We all question ourselves  what will happen if something will finally go wrong? At least,I was hoping to get a better card than this one.The Wheel of Fortune,upside down is exactly what I was afraid of,despite the fact that I was positive or at least I wanted to be stupidity positive.The meanings of the card is bad luck,,setbacks,unpredictable cutting offs.In October,new economic measures are coming up as you read everyone or listen,new threatens from abroad,regarding Greece,new conflicts and all these will be combined with strikes and unrest that will paralyze everything and will expose the picture of the country globally.It will be the month with lost of firings in  the professional field of our lives so you need to arm yourselves with courage and  patience,hoping the wheel to take a different direction.

Avoid playing lucky games and be sure that you take care of any issues hanging  in the air.If you have saved money,then you will be the winners of the situation.Do not take risks if you do not have money.Additionally pay attention to public relations ,no matter what that means.One more explanation I can give to the upside down meaning of the Wheel is human beings at this point,are just continuing walking on their paths without making any efforts to find the real meaning of everything is happening around.People,are facing up life with excessive optimism and overconfidence believing that they absolutely control their lives.With this superficial manner and approach problems are strengthened with unpredictable consequences for us.I would like also to underline that efforts will fail but justice here will be karmic.