Is 2011 an easy year or a difficult one?Is it a favorable period of time?I wonder what easy means or what favorable means when we talk about 2011.Is it going to be the year of materialism,power or calmness ?Certainly not,2011 will be not such a year.But it will be the way for the awakening of spiritualism,cleansing and rebirth.It s certain that there will be a conscious change.After a storm there is always a rainbow.The storm is good-with all the disaster it brings- in order to clean up the atmosphere,to take away the “ trash ‘,even  if there will be losses.You will certainly,feel now that Universe is taking things in its hands.

Two very powerfuil planets,Jupiter and Uranus,are in common orbit this year under the influence of  Aries,that they had completed the conjunction of this June.This aspect can really function as ablessing or a curse.Greece,is bring affected from this influence from Junauary till April.These two planets,under the zodiac sign of Aries,are creating anexplosive hotpot…mixture… that can bring everything upside down but at the sametime guarantees that  the end there willbe the desirable progress and development.Jupiter and Uranus combinationperfectly between them.Jupiter is carrying the expansion and luck and  finds support next to Uranus who can overturnthe convensions and the usual.All these combined with the  vehemence and the fire of Aries give the hopefor very positive developments in all levels.However,this position of the planets in Aries is possible to hide situations where the measure can be lost and the exaggeration can lead things at the edge.

The  entrance of  Uranus  at the 0 degree of  Aries in March of 2011,in a position whereJupiter will move already since the  of Januray,will being progress and awakening but at the same time is hiding manydangerous situations.Uranus will stay in Aries till March of 2019.In fact,weshould not forget the tremendous energy  of those two planets.Jupiter and Uranus easilycan lead to fanatism and  unrest without limits and specific direction.Under this aspect we have the economical crisis of 1929  where lead thousands of people into poverty and unemployment.Under the influence of  Uranus in Aries, from 1927- 1935 theappearance of many extreme tensions,like the form of  fascistic and national-socialistic movements in Italy and Germany, that lead fast in a World war and bring humanity at the verge of extinction.

In technology,one discovery will come after another.Movements andtransportation,communications generally and sophisticated technology will pass really into a different level.Scientists already with the experiment of CERN, managed to trap for the first time38 particles of anti-matter in order to be studied.The connection of Uranus willthe artificial intelligence will lead our senses into a different level.We will have progress in Space,the manifacture of cars,transportation and computers.Observing,the characteristics and the perspectives but also the dark side of those two powerful planets,it seems that is in our hands to transform their“gifts” into a blessing or a curse for our future.The awakening and theenlightment look to be really possible for the first time.However,with such perspectives is very easy to lose ourselves in the chaos,anarchy without any reason and measure.Everything is possible,but in our hands,indeed.

The negative aspect of Saturn-Pluto that occurred last summer and still has influence on us,willeffect us for long time.The influences of this aspect will be intensly visiblein the year of 2011.With such an aspect, lead old institutions and systems tobe sticked in the past,but in the end they never manage to overturn theupcoming changes.Those who are in power will be called to justify their actionsand pay for their mistakes.Their abilities will be set under doupt and things they were hiding will come into the light,reavealing the size of injustice.Economicalissues,investments and obligations will consist the object of pressure andintense organizations,will be proved day by day, that their responsibilities for the situations we live, are huge and sooner or later,will come into the light impossible lies  and hoaxes.Beyond ,the economical and political developments,there are also the tragic disasters in nature but alos the fatal human mistakes that we cannot overlook.The results of this aspect ,were visible through the reaction of the planet.As I have write in my previous articles,let s not forget the explosion of the volcano in Iceland, and the disastrous earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.

Chiron will be in Pisces.Hope is the last thing that dies,and that s for sure.Chiron,is agreat teacher and healer.We have in fron of us a whole decade,till February of2019,where Chriron will be at the zodiac sign of Pisces.It was initially atthis position from  from 20 april-21 July of 2010,and since he returned retrograted in Aquarious,will definitely willenter again in Pisces,at 9 th February of 2011.In a few lines,Chiron,symbolizes pain but therapy too.When Chiron,appears in a house of our horoscope,we feel weak and sensitive.This sense of weakness can give itsposition in intense tensions of revenge in case someone will hurt us.But thisis not strange at all.That s the first thing we all think,when we are hurted,totake revenge and do what the others have done to us.But then we find out thatin fact this doesn t makes sense,on the other hand it grows collisions and multiplies problems.

Chiron s transit from the zodiac sign of Pisces is possible to show off moe clearly thishuman advantage.The point is not to restrict ourselves in the limits of our close environment and private life but to expand also in the social andpolitical reality,where the issues there are more serious and critical and  have impact all over the world.Chiron,istelling us intensly that  solutionscannot be found with revenge and collisions.

I have write before  and many times about the Cardinal Cross where the zodiac signs belong are Aries,Cancer,Libra and Capricorn.In these positions there are subversive planets where they collide between .Saturn in Libra,Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn,represent opposite and energies are conflicting principles.From the one side,the politicians(conservative powers ) where they want to keep frozen situations ,from the other side, people with innovative ideas where they want to break the limits and chains ( for instance, from the one side there is a huge effort to maintain  the use of the nuclear power but on the other side we have offered solutions for an alternative source of energy). Collisions touch others,however ,we can see  and observe that horoscope of simple people can be influenced and nations where this situations depends on them.In the next15 years,this Change will have completed in an economical and social level.

At the horoscope of 1/1/2011 we will see that Pluto,Sun,Mars and North Node, of the Moon are in Capricorn (Power-Government –also Family )  are in negative aspect with Saturn.Pluto will stay to Capricorn till the November of 2024.During this period,Pluto will demolish anything is degenerated,in order to build something new,a more human and more sincere political system.The fact,that the planets above are in the 4th house,it also shows the ground,the earth, and also the revolutionary behavior because of the peoples s indifference.It also shows difficulties with property and collisions in the family.This also being connected with Immigration.Finally,there is danger for the bad use of power.

Saturn is at the 1 st house,on the rise of Libra,who will force us to balance between thepast and the future.So,that demands patience and persistence.People srelationships but between nations too,will pass from an importantcrisis.Neptune,in Aquarious is in negative aspect with Venus and Moon inScorpio.This aspect shows frustration,,that we have to try to get over.The factthat Neptune, is at the 5 th house,shows tha we have to turn ourselves intoidealistic-spiritual matters.Charity will be at the zenith,and at the same timethere will scandals of all nature and scandals that have to do with children.

The Conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces in the 6 th house (Health-Work ) gives many hopes for great progress in issues of health.Also, favorable is the aspectof Conjunction  between Jupiter-Uranuswith the Conjunction of Venus-Moon that will bring unpredictable love affairs.Venus in Scorpio,in the 2 nd house (economy) shows that the difficulties and thedeceptions on an economical level ,shows that some solutions will befound.Mercury in Sagittarious in the 3 rd house (immediate environment – studies),in exagon with Saturn  shows theneed  to improve the education and givemore  chances to children ,where is onlyour hope.

Naturally,everyone’s eyes is turned to Euro currency.It worths to say here,as I had mentioned inmy previous articles,that people may feel frustration and find out that theirhopes will be not reapeated.The less we can wait is a big crisis.Le t s hopethat the entrance of Capricorn in Pluto will show to the leaders anew way,inorder to avoid the crisis.And the economical crisis,is the less of what will happen…except that.Many wonder if this is a coincidence that the horoscope of euro,the horoscope of Germany but also the horoscope of Angela Merkel are on the Cardinal Cross from the2011-2012?

Angela Merkel was born in Hamburg,at the 17/7/1954,at 5:45 pm.The Sun,Uranus,Jupiterand  Mercury are in Cancer,in square withNeptune in Libra.This aspect shows fanatismfor her country,insecure but also acontradictory nature.The triangle of Mars – Pluto shows obsession  to her opinions,however she will have extremedifficulties ( health or overturn the next two years ).The negative aspects ofPluto,Saturn and Uranus,do not seem to allow her continue her work for longtime.

Germany,is being affected from the overthrows that are being provoked from the aspects ofthe Cardinal Cross.The Conjunction of the Sun-venus in Libra in a negativeaspect with Uranus-Saturn-Neptune is showing many difficulties andoverthrowings that are touching her directly.

Austria is already in front of domesticbreach  that will bring her in a procedureof development ,from which many political changes will come.Switzerland,is in danger from a scandal thathave to do with medicine or chemical.In France,Sarkozy,willbe hard for him to maintain peace in the country.In Italy,thescandals,intrigues but also the floods will be not miss  around Spring.For Berlousconi,will be reallyhard to maintain his throne (May-July). In USA,for a series of years (2020 ) itwill not be asy for them to find their leg on an economical level (April-August ).Their image,will accept many blows where Barack Obama will needto  put a huge effort,in order to findsolutions.

Israel,is at their best period too.I can tdistinguish some kind of awakening or enlightment that will bring  a change of attitude .Spring,may bring aserious deal.Pakistan,possibly there will be more army collisions.However,the positive position of Jupiter,is impossible to save  the situation.Is also possible to comeproblems that have to do with nature.Russia, cannot get away from the recession too.2012,for them will be harder for them too.The future for Putin,is also not so good,I would say.

In a few words,a strong aspect of tension there will be from June –August on a global level.There is huge possibility to have unrest ,chaos even terrorist blows.2011,could be also the beginning for the way to a society with more justice,which has to be completed with much pain.Pluto may symbolize the  total collapse,but is certain that there will be a following development and progress.From February,the year of the Rabbit at the Chinese Horoscope,we have to manage an more friendly approach even with our enemies,to use diplomacy and the art of communication instead of yelling out and contradictions.The path of Greece is full of rose petals but the programe and optimism can take us out of the dead end.

On the next articles I will try to answer to questions I have received from readers.So,a  question I received is ” How much the presence of Angela Merkel will influence Greece?”That s aquestion I received in November of 2010.I have to say here that the European Union,was never really united and things will be like now till the October of 2012,and first of all belongs at the zodiac sign of Taurus..The French  Minister of Foreign Affairs ( 9/5/1950) Robert Schuman suggests the creation of  of a European Community of coal and steel.The  after-development is the recommendation  of the Europea Union,at the 23:3.57,at 6 pm,in Rome.So she is Aries,with Ascendant in Virgo,and Moon in Aquarious.From the october of 2009,Saturn ( pressure,obstacles,doubts )in Libra was opposite Aries.The main member of the European Union,Germany is also Aries,which means in some way that the Community is her extension.Aries is the zodiac sign with the strongest Ego ( I decide,I manage…etc). The known motto ” Deutschland uber alles “, which means that Germany is abovethe civilians and Germany above everyone else,Germany naturally will care less for the others.

Will she stay for too long?a daring question,even though I thought it wouldn t be so gentle or wise to publish such article and answering in questions,I finally take the decision to do so.Astrologically talking, her circle is closing down in 2012.Her hard days will be during the year of 2011 will be from 7 December  2010 -16 January 2011, from 2 April-10 May,the eclipse of July and the time between 2 August- 18  September.As far as you see,she will continue to act pressure on Greece and her contradictions with prime Minister Papandreou will continue to exist.

European Union will continue to be united?Another question who from the ministers can damage the European Union.Papandreou Saturn -from Libra, blows her zodiac sign ,and Zapatero,the prime Minister of Spain ( Leo of 1960 ).His Saturn from Capricorn is opposite her zodiac sign too.That s the duet can send her …literally.Will Spain and Ireland and Portugal entering the Fund will make thiungs worst? Things in the beginning will be difficult but then we will create an common front.

Bankrupt?The word ” bankrupt” will never being told officially from Greeks.In the question if Greeks will manage  to settle things up,I had write before that this government had arise from a Full Moon and that means miscommunication, and nothing effective,there is luck of compassion and luck of targets and on the contrary they need experienced people to run willingly in key-position.Only then,we will not lose.I wish only,at the time of 2/4/- 31/6 , which   the best period for Papandreou to act,and go ahead with changes and new attitude.If he will lose this period, then from November 0f 2011 till July 2012,he may lose more …There will be much noise,the peiod will be extremely hard for Erdogan too, and the Prime Minister of Skopje.Putin,is adding up something too.

The Drahma currency?

That would be actyually a nightmare. And we should everything in  the year  2011,before November, in order to avoid this.Euro currency till the October of 2012 will accept blows ( capricorn ) but from June of 2011 till June 2012 will start healing its wounds with the help of Jupiter.

There will be a Restructuring?

It s already have been done.Through the measure have been taken for the lengthening debt repayment,I hope that frm July of 2012 tll July of 2013,we would be able to suceed something,under a few conditions.Jupiter of Greece,will do something,even if not so many.We will take the rest dosages till November,that the hard part for Mr.Papandreou begins.But because on 7/12/2010,,a hard period closed,the dosage of January of 2011,we will take that too.Particular attention will be necessary at 23 rd of february- 2 April,,where the next dosage is getting ready,and from 20 th of June- 2 August,.The two eclipses will blow the Prime Minister.