558 years passed since the 29 May, 1453.This article was written in 29, May 2011, a day where in all Europe despairing yells were heard for freedom and Justice. It gives the impression that May was made for prodigious events! The rising City of the Emperors and the Legends passed at the hands of Ottomans. This Christianized Roman Empire could stand for whole 11 Centuries. We recollect the Fall of Istanbul because history taught us that when the few or the scrawny choose to fight against a lot of people or the sturdiest, possibly provisionally defeated, but then again in fact they win much more. And not only to win but they can become symbols and initiate for new battles.

“It was a God s will to pass to the Ottomans”, people used to say those eras.

Possibly, this could be the best justification for those who remained veiled in their households, in monasteries or in the churches, denying to fight, because it s not possible for a human to fight against the God s will. Probably it could be in this way. It is a fact that the omen of those last days, were not so promising for the people who lived in Istanbul. The Sultan Mehmet, Fatima the second, had with him a lineup of astrologers, that accessed him every time for what he had to do and tell in order to flourish his purposes, and of course that was the triumph over Istanbul. I can’t say that I continuously believe at twist of fate and things that ensue by fortune, I would like to point out here that the founder of the Byzantine Empire, Konstantin, who was the son of Eleni (Helen) and the last emperor was also called Konstantin. This similarity amongst the two emperors, may consist one of the most imperative omens, from those who write about the Fall of Istanbul.

istanbul29 may1453

On the 22nd May, 1453, just a few days before the Fall of Istanbul, there was a Moon Eclipse that lasted for 4 hours, with the Moon being at the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini. The Moon at that time was very close to the ascendant and the star of war Antares.
Also, there were many squares between the planets, that give the picture of a disastrous and a ferocious incident that would come. The chronicles of that time, report a swift, unexpected storm that was followed by thick fog, which sheltered Istanbul, omens that Mehmet had interpreted as positive, for his army.
Later on, a few really frightened, seeing the Dome of Santa Sophia in flames, have faith in that this omen was the worst for the future of Istanbul. They were believing that the fire meant the withdrawing of the Holy Spirit that lived in the cradle of Orthodoxy.

The astrologers of Renaissance were saying that for each establishment of a Nation, Empire, Kingdom or the rise of some significant figures, the Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is playing an important role. In 1258 BC. Under the inspiration of such conjunction, converted the beginning of the Persian Monarchy that carry on for 810 years. The conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn itself, at the zodiac sign of Taurus, developed 7 years before the Greek Monarchy will begin and also lasted for 405 years. The same materialized with the beginning of the Roman Monarchy, with the same conjunction of the planets at the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

The establishment of Istanbul occurred in 1285, close to the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn, at the war zodiac sign of Sagittarius. The Scythians, a Turkish tribe that came before the Ottomans, left their country in 844, after the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn, under the influence of Leo, and immigrated at the area of Armenia and later in Persia.
One more conjunction at the zodiac sign of Taurus, brought the war between the Christians and the Turks that reason the triumph over of Jerusalem. Jerusalem passed at the hands of Christians, and later pass at the hands of Saladin, after the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn, under the zodiac influence of Virgo. Turks, dissipated from Persia in 1202, and went to dwell in Sivas and Konya, after the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn, under the influence of Libra. Some of the Turks living in Egypt, were dissipated also from Mamluks in 1250, 5 years after the same conjunction and this event also, was the reason for the build of their own kingdom that lasted for 267 years.

Another conjunction of these planets at the zodiac sign of Libra, in 1305, bounces the enhancement to the Ottomans for more triumphs and surmounts in Europe, and the conquer of Rhode, in 1308.Many conjunctions between the two planets of Jupiter-Saturn were shadowed, very important for the history of this Nation, concluding the conjunction in Cancer, in 1444.The succeeding events, lead at the death of Sultan Murat and the rise of his son Mehmet the B, at the throne. Mehmet was determined to build a very strong Empire, and wanted Istanbul to be the capital city of his country, something that he succeed to accomplish.

fall of constantinople christian view

I wonder if Konstantin IX Paleologos -Dragases, had a team of astrologers around him, in order to consult him and tell him what to do and tell, in the same way that Sultan did. I guess not. The Orthodox faith, eliminate and condemn the “Divinatory Arts”, including astrology that does not belong in Divinatory Arts but in mathematics. Mathematics, also had been condemned by the Church, and the felony of working on mathematics was measured too stern, and the penalty for it, was weighty enough. It sounds too hilarious, for a Muslim nation, like also the nation of Ottomans that supposed that lived under limitations and severe rules with complete devotion to the Koran, to be so open-minded, in contradiction with the Liberal Christianism, of the justice and equality that condemned almost all kind of sciences. Mistakes are getting paid and many times cannot be modified. Possibly the fall of Istanbul was not Gods willpower but a matter of narrow-mindness. Nevertheless, the bravery and the self-sacrifice of the last Emperor, do not consent too much space for humble criticism and point of view.

If the last Emperor had asked an opinion from his astrologers to analyze him the astrological facts of Equinox before the fall, he would have understood that the following disaster was unavoidable. The Vernal Equinox of 1453 occurred on the 11th of March, at the time where the Sun was entering Aries. The Sun and the Moon were at the 6th house, and furthermore, which is very bizarre both of empty beam. Traditionally, the Sun, symbolizes the power and the Moon, the people. Both, in a very negative position, feeble and hesitant.

The Ascendant was in Libra and Saturn at the first house, in Libra who was in retrogression. This year, back in the present, we also have the Saturn in Libra retrograded, in this year’s Vernal Equinox, which is a terrifying and unbelievable coincidence too! The North Node of the Moon in Sagittarius and the South Node in Gemini, which is another coincidence!

The astrological sky of 2011, of that day looked unbelievable, when the Sun was conjuncting Uranus, over the influence of Aries. I m certain, that Byzantines of 1453 would also be fearful, if at the Equinox of 1453, were seeing the absolute conjunction of Mercury retrogression with Jupiter, that in political astrology symbolizes, the clergy and the nobility.

At the specific occasion, Mercury rules the 12th house of the Equinox, the devious and unseen enemies, hidden activity, secret communications. That means that Istanbul fall from inside, and that was mentioned later by many historians. Venus, Mars and Mercury also altogether give the impression that the time for Byzantines stops here, a kind of warning. Through the 10th house, the house of power, Uranus is in Cancer, with the star of Talitha. The stars at that time were almost 7, 5 degrees, before the position that have currently, because they move at each one degree every century. So, the star Talitha, was in the house of power, giving at the emperor the worst luck.

The Emperor Konstantin Paleologos, belonged at the star of Aquarius, so during the Vernal Equinox and the fall, Pluto was crossing his horoscope and also in opposition, at the zodiac sign of Leo, which was the greatest and worst luck that an emperor may have for his own nation and throne.
The star Polaris, the known polar star, was with the South Node of the Moon, at the 9th house of the church. Turks, were naming this star, Yelduz, and had been observed that its light had been lost for a while, which was a very positive sign for them but not for Byzantines. At the acne of the 4th house, the star Terebellum, in Sagittarius. The 4th house, the point where the spring begins, is always showing the results of an action. And the outcome here was about a tremendous bloodshed and ferocity.


It was expected to happen. Nonetheless, the Byzantium was in its old glory as the Byzantines used to know in the old days. The last intrusions of the Crusaders, the development of the Ottoman Empire, and the conflicts, the collusions between the churches, the bad economical supervision and so many other things, had constrained the soil of the strong empire. The sultan had nothing else to do, than gathering up his army, to climb over the half destroyed walls and get into Istanbul. So it happened.
Of course, the few Byzantine soldiers and allies, fight hard and give the enemies a hard time too, but at the end the last guardians of Istanbul, with the Emperor, had been killed and the Sultan accomplished his promise to his soldiers, proud and gratified for the three days massacre.

Istanbul, fall at the morning of the 29th of May, and because we don’t have the precise time for the fall, neither for Paleologos demise, we put the time at 8:00 am. That minute the day rise at the zodiac sign of Leo. The ruler of the Ascendant was, the Sun was in absolute conjunction with the South Node of the Moon, at the zodiac sign of Gemini. The ruler of the ascendant was weak as also the people and the power. At the first house we have Pluto, at the zodiac sign of Libra, the ruler of the 7th house, (open enemy) and also the 8th house (death) Saturn, where we find him in our house, which is the 4th house. Enemy and death together in our house. The ruler of the 10th house, the Emperor, is Mars, which is at the 12th house, of imprisonment and underground enemies.

The Moon, that symbolizes the people, traditionally, is at the 8th house, and also as a mutual reception with Venus, ruler of the 4th house (home, country, soil, fathers heritage).Its known that many of those who existed there, accomplished to take a part of their fortune with the blessings of the Sultan, left for the west, to get away from the massacre, deserting Istanbul with fewer wardens.

Mars, at this point is symbolizing the Emperor, at the 12th house, in a fall at the zodiac sign of Cancer, conjunct the star of Talitha, where we find it again, at the chart of the Vernal Equinox, of 1453.The star of Talitha, we frequently see it in occasions of death, it will never stop to be the star of healing and consideration and ropes the build of an idea and the provision of every great work.
Additionally, Cancer, is the zodiac sign of nationalism and motherland, and is natural the ruler of the Emperor, Mars, to be tied up with the country, like in the same way that Paleologos was.


The star of Talitha is the death and the resurrection. The legend says that when the king was bounded by the Turks, an angel of the Lord grasped him and fleece in a cavern and marbled him. In this cave waiting for centuries the “marble King” to come back at the right time, “the fullness of time,” the angel of the Lord will reinstate his life and his sword to drive out the Turks from Constantinople. Other legends and prophecies say will chase them up the “Red Apple Tree” and the battle to the Turks would be defeated and “will swim the calf in their blood.” The legend adds, even, that the Turks are constantly looking to discover the cave, where a marble King is buried. But their exertions are always in vain, as the angel guards the marble king and waits for the command of God to wake him up. The Legends based on the mourning of people, and for his durable desire for the overthrow of a sad state of affairs. And in conclusion, possibly that is the only time that astrology and myth, make a covenant.

Many probably believe that prophecies are not being completed and feel inside some kind of sadness and that makes their faith weak. There is a prophecy, which says that Istanbul, would be set free, in 555 years, after the 1453, in 2008.

It was said that many blaspheme that would light candles in Santa Sofia, that year, and that year passed away and the anticipated freedom never came. But things are not looking like being in this way. What we know for those days is that Russia invaded Georgia (South Ossetia War: Russian units occupy the Georgian city of Gori. http¨//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_South_Ossetian_War) and everyone can read, but except that there is a very outlandish contextual. A lot happened behind the curtain. It was written down, for a second automatic restart of the planet, which stopped the events of the 8th August, in order to take place dissimilar actions somewhere else. And that somewhere else denotes to Istanbul-Greece (Uranus opposition with Mars, Sun and the Ascendant in Leo, experiment), I m sure that people of Georgia and everyone on this planet are bystanders of a bizarre phenomenon. All, you have to do is going back in time and reminisce what transpired to you between the 7-8 of August. But I hope I have the chance to write about it in another article.Just right now I refresh the article,tomorrow is 29 May 2014 and PM Erdogan is planning to perform prayers in Hagia Sofia.I refreshed the articles not only for the  events but also the fact that events that took place in Istanbul  and those are going to come will be very significant and astrologically this time is not just an accident.