On the 12 of June, Jupiter will enter Gemini and will stay there till the 26 of June,2013.Mercury consequently will give the chance to many of you to find alternatives or solutions to their problems, even  temporarily in issues are connected to relationships and transactions that occupied them in the last few years. Jupiter in Gemini will shape for the first few months a very positive aspect with Uranus from Aries and then with Saturn, before the last one will enter Scorpio in October. These short positive combinations will help many people to make the right moves in a more favorable context. So, many who are out of work will find the courage and asset to find a new job, to claim the desirable future for themselves and some of you to discover new ways of occupation in order to cover their needs. The positive aspect of Jupiter with Uranus will open the way in order to find solutions into problems that economic crisis has provoked and help others to communicate for their common interests. Jupiter in Gemini in connection with the rest of the celestial bodies is also connoting a kind of change that will come gradually, mainly after this summer, regarding the governance of many countries around the world. Without limiting danger, absolutely, gives new perspectives, even of short fortitude, for peaceful negotiations and the maintained of balances, that are necessary in order to avoid fatal incidents. Of course, something like that will not be perceptible from the beginning of June, but by the middle of the month, while Jupiter will be effective it is expected to be more efficient  by the Autumn of 2012 till the Spring of 2013.

In general, June is going to be episodic month, on communication levels but also revealing in arenas where uncertainty and insecurity dominated. At the beginning of June, on the 4,on  a social level, the percentages of violence, criminality and  mortality will be increased more and on a personal, atomic level her influence will be definite for the development of  many interests. This influence will be prolonged around the days of this specific date, affecting mostly personal and professional relationships. Developments during this period will have an overthrowing and sub versing character that is because is important to avoid actions that could set the world on fire. Particular cautiousness must be given when we travel; purchases and other business activities. Also domestic problems will be worsening.

On the international political scene, the eclipse will bring undesirable developments and will undermine any efforts for normalization of the intensities. Actions, behind the curtain will be more and the missing efforts in the domain of the foreign policy, for instance. Mars, on the other hand all through the month being in Virgo, will keep the problems of unemployment alive and will test the strength of professionals and particularly those who are freelancers.

Jupiter, with his exit from Taurus and his entrance to Gemini, will change balances but he will be weak at the start. On a political level, the square will be shaped with Neptune, at the beginning of Pisces; will contribute at the creation of scenarios of conspiracy or to the appearance of new laws that will burden the social world, particularly.

On the other hand, during the whole month, the negative aspect between Uranus and Pluto will dominate. This hard aspect will maintain further, the crisis and everything around it. So, we will have new incidents of aggressive attitude as also the enhance of more suicides while those will be expressed dramatically.

Another factor that will maintain the negative atmosphere is the prolonged Venus retrogression in connection to Mars, from Virgo. This connection will affect human relationships negatively, on a social and emotional level. From the overall behavior of the planets, I observe that the public administration will be tested enough and conflicts between Nations will be dangerously increased.

Till the end of June, a lot is possible to occur and too many, that will have a clearing character so to prepare the ground for the great changes will take place after the year of 2013.

The Full Moon, will take place on the 4 of June, 2012, at 1:13 pm, at the 15 degree of Sagittarius and also there will be the participation of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. It will affect the zodiac signs of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. Under this influence, any decisions and actions must take a significant form and the changes will occur must be faced up conciliatory. Gemini and Sagittarius will be affected in social matters while Pisces and Virgos will face up many professional problems. The weather will be peculiar and changeable while new geological phenomena will occur. Political and social crisis will continue while something that was hidden for long time …a big secret will come on the surface or an incident will reveal some kind of a truth.

The New Moon will occur on the 19 of June, at 5:03 pm, at the 29 degree of Gemini and in this phenomenon we have the participation of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. It will affect the zodiac signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces again while also some Capricorns and Cancers, those are born on the first few days of their zodiac sign. Because of this influence, any discussions will be done of economic and political nature must be organized very well as also movements too. Generally, this period will be explosive, modifiable and the aspects will transmit tension. This period of time will be not appropriate for taking decisions regarding economy, tourism, education and ecology. Finally, it is very possible any health problems to be increased while in the political world there will be conflict and confusion.