Things are critical enough in Europe and unfortunately there is a motto which says  that the Age is not protecting from stupidity.That is what exactly we have to say in the case of Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble,that think superficially that they are able to have the absolute control of every situation,without any trouble.But the Uranian oracles are saying different things.After we had mentioned the fall of the Euro and the change of things in previous articles you can find here regarding the crisis,since 2009 and 2010,where I had explained in details what would take place in the future regarding the nations of Europe.One more step till the final fall of Europe, that we hope not to happen,but remember that everything is up to you,for the new things that will come..So let us see what we have this time,regarding the state of Germany and  then France at the moment.

ASC=Wi/Kronos=Moon/Uranus=Wi/ASC-Saturn=Venus/Mars=Venus/Poseidon= Pluto/Kronos:

This quotation means a co-operation with an independent principle.Adverse possession. The State takes advantage of the woodland. To live alone and deserted. Testing by others or with others a big change. Large changes in position. Failing the exam. The fall of a government. The end of a form of government.

MC= Pluto/Hades=Uranus/Pluto

Being  unreliable or dishonest as a state. The Fall. Decline. Easy to adjust.Contamination of other people. Infestation or disease infection. unsuccessful agreements.

Kronos = Mars/Poseidon =  Neptune/Pluto- Zeus/Vulcanus=Jupiter/Saturn=MC/Admetos:

From this quotation we that they will try to show a moral stance. The changes have been made ​​but progressing at a pace of a  turtle. Great efforts will be made  by the government. Acquisition of certain privileges through the courts. The archomania will  be paid dearly.


Regarding the state of France.France was searching enough in order to find a leader that considers that will fit perfectly in the Eurozone.But unfortunately  we show in these elections of May 2012,that Sarkozy did not had the chance to be the leader of France,no matter his efforts before the elections.

He tried to bet a lot in the campaign against the Gaddafi while many say he  is behind of  the “Strauss Kahn case” serving two selfish purposes. His exit from the race for the Succession of Presidential throne and the expulsion from the IMF, since Dominic knew that America is under  bankrupt to the point not to be able to give the 191.3 tons of gold that the IMF . So he was succeeded by Christine Lagarde, finance minister and former great solicitor in America.On the other hand France has to face up a huge  global economical decline that has begun from 2011 and now comes to change radically the quality of French life.

ASC- Pluto= Wi/Hades= North Node/ Kronos=Venus/ Neptune= Uranus/ Hades.

Rejection and poverty. Unpleasant effects of changes in real estate. Loss of money. Increase in oil demand and consequently in his honor. Legal involvement or damage. The beginning and end of a trial. Developments, changes to persons in positions of authority. Showing love and compassion but being a prisoner  of an underground agreement. To find the country accountable for actions of third parties. The country is not the cause of some change in conditions.

MC=Moon/Uranus =MC/Sun=Venus/Pluto=Wi/North Node= Neptune-North Node/Uranus

Irritability. Rejection of the plans for no good reason. Some things are not “pure.” New styles. Contact with new technologies. Taking things or issues that are in a state of dissolution. Trying to bring order into chaos.

Kronos=Wi/Mercury=Wi/Poseidon=Mercury/Uranus=Neptune/Admetos=North Node/Hades=Wi/Kronos

A decision or order that goes beyond the boundaries of the state. From an international organization. From  the Supreme Court. Decision-related organizations with legal and proper functioning. Official telegrams. A sudden decree. The government organizes the new standard of living. Changes ordered by the authorities. Transactions with criminals or criminal benefit of assistance. To participate in a conspiracy or an intrigue. A nation that will play a catalytic role in the flow of events.


Wi/Jupiter=Mars/Kronos=Mercury/Pluto=Neptune/Vulcanus= Pluto/Poseidon=Hades/Apollon

Financial transactions and liquidity of the State are directly dependent on the state’s ability to collect. Developing new ideas but  unrealistic. Dissolution-quit  from  a scandal.In summary, France is facing a severe industrial downturn, while the role of Europe in day by day it becomes more and more “second” and  neutral .Perhaps,this we will explain it in a different way,I hope soon,in a different kind of article,without astrological equotations.