen, symbols and visions. Under this influence we had also the development of the Oil industry, the Cinema, the communicative power of collective visions.

And Sagittarius has to do with the seeking deeper meaning of the human existence, religious and philosophical stimulus, love for open horizons, mind expansion, high intelligence, truth, rightness and the need for intellectual level rise. Dislike for anything superficial.These children also have an imposing even though sometimes scaring aura. (Pluto Conjunction with Saturn, in Scorpio,1 and 39 degrees).This generations feels that they have to fulfill a collective idea working hard for the reconstruction of their society.They have great diplomatic abilities, they consider that their role into the society is important, and certainly they will win the respect they deserve. I would mention that the astrological chart is showing spiritual discipline and that is very important too, furthermore,self-power and devotion. (Saturn in the 11th house,1 and 39 degrees ).

Evidence need to be added here in this article is that at the interval of this mysterious conception (Neptune-Pluto ) was at the 28 degrees of Scorpio close to Bungula star which is being connected with the interruption of happy relationships but with success in life too. On the same day at the interval of team isolation (Saturn -North Node) it was on the royal star Regulus at the 28 degrees of Leo while the interval which mentions the common fate of people and organizations of undefined character (Pluto -North Node) is at the 29 degrees of Leo.

So here we have:  Neptune/ Pluto -North Node/Saturn – North Node/Pluto.

This can be explained in this way: Organizations of unknown provenance are defining the fate of masses without to be visible  or without being known to those who are involved in a spectrum of mystery.

The interval of the inventors, Jupiter-Uranus energizes the aspect with Novile ( at the 40 degrees) at the interval of serious researches  of Saturn-Pluto. If we will think that Novile is conception ,pregnancy, we can understand that serious scientists (Saturn-Pluto) technocrats and experts, earnest magicians ,made pioneer researches on conception, pregnancy and birth observing the increase of those who were born and defining even the way of their nutrition. In such a pioneer research Chiron could not be out of it. With the other planet of pioneer ideas shape an interval at the 1 degree of Pisces over Pluto, at the 29 degrees of Libra. If we will think that Chiron is being connected with birth and pregnancy we have this assumption:

Uranus/Chiron= Pluto

Pioneer crazy ideas and researches on issues of birth and pregnancy with a dark way and possibly for dark purposes.

It is also interesting to see the interval between that one of Karma and heredity. The Sun-Saturn at the 27 degrees of Aquarius connected with Carelli, which has to do with the mass exodus of souls, is also being connected with the intervals we described before.

So we have: Neptune/Pluto-North Node/Saturn-North Node/ Pluto-Sun/Pluto

and this can be discoded in this way:

Mysterious Organizations make genetic experiments that have to do with the course of  the masses under conditions of team isolation.

Another serious observation is that the intervals are on the royal stars (Antares-Regulus-Fomalhaut)  and with the connection of Neptune and anything at the axis of the earth (0 degrees of Capricorn- 0 degrees of Cancer ).In some way that denotes that  events happen in  a mysterious way and define the course of  human life on  the planet Earth.

Even if you take  the facts  with the prism of the Uranian Astrology, planet Zeus which being connected with the sperm and technology but also planet Vulcanus, which is connected with the destiny and the fate their interval is at the 15 degrees of Leo, energizing the axis of Sun-Saturn  of Greece, and so we have this assumption:

Zeus/Vulcanus- Sun/Saturn  and this is can be discorded in this way:

Fatal Incidents connected with the DNA affecting the Karma of Greece and energizing her heredity material.Until now we talked only about the past and it s easy to talk about Past. But Astrology is a map of the future too.On a cosmic level we use Saturn. But Saturn is the turning point that happens to every individual at the age of 29-30 years. Until then, everyone gets everything that the society offers, then things change. After 56-58 years until the man gives the society what they got with a new structure, structuralism conception of phenomena as they pass through the individuality, that is his personal stamp either small or large, is not so important that as something that gives the evolution of the planet and the universe at large.

The Return of Saturn for the children of 1983 will be in October 2012.Is it an accident? Certainly, some would say that this is a very special mark because   the Mayan calendar ends and comes the end of the world. Others argue that it will come with the spacecraft ancient gods in Greece. These are all a general paranoia that we live in this period and I try to keep myself out of it and think of what else should be. Nothing will happen, at least at the global level, the destruction of the planet, extinction of life, or probably something tremendous will happen at one point of Earth that will change our flow etc.

The opposition of Sun/Pluto has a strong intuition, they feel dishonesty like the dog feels the fear, they know what is true and what a lie is, they know when they are being manipulated. Their collective mission is to consist the beginning of a new world of moral integrity. Indigo are in positions to adjust themselves in disfuctioning situations, everywhere…at work, in school, at home. They don t pretend that everything is fine, they don t isolate their feelings…except if they will impose themselves under medical treatment!

These children have telepathic abilities and they may develop the speech ability much later than other children…Communication is not based in oral/written speech.These children open the way for Crystals,and they have common characteristics with Crystals that were born after 1995.

Indigo are wise, beyond their real age, this generation is not like old ones. They have high ideals, they are workers of Light and are showing the way that humanity must follow…and certainly this way is absolutely positive! Both generations are sensitive, have plenty of psychic abilities but also an important mission in life. Their main difference is in their temperament. To make their work succeed they have to be steady and unshakable. Psychiatrists say they suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder.Perhaps through Astrology is not an accident that Indigo were named so from the color of their aura (Sagittarius- reflects on Blue color, purple and royal blue, (turquoise), whilst sea-green, blue)

Indigo Adult Characteristics

  • Are intelligent, though may not have had top grades.
  • Are very creative and enjoy making things.
  • Always need to know WHY, especially why they are being asked to do something.
  • Had disgust and perhaps loathing for much of the required and repetitious work in school.
  • Were rebellious in school in that they refused to do homework and rejected authority of teachers, OR seriously wanted to rebel, but didn’t DARE, usually due to parental pressure.
  • May have experienced early existential depression and feelings of helplessness. These may have ranged from sadness to utter despair. Suicidal feelings while still in high school or younger are not uncommon in the Indigo Adult.
  • Have difficulty in service-oriented jobs. Indigo resist authority and caste system of employment.
  • Prefer leadership positions or working alone to team positions.
  • Have deep empathy for others, yet an intolerance of stupidity.
  • May be extremely emotionally sensitive including crying at the drop of a hat (no shielding) or may be the opposite and show no expression of emotion (full shielding).
  • May have trouble with RAGE.
  • Have trouble with systems they consider broken or ineffective, i.e. political, educational, medical, and legal.
  • Alienation from or anger with politics – feeling your voice won’t count and/or that the outcome really doesn’t matter.
  • Frustration with or rejection of the traditional American dream – 9-5 career, marriage, 2.5 children, house with white picket fence, etc.
  • Anger at rights being taken away, fear and/or fury at “Big Brother watching you.”
  • Have a burning desire to do something to change and improve the world. May be stymied what to do. May have trouble identifying their path.
  • Have psychic or spiritual interest appear fairly young – in or before teen years.
  • Had few if any Indigo role models. Having had some doesn’t mean you’re not an indigo, though.
  • Have strong intuition.
  • Random behavior pattern or mind style – (symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder). May have trouble focusing on assigned tasks, may jump around in conversations.
  • Have had psychic experiences, such as premonitions, seeing angels or ghosts, out of body experiences, hearing voices.
  • May be electrically sensitive such as watches not working and street lights going out as you move under them, electrical equipment malfunctioning and lights blowing out.
  • May have awareness of other dimensions and parallel realities.
  • Sexually are very expressive and inventive OR may reject sexuality in boredom or with intention of achieving higher spiritual connection. May explore alternative types of sexuality.
  • Seek meaning to their life and understanding about the world May seek this through religion or spirituality, spiritual groups and books, self-help groups and books.
  • When they find balance they may become very strong, healthy, happy individuals.

Crystal Children-The Children of the New Earth & the New Millennium


Those that you call the Indigo children have already shifted the focus of humanity… The Indigo children have begun the change of your systems that relate to children. Imagine what the world will be like as the first Indigo world leaders take their place. As this unfolds, the New Earth will become firmly rooted in the balanced Crystal energy. You will see space created for empowered humans on Earth no matter their beliefs, sex, or origins. The work of those you call Indigo will be know forever as the great shift. They have come into a harsh world, shaken it up, and are making you re-think everything. These beautiful beings are direct and therefore may have appeared to you as abrasive. Enduring boredom is their greatest challenge

The Crystal Children are what you would consider to be the magical children with abilities that you have yet to understand. The attributes of Crystal Children are extremely powerful and yet extremely vulnerable. You will begin to see magical abilities in human children that you have never seen before. Their basic understanding of energy will make it possible to manipulate energy in new ways.

Electricity in particular may be awkward for some of the early Crystals as they acclimate. These children may cause unusual reactions to electrical devices. They have challenges defining their energetic boundaries and therefore, are empathic to electromagnetic fields. They may have a tendency to reflect back the energy they cannot assimilate. It may be quite common for Crystal children to blow out electrical devices until they become accustomed to the energy. You will see children with abilities to physically move objects in ways you do not understand. You may see physical senses develop in some children that have never been part of the human experience prior.

At first, Crystal Children will tend to gather in groups where they can hold space for each other. They will form groups and grow together supporting each other energetically. They will do it all by themselves so parents of Crystal children will not need not worry about finding the best environment for their children. Expect to see groups of ‘magical children’ with abilities that exceed far beyond the norm you have known. As time goes on you will see an acclimation of this energy and you will become more accustomed to the odd stories that will circulate about strange new abilities of some children. Watch for these and prepare yourself, for these are the physical signs that the human race is evolving. This is the return of the Children of Crystal vibration.

As powerful as they are, they are carrying only hints of the energy that is to come in the next few years. We have labeled them the Crystal Children to mark a milestone in your own evolution, yet in time you will call them only ‘kids’.

Please understand that the Children of Crystal Vibration have sensitivity beyond your comprehension. They will be inside your head knowing, not only what is in your thoughts, but also what is in your heart. Even now as humanity reaches higher vibration status we tell you that you are beginning to read each others minds. If you were to see through the eyes of a Crystal Child, you would be saddened to see so many people living their entire lives attached to archaic and outdated beliefs. Having this sight will not be easy for them. In the fifth dimension on the New Planet Earth there will be no more secrets. At first they will feel like they must endure this sensitivity, yet like you, this will also turn out to be their great gift. Unlike the children of Indigo vibration, the Crystal children are so sensitive that they may feel threatened by the harshness of what people are holding in their hearts. Some will find safety in retreating and going within. There are some people who will think this a sign of weakness and may even attempt to exploit these gentle beings. Let us set your mind at ease when we tell you that exploitation will not be possible. The Children of Crystal vibration are powerful beyond your understanding. Even though they may have great difficulty understanding and interacting, they will always know their true power and who they are.

The biggest challenge that will face the Children of Crystal vibration is that their great sensitivity to energy will also uncover their inability to deal with other peoples fear. Fear is an emotion, opposite of love, based on a belief in lack. The Children of Crystal vibration will enter with a new belief system that will make it difficult for them to have a reference for fear in their reality. Couple this with their energetic sensitivity and you will find that when these higher vibration humans are surrounded with human fear, they will have a tendency to reflect back that fear, amplifying it in the process. It could be said that the Children of Crystal vibration are allergic to the lower vibration emotion of fear. As the first of these children enter, they may need help in dealing with the general fear around them. It is here that we challenge you to take steps now in preparation for their return. To make Earth a safe place for your next step in evolution, it will be necessary to drastically reduce fear in your reality in the next few years. Alleviating fear is only possible on a personal basis. If Light is the highest expression of Love and fear is the opposite of Love, then it is easy to see that the real work of Light workers is to learn to replace fear with Love in all situations. This is underway now. The emotion of fear is a vacuum that feeds on itself. Fear is only a lack of information. Fill in the vacuum with information and there is no fear. Even if the information is not correct it can still fill the void until the correct information is known. Even in your recent experiences with terrorism, you see that you are no longer afraid of things that terrified you only months ago. As devastating as that was, the potential outcome is known and there is no longer a vacuum. It is hence that one can only be fully human when they are no longer in fear of dying. Take this challenge and move forward into creating your reality with passion and fear not!

Because of the great work that the Indigo children are now doing and the adjustments you are making to accommodate them, the Children of Crystal vibration have an opportunity to allow your spirits to thrive in this higher energetic structure. For those of you who choose, you may raise your energy to match that of the Crystal children through the process of over light. The times that lie directly ahead will be filled with wonderment as the Children of the New Earth take control of their reality.

What really can happen astrologically?

I put the date of 15/7/1995, which comes from a personal confession of Doreen Virtue, PH.D, in her book about Crystal Children.

Jupiter at the 8 th house, in Sagittarius ( 6,05 degrees retrograded, calls for understanding in depth, there is a strong ideology,and Sagittarius is giving his abilities to these human beings for one more time. Personal development plays an important role to them and I have the feeling that Indigo children have passed through two different levels of evolution.Once in 1975,another time in 1985 and another one in 1995 and of course in 2005. Intense experiences are sought in this house. The energy is focused towards expansion, abundance and good luck. Individuals are born with intuitive gifts that come naturally.

Saturn is at the 12 th house, in Pisces at the 24,41 degrees and that shows spiritual discipline. Saturn sextiled Neptune…the aspects are shaped are the same like Indigo Children in 1985.Let s not forget that Pisces are Imaginative and sensitive Compassionate and kind, Selfless and unworldly, Intuitive and sympathetic. Pisces possess a gentle, patient, malleable nature. They have many generous qualities and are friendly, good natured, kind and compassionate, sensitive to the feelings of those around them, and respond with the utmost sympathy and tact to any suffering they encounter. Pisces, have psychic and spiritual qualities


Uranus in a tremendous conjunction with Neptune certainly makes the difference. These aspects speak about Psychological and spiritual revolution. The power of the dreams and the blossom divination is being connected here and for one more time signs deep changes in the human consciousness.However, the hexagon of Pluto-Uranus describes all about the expression of this energy. With the position of Neptune in Capricorn, is certain that these children are talented to work on their visions, dreams and social issues and deep care for those who suffer in order to improve the situation of the less powered, with specific action on a specific moment. In a couple of years we will see an explosion of the occult interests, for instance issues that have to do with telepathy, telekinesis etc…(Neptune in Conjunction with Uranus) Finally, Pluto in Scorpio supports this generation at the highest point. The square of Pluto-Moon is an aspect that makes these children realize the psychology of others and they feel intensely around them what happens.

The generation that was born with this aspect certainly, is being connected with revolutionary figures of consciousness and the complete revaluation of the collective opinion about this planet.