Many of you asked  an article written for  Greece horoscope and the future of the Country.So,because we make our daily observations through daily events are taking place in the country.We  are just astrologers and we record the events as they take place not only in Greece but all over the world and the rest of Europe. We have ended in many assumptions regarding the future of the country,of course many of you have asked me if finally Greece will decide to stay in the EU or  not and if finally other countries will follow.Through the times,the last two years we have make completely different scenarios.

I will not hesitate to tell the fact,that when I first saw the horoscope of the country through the crisis,it looked like the Colonels coup in 1967 and it continues to be in this way till now.I was actually afraid of  the elections that would take place in 29 of April, 2012.On the other hand,the last few months we heard many times intensely the  possible scenarios of a possible Coup that would take place,that possibly would imposed from abroad.Then the date changed to 6 May of 2012.I hope the day of elections will not change again so we can finally determine the results of the elections.There are rumors that elections will not occur even in May. Anyway,we will write a few things through the astrological observations we have made.I confess that we are new modern astrologers that have not lived  violent events ,in the last 40 – 30 years of life and this is a new experience for me definitely.

Greece,belongs to the zodiac sign of Aquarius,completely anti authoritarian,and was born as a country on the 3 February,1830.On 3/2/1830 signed  in  England, France and Russia , the London Protocol as a diplomatic  action  that recognized Greece as an independent and sovereign state after the revolution of 1821.On that date,Hellas has  her own birthday.What we can do in order to see the future of the country this year ,is to build a Solar Return  Horoscope.This year will be decisive for the course of our country and we expect many changes that  we will examine , while already topical events occupy intensely employ workers, professionals, bankers and investors.

Observing the Natal Saturn of Hellas,we see that the Natal Saturn in Leo retrogrades at the 4th house.Things are showing that the country will return to the past.People,wants to return to the past,out of the EU while issues regarding the agriculture,soil issue and  estate will occupy Greeks.Saturn placement is showing where we will meet great challenges,restrictions and difficulties in our life.Even though, thought his position is talking about  a lesson we all must take and learn how to handle our finances and  also we can build self-appreciation autonomy and see the systems are preventing progress.It is being also connected to the laws and principles.With Saturn s retrogression Greeks possibly feel  inside that they’re never good enough, indulgent outward behavior may mask inner feelings of inadequacy and  hide their  fears.

Saturn deals with karma, limits, responsibility, tradition, conservatives,authorities, long term goals and accomplishments patiently created, taking responsibility, creating structure, and setting boundaries. Once a year the planet Saturn goes into retrograde for about four-and-a-half months. During  this influence, you will probably find it unwise to attempt sudden changes or  to rush through things. Take practical steps and accept limitations while you  take serious steps toward your long term goals. Saturn retrograde can cause you to become your own hardest task master, limit your actions or leave you feeling blocked and pessimistic.

Saturn retrogrades in Leo at the 14 and  47 degrees, in  her natal chart, and that indicates that  this country has  been abused by those with power over her ,  having faced unfair  situations too. Hellas, may need to declare personal boundaries in order to work out conflicts with authority  or with stronger ones on a karmic scale. You could feel that fate  conspires against  her desires. The lesson is one of patience and steady application of  hard work as you overcome the impatient urge to cut corners. Everything you  gain will be hard won but you will eventually succeed, win the respect of others and actually can shine where you faced difficulties before.Sudden  ailment. Insults.Delays in efforts. Professional risk.The truth is that the country  is being called to grow through restrictions.The period till the 19/5 is full of  dramatic changes regarding the way of life but also necessary to be done.

The Ascendant  of the Solar Return is in Cancer at the 3 rd house of Hellas and that sounds  hard enough  connected to the present situation during this period of time.You can also compare the last years  data with this years  astrological information ,that the Ascendant was at the 12th house ,which is the house of the secret enemies and captivity,while the MC was at the 8th house of the economics.The 3 rd house certainly is not immediately connected to the finances of the nation but more with communications ,transportation s and education.But if we will seek for a connection to the 3 rd house, we would say that organizations such Communications  has passed to foreign hands .The 3 rd house  is  also be reffered to neighbors of the country  that seem this year,to play an important role regarding the developments ahead, challenges from Skopje,Cyprus or being called to define the AOZ.(Exclusive Economic Zone )

The Yearly Solar return is at the Aries,is between the  the 11 th-12th house of politics and promotes political processes and  the creation of new ones. The experiences  we had since the  eclipses  at the axis of Gemini-Sagittarius,continue to exist,but  this is teaching us that we should wait splits,deletions,and other  relevant  events and this is actually taking place right now. Regarding the 12th house means  a kind of captivity of legal nature that occurs  with deceit.

I will proceed  with the aspects of the Hellenic Horoscope and that is the  T Square between Mars and the Moon, a shape which can revive political passions and  lead people out in the streets with the  following consequences.Another aspects is between Uranus and Demeter,regarding social and political  overthrows, in conjunction with Aries  and definitely this aspect will give  many surprises  and impossible political developments that  we never had thought before till today. An example of what is happening right now,is the appearance of new political parties ,usually with extremist ideas ,closing  definitely the AFTER-Period  of Junta.

Regarding finances of the Nation  things look to be little bit weird here,even though sometimes aspects can give optimism from times to times  and positive indications but on the other side the landscape looks to be enough foggy and  deceptive.  Another complicating problem is rising up thought he shape of Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto ,can directed in two different directions. The one can be referred to shocking  revelations, around the political life of the country and the other the arrival of  funds in the country. The first spectacular encouraging indication,regarding finances,comes from Jupiter in Taurus,in the 10th house,exactly on the MC,in Aries.But behind this we have the shape of a hidden square with Pluto,which means that he reproduces the data of the natal aspect  between the two planets in the horoscope of Hellas. Interweaving,loans and dirty profitable  games ,which is becoming more interesting  because of the gas and oil exploitation.So,the promising aid and the financial growth ,are mainly referred to the powerful class with great interests,that seem to get ready for the greatest profitable game of all the times.Jupiter in Taurus is also being connected to “great tricks” and profitable  moves,specifically in June when will enter  the zodiac sign of Gemini.The most critical point is now during the first few days of April,when will enter the 14th degree of Taurus,because perhaps these phenomena will start to appear earlier,by the end of March,when Jupiter will be in opposition to Demeter of  the country in Scorpio.

Saturn is also important when we find him at the natal  6th house,which is being connected to the labor issues and the public field and then we will see  many companies close down and many people get fired.Neptune,also is at the 8th house of finances ,at the Solar Return, and this is not  a positive sign at all.Neptune,the planet of fantasies, regarding practical issues is completely chaotic and deceptive.During this period of time,we should have our ears closed when we listen for rumors for improving the situation.Neptune conjuncts Mercury at the 10th house  and also the Ascendant of the Solar return at the 24th degree of  Cancer,opposite the natal Neptune of Hellas.This can also means another new cycle of fairy tales sold to the people of the country but also at the same time perhaps is showing a kind of cancellation of a legal actions on an international level, not validate legal actions  means inevitably also  void signatures.Anyone of you at this point can make a line of positive thoughts.Perhaps,after the elections someone will have the guts to withdraw from the EU and the statement of memorandum or will have the guts to react.We cannot predict the  events  because at the moment ,the dates regarding the  Hellenic elections are still have not been settled,even when we thought a few days ago that the elections will occur on the 6 of May,now changed and is unknown when this will finally take place.

Regarding the issue of bankruptcy,certainly  exists over the  Hellenic sky.A colpo grosso is very possible to exist on the scenario of bankruptcy and also things look to be  developed  catalytically  in the year of 2013,regarding Economy,with the shakings on an international level, since the  next solar return will be excessively seismogenic.These are the observations we make based on the Solar return.

This time,I will not use the natal chart of Greece,but the chart after the Junta.Uranian astrology, is based on a more mathematical model and let us see what we get through this chart.Greece has already in the past,4 bankrupts and e are going for the 5 th one,but we can see the 3 of them  except the first one because it is before the establishment of the Greek nation,in 1827.

In 1843,initially the Great Alliance  give the loan of the 60  millions French francs  with the coming of the King Othon but  in reality he takes less cash than they had promised him.The third dosage was never given and so the country bankrupts.In 1841,the British Ambassador in Greece,Sir Edmund Lyons eclairs that  “ indeed,an independent Greece is totally paranoic “Greece can be Russian  or British.And since must not become Russian then it is necessary to be British..This kind of statement is  showing the way that the imperialists facing up the Greek independence.Perhaps,that is reminding you something.

  1. The aspects then were these : Hades = Jupiter / Saturn =Pluto/Saturn=Saturn/Neptune.That menages are being provoked from treason.In order to complete a task with small amount of money. Frugality. Typhus, poverty and weakness.
  1. SARC MC=ASC/Neptune=Saturn/Vulcanus=Mercury/Vulcanus.That means false actions and images make a team of people suffering.So people  because of naive or by deliberate deceit,finally lose their fortunes or something of their fortunes.Dictatorship orders  and decisions to apply the power over people.

In 1893,Harilaos Trikoupis, before Christmas announces to the Nation the bankrupt of the country.Greece,in order to stay at the rule of the gold is being connected to the American dollar.The dollar, is being destroyed and  Venizelos devaluates the currency of drachma.On the May day of 1932,the Hellenic Parliament announces the bankrupt of the country and the defaulted external debt.

The we had  SARC Hades=North Node /Mars=MC/Admetos=Sun/Neptune. Resentment over the employment.A bitter experience through an evil action in order to stay  and be poor. However, indifferent to poverty or misfortune. Accepting a difficult fate. Too sensitive to serious epidemics.

At the same time,we had  Kronos=MC=Cupido/Hades=ASC/Admetos. The “Great”, the “boss.” To overcome but also to dismiss anything that is not elite.The  principles  of the Nation,in order to be independent. The placement in a  state -public or government position. Selfish. Individualist. To be part of a tragedy. Homes for children. Orphanages. Tied with a situation. Others feel a sense of inferiority. Chapter. Seat of government. Against the Head, the upper or the government itself.

Now we will return to the future and the interpretations  will be in three parts  and involves since the birthday of the country till the next one.

MC=HADES/ZEUS=WI/SUN=VENUS/JUPITER=MERCURY/MARS=VENUS/PLUTO=APOLLON/ADMETOS-SATURN. Persons who are unable to perceive or apprehend spiritual things. A man with brains outside of space and time. Great destruction and savagery. Religions of antiquity. Issues eliminate religious symbols. Scientific activity in historical issues. Trade in antiques. Ancient texts (originals). Suddenly events make their appearance. Relationships with others are a test source and the third   work underground  against me. Anyone seriously ill. Threatened with imprisonment. Joining forces for a common purpose. A company or a leader who is destroyed by misfortune. Destroying the government. Possible cheating by an unauthorized leadership. A great power diplomacy.

SARC KRONOS=MERCURY/KRONOS=JUPITER/POSEIDON=POSEIDON/PLUTO=MERCURY=MAC APOLLON=NEPTUNE/CUPIDO=URANUS=MOON/URANUS. The strength of the survey of   A  state. Great ideas. Official letters. court decision. Good news and success through good leadership crisis. An authoritarian placement in mental and emotional issues. A recognized leader. A leading mind. Talking to people about scientific issues. I follow the political science. The Head – the standard for many people. One who enjoys the appreciation of others. Sudden dissolution of a partnership under revolutionary views or a penchant for independence one of the parties involved.

God put his signature on the liberation of Greece and did not get  it  back “Theodoros Kolokotronis

We begin with the Saturn quotations.

Cessation of creation. Cessation of employment. A mind that is pressed unbearably. Pressure. Work up late. Fleeing the country, acquisition of a piece of property. Funeral. Memorials. Losses. Separation of something that has a permanent and irreversible. The axis of endurance and strength of  nerves. To find someone in a difficult position and overcome the obstacles. Depression. Ideological resistance, immutable beliefs and way of life. Resistance. Patience and perseverance. Frustrations, buried hopes. Failures in the prediction of events. To leave an educational program. Separation of nations,and that begins from the 18 March.The hardest issue of all is the fact that the progressive Saturn is over the natal Hades and that means, The axis of poverty and imprisonment, tough luck. Blocking or crowding out through illness. Melancholy. The bad habits.

Admetos is showing the stability of things or not and so we have. Having turned my attention to a subject. Past and outdated forms of state government. Isolation of a great power. States that are considered “special cases” from other states. The end of a power state. The dead or suspended state. Strong thoughts, which in principle is only partially successful. The destruction that comes through a revolution (in order to bring about a profound transformation). Disagreement on a small circle. Sudden cessation of contacts and relationships, because of intolerance.

Uranus is showing the sudden events.

Sudden scenes with his superiors. Brawl. Tantrums and tensions. Tears. Sudden changes in amazing conditions. Sudden reason for great optimism. Psychological ups  and downs. The person who knows  how to excite  away  the public. The Rebel. Mourning. An unpleasant fact that  unites people. The organization of a project, created by superhuman efforts in a short time.

Neptune is showing utopistic situations,the inspiration and the traps that someone need to notice. Intentions are not realized. Impotence. The futile attempt of third party of people for an  argument. Secret plans. Plans are not made. Projects aimed at destroying. Theft of jewelry or clothing that causes a stir. A scandal with some educational programs from abroad. Mistakes and misunderstandings that bring deceptions. A shocking resignation. Movements and failed investments. An overvalued person is not performing as expected. The inability to put priorities.


Strong events. People and women under great excitement. An agreement, unless the program, which opens perspectives. Remand for trial of a political personality. Making big things with little and poor materials. Slavery and emancipation. A great deception and disappointment through others. Policy. The power of government and the nation at large. The Referee. The Bishop.

The Moon is being connected to the people and the mass.

Change and transformation. Power Management. Women and government  that show trust worthy . Avoiding a public appearance. Alliances and collaborations with partners  that make me  feel real. People who feel depressed and who expect the worst.

Discording the above messages,it is certain that Greece is getting into a very hard  period of time and is obligated  to follow  a very dangerous course with many ups and downs.It is needed further attention regarding issues of deception since the quotations insist clearly  into that. The advent of a new body perhaps will upset the political scene since his arguments will convince.The most interesting of all,is that we should expect new alliances to come  but also politicians to be contempt  in order to find justice.A couple of years ago I had predicted a kind of co-ruling between the two political parties, in the year of 2010, and a o lot of things will change,with the movement of Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces ,at the 11th house of Greece,is opening a new way for the shaping of new political parties,that probably something positive will come out through this influence.Elections after Easter,is pointing the gathering of many planets,in April of 2011,at the 11th house of Greece, radical overhaul of the government scheme the planets themselves are also showing  at the 10th house.

I also had mentioned that the economical problem of Greece will  show its real dimensions  during the spring of 2011,because Pluto   then would start his first completed  conjunction to the natal Jupiter of the country.On the 29 March,2011 we have the opposition of Saturn-Jupiter at the 15th degree of Aries-Libra,that will affect the global economy with the form of a mini crash.Neptune s participation   that the crisis will be based on the prices of the oil and that the 15 degrees, is critical degree for many horoscopes of the Middle East and then we should expect many developments  regarding those nations.The Saturn –Jupiter aspect and the axis of MC-IC of Greece show that April would be a tough month for the other European countries too.The above aspects also affects the USA,where we see intense military action.Those aspects showed the destruction of Kadhaffi air base and so on.

Finally,I believe through astrology that we can have  a confirmation regarding the future of our children.In 17 years,in the year 2028,Pluto will enter Aquarius and will start to shape  conjunctions with the natal Uranus of Greece at the beginning and then with  her Sun,till the year 2035. Foreign borrowing, plutocracy or international conspiracy, and to name the cause, the result of these very important aspects can be limited, at present, only two words: final rupture.