The Full Moon will occur on 18 of April 2011 at the 27 and 44 degrees of Libra.This Full Moon is not like any other one,but it has also a pecuriality,I would say.This phenomenon is happening,when the Moon is coming closer to the Earth, as I ve said on my previous article,which as we know the Moon is being connected closely with the oceans and the cortex of the planet. While the Moon is coming closer to the planet, her gravitational attraction seems to affect the Earth intensely. As we know the Moon is not making a round motion but elliptical, and that has as a result the distance between the Earth and the Moon to change constantly.

Astrologically, this Full Moon , in combination with other factors,is being connected to smaller or greater degree,with natural disasters and extreme weather phenomena.However,Jim  Garvin, the scientific head of the Goddard Space Flight of NASA,is clearing up that the consequences of this Full Moon,is of smaller significance,in order to affect the  inner energy balance of the planet,according to studies of scientists.However,they were wrong when we see the influence of last March Full Moon that came closer to planet earth provoked a second earthquake and tsunami to Japan.With the Full Moon in Libra,we reach at the peak of this Lunar Cycle.It s about an already overloaded period,where the Full Moon begin with the most  provocative  aspects of Jupiter-Saturn,the square of  Pluto-Mars,and also everyone s limits were tested this period.But this time we will need more efforts to be made from our side to understand the intentions of the planets.The best we can do then is to evaluate as objectively as possible where we are in our lives, in relation to where we would like to go and what to do.

Overall, this cycle  is  inviting  us to find the right balance in our interpersonal relationships and find happiness through the creation and strong spiritual links.Patience, forgiveness and justice are some words that can make a difference if you put them into practice in our daily lives.Neptune in Pisces, a triangle with the Moon and sextile with Sun gives an intuitive flow of everyday life and our social interactions and infused with creative vision of our dreams. But we can easily overcome the limits of reality and find it difficult to distinguish between the real instinct of the innermost desires and elusive dreams. It is therefore appropriate to examine carefully our thoughts and our actions and avoid unnecessary events heroism and sacrifice, but this does not means that we must feed the soul and desires.

Venus in square aspect with the Nodes and cross the Moon might create somewhat true, not uncomfortable, circumstances where we need to feel liked, with an innate desire to please others. The issue here is how it can be diverted to underestimate or deny ultimately our true values ​​and commit ourselves to a hopeless situation. What is needed in this case is to use the knowledge gained from our experiences in order to satisfy the deepest spiritual needs.

Mercury slows down and returns back on track on 23 April from the 12th 53 ‘ degrees of Aries. This period can be distinguished from confusing situations that make our lives complicated and there may be times when we get lost in the obscurity of the number of information that we have to manage . There is no reason to panic because in  that way we will lose control of situations and a clumsy move would succeed  the one another.The conjunction of  Mercury – Mars in Aries gives confidence and rush decisions and is distinguished by its stubbornness and impatience.Striving for progress and hates any  twists and restrictions. The impact is immediate in all forms of communication, oral and written, but also in transportation issues. Many of us are currently reviewing some hasty decisions that we took in the past or can even be seen the tangible results of previous unpleasant our choices. Now what happened, happened, so let’s pick up the broken pieces and  from now on we  should study more carefully what we think,decide, or say …

Besides, let s not forget that this conjunction is under the watchful eye of Saturnian  Libra, which prevents immature decisions and panic. So, what could result is a disorderly situation where on one side  we have the oppression and restriction on the other hand, the impulsive desire to break free from what makes us suffocating.All this of course in theory … but in action if this Full Moon is storing  for us on a personal level, some concrete results or revealing statements depend on all of our Natal Chart and overall  personal situation. It is in our hand  to disengage ourselves from  fears and irrational thoughts, and always remember that in difficult situations, the detachment supports and enhances the objectivity of good and thought-action.