Numbers are ruling the Universe.  All people are under the nature s domination of number one. People are coordinated with Number one is locked in their own shelves. Reason, is being symbolized with Number One, is a ray of divine light in our minds that is permitting us to differentiate what is logic and true and what is not. All people, are harmonized with number one, are people gifted with judgment. Willingness is the inheritance of those is lighted from the rays of number one.


Number two does not consist the supplement of number one. Sometimes, is struggling against number one, in some way. It could be an echo. The Nymph that was named Echo was in love with Narcissus and when he dies, she lived on by out crying and repeating his name eternally. Number two, can be reproduced with number one but also can be opposed to number one, and become rivals. Those who follow the order of number one are people that complete the others. They are faithful companions or serious rivals who sown the seeds of discord. Usually, they can be put under the heat of others, most of times under those who follow the order of number one.


Number three is corresponding to the upper top of a triangle. It represents the surface, like number two represents the line and number one the dimensionless point. Number three is avoiding the opposition between the numbers of one and two and connecting them to the upper top of the triangle is creating two poles, a supplementary statement. Number three exceeds duality and eliminates the conflict. Also represents the Son, who combines the nature of the Father and the Mother with his own. Three, is the number of mediation, reason which is under the influence of Mercury, messenger of the Gods, who mediates always between the two poles, for instance between Sky and Earth. It also represents the idea of the circular progress, Birth, Climax and Death. It surrounds the enigma of the Sphinx to Oedipus. The nature of the Universe must be of triadic class. It symbolizes the action of creativity. So, people who respond at the power of number three are creative and capable to resolve any conflicts that have been created from duality knowing how to overtake their obvious dilemmas.


Number four, represents the decay of Matter which is being represented from resistance which characterizes the   three dimensional world. So, number four represents the world, and also four are the components, Fire, Earth, Air and Water with their substantial properties: DROUGHT, COLD HEAT and MOISTURE. So, it is not difficult for someone to understand  to a solid world ,like ours we have four basic  points and that the seasons  are those who characterized them, Spring ,Summer, Autumn, Winter. That is because number four, is ruling the worldly projects, like all the constructions are having a place in space. Also, the crops that depend on the seasons, where the one comes after the other, during the time. People who belong on number four; they have a complete knowledge of material goods. Regarding this aspect of view, they are rigid and they like to delimit the space they live and move every day. They look like a geometrical solid of cube, which is heavy and stable at the same time. These people usually the play the role of the cornerstone support and they are the backbone of many constitutions.


Number five represents the individual and his place to the world. It comes out of the  steady  number one  and the number two if added to male number three.However,it is the first number that contains  a steady and odd number and that is why is being connected  with the union of the two sexes and that is the reason  that many people is considering this number as Hermaphrodite number. Number three represents pregnancy while number five is ruling sexuality. It is the number which is being connected to the game of love. Since, brightness, gushes since we be born, which is similar to the action like the exodus from the depth of the Earth and the Rise to the surface, this number is symbolizing the Light. And if we consider that we speak for  the surface, let us consider  that the individual is in the underground and in heaven ,then number five is the intermediate point between number 1 and number 9.If we will design it now, with open feet and hands  we will realize that we can form  a five –pointed star which is symbolizing  the individual who rises heroically at   his winning higher department .Those who are  harmonized with number five, are   creative  lovers of Arts and indulged to love adventures. They can concept the depth of the human soul and the come and goings among the higher levels and the darkest areas of the mind.


Number six is a particular number, one of the most perfect numbers, as it is really said. So, number six in one of the few numbers that are equal to the sum of their dividers. Their dividers, of number six is number one and two, and number 3 while also the number 6 itself. So, 1+2+3=6. The same is happening with numbers 28,496 and 8,128. Number six, comes out of the product dividers and also 123=6.This must be considered as a gifted number with great inner harmony. Number six consists the product of the first premium female with the first odd male number while 23=6.Because is the product of number 2 and 3,the product of  the female and male, number six  symbolizes the perfection of Matrimony  at its wider meaning, but also brings the name of   marriage(GAMOS=ΓΑΜΟΣ , in Greek ) which is the  result of  the harmonic union of the first and the second number, as we  said before. People, who are under the light of number 6, are worth to be trusted while they wish well to be integrated harmonically, in the total, with each one of their parts. They seek with passion the family life or spaces and places that they can practice their capacity for order. While we see number three to be repeated   twice, in this number the chargeable power of six is double and this event is equal to a solid birth. Because of the six number ability, those who are under the influence of it they can be artists and simultaneously capable handicraftsmen.


Number seven is a unique number and is not the product of any other numbers. It cannot be multiplied without the result to exceed the exemplary scale that is being consisted from the first ten numbers. Number seven, represents a way of action and thinking which is different from other individuals and requires the highest logic itself which is capable to regulate the circles of life. Let us remember that the week of the seven days is the division of the Moon Circle in four phases. This last parameter rules the human beings evolution. Children start to be more sociable at the age of seven and that perhaps is not fatal. Then, they first change their teeth. Seven years later they appear with characteristics of teenage and with the same way someone can continue divide the life of each individual for every seven years, in order to find remarkable inner changes, which are subjected to this cycle. But number seven is not imprinted only on individuals but also in nature with the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven notes of music climax while also through the seven celestial bodies. People are harmonized with number seven, they know secrets that no one else knows. They leave through their passage, an undeniable breath of perfection, a remarkable and rare way of thinking, an unusual and astonishing way of action. Individuals are constructed with the power of number seven, do not live  in the society with the same way  like the rest of people and that is because they usually  isolate themselves  and act secretly without need to give explanations for the way they act or for their motives.


Number eight is symbolizing death, whatever is dying will be reborn with a different form and in a different level. The transition from the one form to the other is being ruled from number eight which is pictured geometrically as an octagon. A shape which is between the square symbol of Earth and the cyclic symbol of the Sky. Number eight, dominates over the birth of every new world. If you want to speak of death, the souls   after death abandon the body and they go to the upper areas in order to return down to the world by following the path which is connecting the Earth and the Sky, something that looks like with the complexed snakes of Hermes. Number eight, is symbolizing the gate of the entrance into every new environment. Is the number that dominates the initiation, while the initiator is dying and reborn under the light after due apprenticeship and similar rites. Individual’s psychosinthesis, which is corresponding to the key of number eight, love the power of material life and seek to collect this power. They love lovemaking, the energy of material bodies surround and the obtain of invisible power while at the same time they come face to face with deeper meanings of death. And why death, is illustrating those who seek the worldly power ,that  someone is the greatest and most decisive power .however, those people can see  what is hiding behind the phenomena and  despite the fact that they never talk about it they never forget that the  individuals body is ending up  ,to become one with the dust neither the fact that the spirit can  is possible to  go higher in upper levels, crossing the path  which is being connected to the  Caduceus of Hermes.


Number nine, is the last of the elementary numbers. That is because powers after number nine all powers are being repeated. The fact that the way of life is cyclic is being confirmed by nature of nine numbers with any other number and if that will be multiplied, we will have a new number which if we will add his digits they have the result of number nine. So, for instance we have 9+9=18 and 1+8=9.That means that number 9 returns to himself like the same occurs with number one. Number nine, symbolizes the rise to the spiritual world after the death which is symbolized with number 8.People,are connected to number 9 are evaluated to the tops of the visible worlds, they love the gods and they are feeling nostalgic of the lost paradises. Nine is symbolizing the return to our Ego and the Resurrection after Death.


Number ten is symbolizing the   apotheotheosis that has been completed on the way which is being appeared from the elementary numbers. Number ten, is again number one into a different level and a different gain number one, totally completed and contains all experiences that someone has gathered during the Cycle. So, number ten contains the everything, and that contains the last umber of ten, which is symbolizing the Bright Apollo, the Chariot of Fire in the world with its light.

Assign GREEK letters and numbers

1–.Α.Ι,Ρ       2–>Β,Κ,Σ   3–.Γ,Λ,Τ     4–>Δ,Μ,Υ     5–.Ε,Ν,Φ      6–>Ξ,Χ     7–>Ζ,Ο,Ψ.      8–>.Η,Π,Ω      9–.>Θ

Α = 1 Ι = 10 Ρ = 100

Β = 2 Κ = 20 Σ = 200

Γ = 3 Λ = 30 Τ = 300

Δ = 4 Μ = 40 Υ = 400

Ε = 5 Ν = 50 Φ = 500

F = 6 Ξ = 60 Χ = 600

Z = 7 Ο = 70 Ψ = 700

Η = 8 Π = 80 Ω = 800

Θ = 9 Q = 90 σαμπί = 90