In this article we will record some observations about some important Earthquakes on the planet and their particular astrological characteristics. How we recognize an earthquake astrologically?

The first evidence for earthquakes since the ancient times is that one of Antioch Earthquake which is thought to have occurred on May 20,526 AD and which had caused 250.000 fatalities. This earthquake give us important astrological information .The Antioch earthquake however records are telling  us  about  an earthquake  that occurred in  November 29, 526 AD, and meanwhile also  the capital  city of Syria was struck by an unusually powerful earthquake.Such an earthquake in November would have also shown also a powerful line –up of the planets involving Pluto conjunction with the Galactic Center.It looks to be undefined whether there were two earthquakes or someone give a wrong date. An earthquake did really occurred in November but just a few years later on November 23,533 AD .At this time November was the month while the Sun exactly was in conjunction with the Galactic Center and Pluto. The winter solstice had been moved in Capricorn, where many disasters recorded. The conditions were also similar to the present ones, where Pluto again is in conjunction with the Galactic Center in Capricorn near the winter solstice and Neptune is shaping an aspect from the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Information about earthquakes we take from the earthquake that   hit Korinthos in the year 856 AD and killed 45.000 people. An earthquake in the Middle East on 14 December 893 AD also caused about 200.000 deaths. In the last two earthquakes we observe that the North Node in Capricorn was in conjunction with   the Galactic Center, and Uranus involved by opposing the Galactic Center.

San Francisco quake Oct 17. 1989

 Uranus’ entered Capricorn for San Francisco when Mars was within 1 degree of the local IC. This degree was also strongly emphasized in the chart of the Great Earthquake that occurred in April 18. 1906. Uranus was in Capricorn at that time was on the MC, opposing Neptune in Cancer, and Mercury which had formed a T-square with the two planets.San Francisco, had received a warning before about the earthquake that would come, from San Jose on Aug 8. 1989. The Moon was in the Uranus-to-Capricorn within the 4 degrees of Gemini.The direction of the Moon from Uranus’ finally entry Capricorn on Oct.17. 1989 and reached the 15 degrees of Leo which is the ruler of San Francisco (along with Gemini and Scorpio). The directed Moon shaped a semi-square to Uranus at the 0 degrees in Capricorn.Let s see a little bit earthquakes occurred in Europe for instance, on Oct 23.1904, Oslo experienced a historical earthquake that caused damages to many houses and then all over Europe. The solar eclipse prior to this earthquake occurred at 20.43 GMT on Sept. 9. 1904. Oslo chart shows the Sun as the ruler of the IC being eclipsed by the Moon in Virgo (a noted sign for earthquakes).Midheaven was on the midpoint of the Ascendant and the eclipse.

Haiti,  12 Jan 2002 21:53 GMT.

Three days before the solar eclipse in Capricorn, a 7.0 R earthquake occurred at Port-au-Prince, in Haiti. Saturn and Uranus were in different signs to in opposition. However, there was a strong influence of Saturn, the Sun, Mercury and Venus were in Capricorn too, Mercury was squaring Saturn on the IC and Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius, which was too strong. Uranus shaped a sextile with the Sun and Venus. Other factors were Saturn retrogression and the influence of the Eclipse. This earthquake was less significant, but the event shows up in the natal chart for Haiti Independence (Jan 1 1804). Transiting Pluto was on the Natal Mars/Chiron – giving more possibilities for devastating wounded people and death square to Saturn on Haiti’s Saturn in Libra – signifying damages and the collapse of leadership.


In the year of 2010 a Grand Cross had been created in June, on the Holy Cross of the galactic axis involving Saturn, Uranus, and the Nodes on the Galactic axis and Pluto in Capricorn. This phenomenon definitely produced the worst earthquakes so far.However, the Nodes, the Moon and Saturn were responsible for a Tsunami.It appears increased seismic activity may be triggered when faster inner planets such as Mercury move across this axis and when Saturn and Uranus remain in close alignment. This occurred on 26 April 2010 with Jupiter and during the month of July 2010 with Mars and later Venus.

11/3/2011 March-Japan/Sendai

And here we are at the worst and bigger earthquake take place yesterday in Sendai of Japan. After all that s because I decided to write this article, in order to see the information gathered for earthquakes and those are about to come since Pluto seems to be the protagonist of our time. I also note that when Pluto squares the Sun while it is in orb of the Saturn/Uranus opposition forming a T square is responsible for volcanic activity. The two gas giant planets, Saturn and Uranus are aligned so that the Earth is in the middle. This is known in astrology as an opposition and with these planets correlates with stress in human beings. We had a Tsunami and Earthquake in Sendai of Japan of 8.9 14:47 JST, many clocks in Japan stopped to work.

The pictures we all see on our TV screens were scaring. The dead’s are touching the number of 1000 at the moment and who knows how much more and I think that no one dares to really count them. Someone is possible to think that disasters is the favorite issue of astrologers but I think the specific one is really very interesting to see. We shall not see this great disaster as an accident but even if it happened by accident, these issues are very important at a time where humanity is very receptive and can be informed in many levels. I wonder if there was a specific reason for such a great disaster, why a whole society of people was buried yesterday under the ground and faced up these shocked scenes that I wish humanity never experience again.

At the previous articles I had write that there was an eclipse that occurred in Capricorn on the 4/1/2011, with important disasters in the environment. The eclipse occurred at the 8 house of Japan, and unfortunately I admit to say that sometimes astrology really surprises me when you the 8 house of death are interpreted so clearly and so suddenly. After all as we see Pluto in Capricorn is responsible for huge disasters through our history on this planet. The seismic activity in Japan was the greatest of all the times, in the history of earthquakes till today that occurred on 11/3/2011.

The earthquake occurred at 14:46, on 11/3/2011, 8n16 and  142e20,under the sea at the east of the town Kenesuma. Uranus is almost in conjunction with the Aries point, showing the tremendous power of Uranus, unexpectedly. At the chart we notice that there are complex aspects that give this earthquake. Jupiter squares Pluto, which is a usual aspect that usually gives disasters of smaller grade, but this time certainly not. The Moon is also in square with Neptune ( in Aquarius, issues are connected to the sea clearly and also is probably responsible for tsunamis).

The midpoint of  Saturn-Eris is a characteristic of  heavy losses and that is very important to have in mind generally this year, with the oppositions that Saturn will shape and also later with Eris, because is a very powerful planet and we still don t know its full activity. We see that Eris meets Saturn and Sun at the 8 house. Also we should not forget the T-square, where the North Node squared Hades and at the same time the Black Moon which was in conjunction with Uranus, and I think this is an extremely caring experience for all, even for me where I describe it .Also the interval of Sun, Uranus and Mars is showing intensely accidents, nuclear accidents probably (from the factories of Fukusima, and accidentally that s exactly what I hear on the news ladies and gentleman there was an explosion, right now).

It’s also worth’s to say that the symbol of Sabian was at the 11 degree of Scorpio, in the 4 house, probably that means the support and the aid that people will need with water or get out of it and the situation generally. That is a degree of aid generally.

The Ascendant in Leo at the 18degree is a degree speaks about sorrow, depression, difficult situations; it has to do with life itself and people. Another aspect of great importance is that one of Pluto-Sedna .This planet is very important and has to do with incidents positive or negative, and that depends on the aspects it shapes. But because of the negative aspects of the specific period, it just gives negative results. I had mentioned earlier in other articles that in 2011 the planet of death would aspect the planet that had to do with the upper nature of beings.

At the natal chart of Japan,I see that both Solar and Lunar Eclipse was really dangerous, the first fell on the 1 house and the second on the 8  house, in Conjunction with the North Node of Japan .Pluto in Capricorn is at the 8 house and very important is the square of transiting Pluto with Sendna .Transiting Pluto is also aspecting one of his natal aspects that connotes loss, disaster, poisoning, grief and despair. The Natal Moon falls exactly on the T-square. Saturn is equal with the interval of the Sun-MC, which brings disaster and pain, turmoil and damages on a National level. Saturn is also equal with the interval of the Sun/Pluto that shows cruelty and separation from higher powers. Plus, Saturn is at the interval of Asc/MC that brings also death, loss and sorrow.

Looking at the progressive horoscope of the country now Pluto aspects Jupiter, an aspect that enhanced the mass destruction. The square also of Neptune with Saturn and Moon is also very important for natural disasters. At the time of the earthquake we also observe that the Ascendant conjuncts Saturn and IC, at the map of Japan. There is a pre-natal eclipse of Japan that conjunct the great eclipse on the 4/1/11 and that is connected with Chiron.

Chiron is also  has to do with nuclear factories, high stress, accidents and diseases if you specifically go back with your mind, at the accident of Chernobyl, and that is something we will develop on another article. Chiron is under the square of Jupiter –Pluto, shaping a T-square with the natal chart.

Mars and Chiron are in conjunction and at the same time they create an interval with the Ascendant in the middle. The New Moon conjuncts with Mercury and Mars while Saturn shapes negative aspects at the 8th house. Many planets have been gathered at the 1 st house which means that important  events will happen, are connected with the area that the New Moon happened to appear, near at the Ascendant. The New Moon is also at the interval of Pluto-Sedna, that also the most important factors of the disaster. The MC is equal with Uranus/Neptune, which shows also losses, sorrow and disengagement. The axis of the horoscope is also in square, the Asc/IC with the Asc of Japan and the IC/MC in conjunction.

Of course something that only a few people probably noticed is the following astronomical phenomenon. The closest distance to Earth is about to find the Moon on March 19, revealing a spectacular view and even to amateur astronomers.This phenomenon is called “lunar perigee”. The moon will pass just 354,507 kilometers from Earth. This is the shortest distance that the two celestial bodies will find each other, since 1992.

In view of this phenomenon, the Internet has taken “fire” by seeking “scientists” who provide disaster to follow the ride of the Moon in Earth’s sky.

Some of the prevalent view is that the lunar perigee will cause volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and severe weather. The theories are based on similar views of the Moon in 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005, years which were marked by extreme weather events.One such example is the deadly tsunami in December 2004 that hit Indonesia (despite my suspicions of an artificial earthquake). Just two weeks later, in January 2005, the Moon had made a nearby Earth walk.

Against all these, however, astronomer Pete Wheeler of the International Radio Astronomy Center argues that the only changes that will occur is in the water level of the tide in the evolution of the phenomenon…or probably an epic tsunami,perhaps.

Year 2012

Of course when the time will come, we will analyze the charts for the year 2012.I must would like to make a small reference if it s possible. The month April shows possible date of storms, earthquakes or other disasters in this important year. The Saturn-Neptune bow is not very strong here at first option. In November of 2012, there are “negative signs” events such as Lilith will conjunction with Jupiter and the South Node. A  Jod ,also points at Jupiter through the  December of  2012.

Perhaps with these signs will come from a volcanic eruption or meteorite activity, possibly even a war? Or even more it has to do with the giant comet-planet X Nibirou- appearance? Or perhaps  our contact with alien civilizations.

Mars will conjunct Pluto and there is a bow to Uranus (in Aries) on November 30 suggesting, violence of some kind, whether human or natural or both. Mars will conjunct Pluto and the Galactic Center with the South Node .an aspect that also caused at the Twin Towers 9/11 disaster in 2001 and there s also a disease spread possibly  from animals. I see December 2012 as being volcanic indeed. The prophecies are all about a  volcanic return. Maybe not fully blown but it may mark only the beginning.

Earthquakes and icy temperature changes in the northern hemisphere will likely play a role at this time. At the end of December Mars is shaping a bow to Uranus in Aries. In a few words astrology supports a volcanic return between the years of 2010-2017.Uranus in the years 2010-13,is  forming a square to the Galactic Center and Pluto on the Holy Cross of the great year. Such an aspect has not been possible in over 25.000 years and would be a good choice to mark the birth of the Age of Aquarius ruled by Uranus and Saturn.

Another reason really, made me write this article and continue with my research was the Front Page of serious newspapers in February of 2011,that has to do with the possible explosion of the Yellowstone.Finally, 12 cases at least one body is in conjunction with the GC. In 11 cases there is at least one body opposing the GC. In 10 cases Pluto is involved by shaping an aspect, in 2012.In 11 cases Pluto aspects at least one of the other outer planets, Neptune / Uranus/Mars and the Moon. In most cases Sun or Moon, or even both, are strongly involved, as they will be on 21st December 2012. In many of the worst earthquakes, Saturn aspects the Nodes are also being involved too.

In 2012 a bow will be created by hitting the earthquake planets specifically Saturn in Scorpio , which will exist all  through the year. In fact it will be activated around  October 2011 and will continue to affect us till the year  2013,so it is 100% certain that there will be large earthquakes in 2012.In fact, a  square from Uranus to the Galactic Center will for the next 3 years, such as has never occurred before in the last 25.000 years, and a bow is being created involving Neptune pointing at the Galactic Center and Pluto that also lasts a few years and which aspects between Neptune and the Galactic Center were in history associated with the worst disasters. El Nino also effects floods.

What I believe for the year 2012 is another issue and I will develop my opinion in a different article later on.So,let s gather some other astrological evidence about earthquakes.

1) It s noted that many earthquakes are occur during the Eclipses, before or even after ,1 day after or before, 3 ½ days after or before,7 days after or before. A very negative influence is that one of Saturn ,Uranus, Mars, Jupiter  are at the  axis of Taurus-Scorpio, in aspect of Conjunction, Opposition or parallel  ( when the planets are in equal distance, north or south of the Equinox )with Mercury.

2) Earthquakes usually happen at the first degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

3) A very frequent phenomenon is to have an eclipse and the earthquake to occur later when negative planets will shape negative aspects with the horoscope of the Eclipse.

4) When we will make a horoscope at the moment of the great conjunction, and that falls at the cusp of the 4th ( Earth ,land, country, ground) or the IC ( the lowest point, the underground and the opposite of MC)
With Astro-Cartography  when the Eclipse falls vertically over  a country or area.

5)The correlation  between of Isis asteroid at the 7,5 degrees and other planets is giving also many earthquakes.

I will report another earthquake that supports the evidence above.

Α) Earthquake in California,USA,22/12/2003,19:15.Just 14 days after the Total Lunar Eclipse at the 16 degrees of Taurus and one day before the Total Solar Eclipse at the 1 degree and 58 of Sagittarius. Mw=6.5

B) Earthquake in Iran, on 16/12/2003,1:56,Mw-6.6.Three and half days after the Solar Eclipse.23/12/2003

C) Earthquake in Athens,Greece,7/9/1999.Jupiter in Taurus Retrograded and Moon in Leo. Saturn was at the 17 degrees and 7 of Taurus in square with the previous Solar Eclipse at the 18 degrees and 22 of Leo.

Finally, about the deadly earthquake of Sumatra, on 26 December 2004,Mw=9.1R during the day of the Full Moon is probably all about artificial earthquake provoked by a human hand. That is different and I still keep my suspicions on this issue. I would prefer to develop it in another article.