Mikis Theodorakis announced the creation of a new political movement: termed Spitha, or Spark.   He is the 85-year-old composer of the film”Zorba the Greek” and a musical great.  During the presentation of his movement’s programme, the great composer invited all Greeks to «disobey” the government’s decisions.  In his view, decisions are made by the United States, the IMF and the European Union, ”yielding all the country’s sovereign rights to foreign powers”. He underlined that the movement will not be transformed into a political party.Let s see the horoscope of the Movement.The Movement was created officially on the 1 st December, 2010, probably in the morning hours, which is announced officially from the media.Even though the idea had been expressed personally from him, weeks ago.

The Sun in Sagittarius (8, 58 degrees, at the 12th house) and that is certainly expressing someone who wants to inspire with his vision, the Ascendant of the Movement is in Sagittarius too ( at the 29,03 degrees.)The 8,58 degrees is showing definitely a great humanistic vision which goes far beyond the scope of an ordinary life.On the way,probably the movement will tend to take an unexpected turn.That promises glory and power, but also upheavals, slanders, and violence too.

At the 12th house means that the Movement will never obtain a political character and always prefer to work on the background.The Movement at the 29,03 degrees in Sagittarius has secretive, intuitive, and intensely  independent character.The decision certainly was made and before go into action evaluated and re-evaluated many times.The  29 degree  is being  to the spiritual peak.That degree denotes the strength of the movement to transform,to rebel,to keep the original identity and certainly intense activity and “disobey” is fitting here precisely. (Pluto in Conjunction with Ascendant)

The Moon in Libra, at the 9th house.There are philosophical foundations in the movement,and we all know there s no doubt about it.At least for one more time,Mikis Theodorakis will be called to deliver his message for one more time,abroad too.Certainly,the movement will take huge dimensions and will manage to deliver his message internationally.His work will be clearly cultural,respected and conscious enough.People will trust his movement,ideas and will have great impact,indeed.( Venus at the 10th house,in Scorpio, at the 0,32 degrees denotes the beginning and symbolizes how much important is for Mikis Theodorakis the feelings for the country and the structure of the movement and its aim.)On the other hand this action denotes the frustration towards the manipulation of the country from every aspect. Probably, many women will be involved with the movement and join it.It also denoted the success and the structure of the movement is being characterized as a action of bravery.

Looking at the chart it really looks like my own personal horoscope and really laugh here.Mars in Sagittarius,at the 12th house at the 24,58 degrees.The movement will be a  solution and will help to the problems in the society,they certainly know what the want and  what they fight for.The movement is a challenge itself.Definitely the character of the movement is total revolution ( Mars squares Uranus at the at the 26,41 degrees in Pisces,a degree that denotes,in the aftermath of a disaster caused by a twist of fate or by excesses of all kinds, one must rebuild one’s life with courage and learn from past mistakes. Ordeals increase self-confidence and faith in divine providence and turn out to be a powerful spur to accomplish remarkable feats.

Jupiter in Pisces, in the 3 rd house, denoted the values of the movement which are humanistic, spread around,(3 rd house),they will make important contributions (Jupiter Conjunction with Uranus),it will bring a new prospective and joy. Intense idealism, against the establishment,it s a  collective influence, nationalism will cross the limits .Intense humanistic tensions. Saturn in Libra (responsible to the society) the movement will keep to contribute culturally, though literature, the arts. Actually is a “boost” to the society.Philosophical rules,the movement will act intense criticism and   intense patriotism .

Uranus at the 3 rd house denotes a new spiritual ground,and shows how much the people now need Theodorakis more than ever.Let s not forget that Mikis Theodorakis brings the characterization of a ” National Spiritual Father” of the country for his contributions,and his figure is respected and recognized by many important political and Art figures of the 20th century.

Pisces retrogrades in Uranus which denotes clearly a spiritual revolution and demands a new spiritual ground for the country and that is really important.His efforts will be recognized for one more time on a National and global level,and its progress  and influence will be important in the year of 2011.

Neptune in Aquarius, in the 2nd   house, one more important influence, we are talking about social organize, we would say here that ” together we can bring the change” that fits and that will happen.Organized teams,societies perhaps that will contribute and if you read the 12 page article in the serious newspaper ” Vima” will read extraordinary things.

The second house  deals with economy,and probably the movement will be connected somehow drastically or even offer and act dynamically by investing somehow into that or invent new ways,or even offer and contribute from their own pockets.Pluto in Capricorn on the 1 st house,is talking about trust,at the 4th degree.

It has a benevolent, broad-minded, and trusting character. They will helps people in distress with genuine selflessness,we would use the expression ,”give shelter” to the people,in order to survive and in fact,as many astrologers are watching the developments in the country would know that something would come up this period and I was really expecting that.Pluto in the 1st house at the 4 th degree denotes that it was mend to be,during the huge crisis.

The movement carries clearly the original characteristics of Theodorakis and definitely,and his movement expresses exactly what he is.I think the name ” Spark “…is completely the movement itself.We would characterize this movement as the awakening of the Greeks since Mr Mikis Theodorakis is always shaking the waters of the Art and

Politics,which this is an important trait of  his personality ( the T Square of Sun- Saturn-Chiron ),and certainly he is here to talk about the painful truths and definitely he takes all the responsibility on his back.The natal Chart of Theodorakis gives an intense Sun in Leo in Conjunction with the North Node and an intense mars in Leo.Mars in conjunction with Neptune,the Conjunction of Mercury-Venus is the perfection in Art,and definitely his Art and actions never been empty cups.Even though Theodorakis started t the classical left party (resistance to Italy,civil war,exile in Ikaria,Makronisos etc.) from the decade of 90s we saw an abrupt turn,that he finally even approached the New Democratic party.Probably this is being connected with the course of the progressive Mars,that since 1987 left Virgo behind and the struggle in the service of industrial action,and put him in Libra ( diplomatic scene).It s known anyway his reconciliation with the Right party,the last  decades he  is  taking initiatives to bridge the people of Greece and Turkey.

That day Theodorakis made an interesting conjunction with his Natal Chart,a conjunction which is being escorted from the transiting conjunction of Mercury-Venus but also a Square that was closing the course of the Progressive Mars with his Natal Jupiter ( he definitely said things out of teeth and prepared for collisions).

Also highly interesting is the return of Uranus Retrograded ( in progression ) and the Conjunction of Jupiter that definitely mean important  moves.The most important of all is the Conjunction of the progressive MC with his Natal Pluto.Certainly that all scene means that Theodorakis has a lot to do yet,with Jupiter and the influence of the progressive Uranus till January,while Mars will make a Conjunction with his Natal Jupiter in Capricorn,after Christmas.This date seems to be enough important which is being related with the political scene in Greece.

The triangles, the semi-squares of Jupiter and Uranus are aspects that cannot be ignored at all.Of course time will confirm the facts!