Saturn’s transits are messaging difficult situations. Of course there is always the positive side of it, while through difficulties we become more mature, wiser and we attain the ability to criticize. It is every time where our personalities are being tested in dad moments. Saturn is putting us under tests and makes us criticize our thoughts and actions. He is giving us the cause to see for lost values or test persons and things even our own shelves. If we are not ready to give explanations then we will suffer the following consequences .Saturn, more than anything else is defining the sense of responsibility on each one of us. Depending on the power of his influence our sense of responsibility is weedy or stronger. Saturn is austere and is setting his own limits. If we are not well-prepared in an appropriate manner it is very easy then to lead ourselves into paths of desperation. Saturn is teaching us to claim our rights and not to be stayed from the path asking for things do not belong to us.

Order, respect and patience are simple lessons of Saturn. At the same time he is teaching us to protect ourselves from setbacks and traps, to confront any hard situations instead of healing them. With Saturn we get more mature, is helping us to understand ourselves, others and life too. All these with processes are fitting to our temperament and moods. Saturn’s transit from every zodiac sign lasts for almost 2 ½ years. So every 2 ½ years, is showing the fields of our life we are going to be tested. He is preparing us for a battle where our powers are going to be judged and also our capacity to participate dynamically in the society. He shapes aspects of squares and oppositions every seven and fourteen years he becomes tougher. He is able to judge over and over again our mistakes. He is running back in time seeking for results. He is imposing penalties and he likes to criticize and be very severe.

Perhaps,he will not provoke us the first time but then be sure that he will do so the next time and believe me he is going to be relentless. None really can escape from his criticizing eyes. He makes consciousness and logic to put our organisms in danger. In every Saturnian transit we get punished for our superficiality, stiffness to postpone our plans and weakness. Saturn’s sentence is functioning inside us in a teaching way. His gift through all these is to attain wisdom and knowledge. Saturn is representing the order and law in pour planetic system. He prioritizes things and he is helping us to see the truth and get down to earth. If Saturn was absent someone could say that there will be no order and self-control. Saturn never is punishing our good actions. He is always opposed to bad actions and thoughts and he is always bring into the light deceit and lies. In other words, Saturn is helping us to get what we really want. To travel thought he 12 zodiac signs, he needs 29 whole years,5 months and  17 days. He retrogrades every 8 months, a movement which lasts about 4-5 months. Through these 29 years he is shaping one aspect of conjunction and Opposition with the natal charts and twice aspect of square ,triangle, half-square of 60 degrees and 1 ½ square.

Saturn will pass in Scorpio, on the 5 October of 2012.The sign of Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars, although Pluto has also been assigned rulership since its discovery in 1930. Physically it is related to the sexual organs and excretion. It is said to have a feminine nature, and is therefore more passive in its energy expression. As a Water sign it is connected with the world of emotions, particular the deep primeval emotions concerned with sexuality and survival. As a Fixed sign, its energy manifests in a stable manner, giving great determination and endurance. Planets in Scorpio seek to establish emotional security in a threatening world.Anxiety in the face of the unknown and consequently a desire to be able to control what is going on leads to a certain obsessive quality in planets placed in this sign. There is a secretiveness and compulsiveness which is hidden under a facade of strong self-control. Instinctual knowledge, occult talents and psychological ability manifest themselves in Scorpio, because the character dwells on the inner emotional demons most people choose to ignore.

Saturn was in Scorpio in the years 1923-26, 1953-56 and 1982-85. At this time there was great concern about threats, whether social, economic or military, and a deep interest in hidden issues, power and corruption. There was an element of paranoia in society. Inasmuch as you express this influence in your choice of career, you will be capable of dealing with power at the highest level, and may have a talent for rooting out corrupt or inefficient practices in society. On the other hand you may feel that you are subject to unfair misuse of power yourself, and this can especially manifest itself in your contact with authority figures or institutions in society. So you may find yourself on either side of the balance of power. Should you deal with finance, then you will work at some point in some rationalization process, or have to deal with economic loss or bankruptcy. You may be involved in secretive institutions, or you could work on a deeper psychological level in your career.

You were born at a time when there was heaviness in the collective spirit, with many irrational fears, and you have probably integrated this spirit into your own emotional nature. There is a sense of controlled power and deep emotional discipline. Intimate emotional relationships are extremely important to you, but you may have great difficulty lowering the floodgates of your own emotions. Fear of emotional loss drives you to exert an almost hypnotic control in intimate partnership. You are both driven to investigate the deepest emotional motivations of others, and rather paranoid about revealing your own. There is a particular fascination with sexual taboos, and a great need to overcome your own sexual blockages. It is important for you to replace fear with trust, and to cultivate a relaxed emotional attitude instead of exhausting yourself trying to control the uncontrollable.

In fact a new chapter is opening in our lives. Saturn in Scorpio will underline a defining almost a 3 year period for global economy and for each one of us separately. Saturn will force to see where we go and we will come immediately in touch with reality. Shock is not going to overtake easily or fast but I can tell you that this period will be the darker period of the second decade, in the 21 st century. Saturn in Scorpio, will lead people at their limits while the system will pushing us more and more, imposing hard laws and heavy obligations .Saturn’s efforts to set programs and expediencies from Scorpio, who is symbolizing the soul and individuals emotions, will find most of us unprepared, in order to resolve any gathering problems of economical nature and find our balances in the past. That also is about Nations of the world and for all social teams, companies or any kind of business. Under pressure and the rigid expression of the system, most of us will feel alone and incapable to react. Those who will not try to adjust themselves, will brake their own development and perhaps they will spurt brutally. In connection with other planets, despite the fact that Saturn will shape a positive aspect with Pluto and Neptune, underground pressures will get higher. n the other hand, many things may be put in order now and our societies and countries, our governments and political systems may be radically transformed. I personally believe that we will intensely experience both sides of the “coin”, with its harsh side prevailing initially. We will change alright – and radically so – but only after we experience on our skin some harsh and probably extreme conditions (that’s the only way societies change anyway).

Many people will get sick mentally or physically and it will be hard for them to express themselves creatively. Also, during Saturn’s transit in Scorpio, many will pay the price of what they will obtain in their lives, against others. So, perhaps you will lose an inheritance for instance, or properties will be jeopardy to be lost, money and power will be redistributed. Parents, on the other hand, will face up problems with their children, criminality will be increased dramatically, while anger explosions and violence will become more often. We all will be tested here, but three years after we will record the great social changes of the world, what we have lost and what we have won.

Saturn is being connected up to a point  with social repression and conservatism. His position in Scorpio to a very large extent will lead to a psychological oppression and  certainly  there will be luck of progress spirit in societies . Clearly we see difficulties regarding  the expression of sexuality. Saturn in Scorpio is blocking up sexuality in zodiac signs and  we will see oppression and major setbacks in this area. Fear for our body (Saturn) will probably lead to strange psychological reactions to people, at the moment because of the  square Uranus – Pluto. Fear can often lead to many anxiety disorders but mainly  will create alienation from our bodies and a problematic attitude to everything concerning our sexuality.


In the past century due to political and economic conditions sexually progressive societies barricaded themselves not being able to cope with problems of survival. Moreover many societies around the world will join  the game of survival at that moment. Societies will find themselves in a very difficult phase of course will look unrecognizable  about 3 years after. Everyone  had entered  a period of conservatism that began with Saturn in Cancer  now  we will see that  we enter a phase of death and judgment. This crisis should not scare us though. But certainly there will be innocent victims, there will be souls who will unfairly will be punished in order to cleanse the sins of the world.An  Esotericist can see this clearly in the triangle that is being  shaped between Saturn – Neptune and Chiron. Is  it possible this triangle to awaken the  spiritual powers of the world but the spiritualism of water requires sacrifices to be able to produce something new.

Another feature that we will see in the upcoming years is the increasing centralization of power and not of the state but of the plutocracy. The mutual reception with Pluto will act positively to economic games for  several large families and financial interests and  we would have to wait until the end of the  the period of Saturn in Scorpio in order to break the abscess  of the economic exploitation. It is very important to remember that the presence of Saturn in this sign will look even more ruthless measures that  will lead societies to the extremes. The economic problems would intensify in particularly regarding loans and general  money of third parties ,so we will see essentially the second act of the crime of capitalism in a larger scale with greater influence.

Saturnian  influence in Scorpio will require clearing of “karma” that all dirt and rottenness that has accumulated societies and this will be done through intense pressure from Pluto that unintentionally  and gradually  is planning the  future hanging of capitalism. Clearly once again Neptune through Pisces will gives us a vision and the possibility for a better future. Along with Chiron will support our spirituality and  will help us find the courage we need in order  to face the darkness of revenge and blood.Throughout his stay Saturn will accumulate a lot of frustration that will explode later. Generally remember that all this situation is  a preparatory procedure for the upcoming  yera 2020 that Saturn will conjunct Pluto and there will be total clearing in psychological and social level. By then we will feel economical oppression and  power deeper and deeper. We’ll see the rise of  governments that do not ever expect to see again in the world. Think of this period as a mini medieval times where everything goes backwards in terms of human values​​. Finally, the financial crisis will strike again the major financial centers and we will see once again the inability of democracies to be able to manage the economic misery of their people.

So,on the next few  years we will be called to discover the dark side of the world. Many people fear the darkness in any form and do not understand that darkness is one with life and with ourselves. The fear to face the darkest aspects of the world and the universe has more to do with personal religious beliefs and fears that lead to a schizophrenic dualism that reaches across the world. In this way we will be able to see many revelations about ourselves. Many times we will see maybe a monster  but  we will understand that this is a necessary element of ourselves. Theories,regarding  angelic creatures on earth that is not  made ​​of light and that we must become one with them certainly can not help a world increasingly sinking.

Humanity ,need to start diving in one of the biggest and hardest soul journey we have ever done. That s because  I think the entrance of Saturn in Scorpio will lead to a greater revival of metaphysical and darker  Religions and perhaps more meaningful to the reality of man. Of course,all these are not because Saturn just  enters Scorpio but the combination of all other planetary positions  will actually lead to a real revolution where the left path of initiation will begin to gain supporters.In a very strange way,the theory of Chaos will be found in a odd rise from 2012 onwards.

Surely we will see an extreme expression of sentimentality over the next period. On the one hand we will  see a very strong depressive emotional expression that is particularly acute in the theater and the cinema but on the other there will be a strong hardness and coldness in response to emotional extremity above expression will. Saturn in Scorpio mean no middle solutions, what you see is somehow people are trying to find something to say or what we  we feel but to some extent we will be blocked but this does not mean that you will not feel any particularly strong emotions and erotic storms that will occur around. We shall see a particular  high hardness that we  might not expect from various people in our environment and in the world.

Saturn in Scorpio will bring more extreme political ideologies and extremism in general will be  the average expression of society. Just because society disintegrates and should be driven out of limits so to be led in suicide. So if with Saturn in Libra this had to do with the values ​​of justice and balance now has to do not with the values ​​of a society but society itself. Racism is not only between different ethnic groups and in other much more dangerous levels in one country will create fear and hence the need to develop a culture of the  night and try to survive in dark parts of our society.

Social injustice and the right of the stronger will have 2 options, the one will create social  teams which would try to “steal” from others of what is  missing to  the other  and we will see even ghetto development in order  to protect various groups  and we will see this phenomenon,clearly and  more intensely in  multicultural societies of western countries and not so much in Greece but  only perhaps in  big cities like Athens and Salonica. The extremities have to do with the hardness  from various people. But this too dynamic hardness will already lead to get the seed of love and offer gradually in the souls of individuals. Do not forget that through the light is born of darkness and into the darkness,the  light. So,by the end of  Saturn’s transit we will see movements and people that  are sending a very deep and meaningful message to the world.With Saturn will have a mental trial and clearance in people so through suffering and difficulties can emerge to the surface and see life in a much better perspective but mainly to be able to fly high and of course this way give a first example for generations to come. If something can be done well when Scorpio will be in Saturn is to dissolve all the old patterns and create new, especially in a total phase of transformation based on other planetary bodies.

Scorpio always has to do with death so it is impossible not to mention this unfortunately or fortunately normal functioning of the world. So we will see some natural disasters occur that will disturb  local societies but himself Saturn in Scorpio will be not one disaster of the  type such the Indonesian tsunami that happened in previous years. Generally, however, natural disasters, particularly earthquakes and volcanic activity is something which will be strengthened in the coming years and will have recurrences and possible viruses of new type of H1N1 can largely,again scare people.

The centralization of power and the rise of tyrants with Saturn in Scorpio is a common condition. The reason for this is that people who aim to power will exploit the weakness and fear of nations and soar so high in the echelons of power. In this way we see frustration for many people but it will look a consciousness revelation that people will begin to understand more about their condition. The sextiles of Saturn to Pluto, triangles with Neptune and Chiron and quincunx to Uranus are  showing  the upcoming change their perception of people and whole groups. This will certainly lead to new generations of people who will see society as faulty and children with Saturn in Scorpio will later be people who will work to get rid of the abscess through the power of local social groups.

Important breakthroughs will  occur  in the field of science. Saturn, ruler of the third beam in Scorpio will bring major scientific discoveries that will help many people. We will see major developments in biochemistry and the management of DNA and we will set the bases or even find cell therapies. Maybe we will see breakthroughs  for sexual diseases like AIDS. Generally, this period will be very important to the science of medicine and many things will begin to be  discovered from  scientists. In the area of humanistic sciences  even though we will  see some progressive movements and ideas  those will not be able to  be broadcasted   to the general public and we  will see a general conservativisation populations.

The chart of Greece is a long-standing problem which we  astrologers are constantly being called to answer. In the current chart is being used  from the majority of astrologers  and is being considered  as the basic one.

For Greece, the presence of Saturn in Scorpio will further accentuate labor constraints and problems in the area of ​​health  that anyway have started earlier with the entry of Saturn in the sixth house of the country. The exact meeting with Vx will immediately bring increased pressure from unions and an internal disorganization would lead to even more conflicts between people and organizations. The collapse of labor rights anyway will intensify through the eclipses that  will occur in the next  few years just inside the 6th solar house. Clearly the health of the average Greek will certainly deteriorate and will we will see even greater poverty adversely to affect the working class and all the lower social teams of the country leading to three years of desperation. Unemployment will go up even more and of course there will be leading strikes. Possible accidents or scandals can occur in the navy (commercial / military) of the country.

The opposition from the early days with natal Chiron will increase  general hopelessness and pessimism in the country and  increase suicides. Fortunately since this December  the sextile of Jupiter will increase in the trade deficit and a general breath in finances gradually will begin. Since May 2013 when Saturn will square Uranus natal Saturn and Sun there will be serious problems in the democratic regime of the country and the government  will have lost much of the popularity  which will lead to the total collapse and  upcoming elections in the spring of 2013. Certainly the overall health of the nation, economic reality will make things  more difficult. At this time  politicians should be cautious because we can have several unpleasant results. The same situation will  similar  again in the fall of 2013 where I believe we will  have the last crisis in the country.

From that point and after January 2014 with the triangles of Venus and sextiles of Neptune until the Fall of 2014 we will start to see the first increase in the country’s finances and its artistic life, and we will see a significant increase in trade but and the first laws that will support hospitals, prisons and in general all those who are in significant financial need.