After the entrance of Ireland at the mechanism of support,the rumors for the entrance of many other countries  of the European Union at the mechanism of support became more intense,like Portugal and Spain,something that if will happen,will put the euro currency in doubt and crisis and not only but also the division of the European Union.Many speak for a possible ” domino”.At that moment,in Greece was a given an extended repayment period of the debt, something that others get it as an extension of their stay at the IMF,despite the opposite confirmations of the government.Meanwhile, on  a global level the relationship of North-South Korea reached the limits and has provoked worry in the global community.The truth is that at this moment the crisis in our country is literally “mowing “…

The period that Greece lives now is remind us on a social-political level but also astrologically,the conditions of 1843,a year where the Great Powers had imposed at the country another memorandum.It was the year where the revolution of the 3rd September that brought the Constitution in the country.

In 1843 the 1/3 of the public servants were fired and those who remained their salaries reduced at the 20 %.Pensions stopped to be granted.Military expenses reduced at the 60%,emergency taxes and increase of the stamps( there was no VAT then ),public works stopped and engineers of the Public Service were fired.The health service banished and the diplomatic mission abroad stopped.

Money to pay arbitrary fines,and finally employees of National Press, foresters, forest officials and Professors of the University were fired.Comments are enough.But I m not supporting that we can have the same situation or a ” repeat “A few months later,after the taken measures,the Revolution of the 3 rd September brought the constitution.We can take a look at the similarities.Uranus is at the 0 degree of Aries,which is connected always with economical crisis ( 1843,1929,2010). We will mention that that Uranus will be again at the 0 degree of Aries,this important degree for humanity.The Moons also are very important to mention too.

  • Square Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn and Aries
  • Square of Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn-Libra(Libra opposite Aries)
  • North Node in Capricorn
  • North Node in Capricorn ( in confliction with Pluto and many other planets)
  • Uranus at the 0 degree of Aries
  • Uranus at the 0 degree of Aries in 2010 and again in 2011.
  • Neptune in Aquarius
  • Neptune in Aquarius in conflict with Chiron,now
  • Jupiter in Aquarius in Conjunction with Neptune
  • In Conjunction with Uranus,now.
  • Hades in Capricorn
  • Hades in Cancer now.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 4/3/2011,time of 10:45 pm,at the 14 degree of Pisces,in almost precise aspect of 150 degrees square with Mars of Greece with her Saturn,at the 16 degrees of Libra.On the same day Mars is at the 7 degrees of Pisces in a perfect aspect with Pluto at the 7 degree of Capricorn,the only positive aspect of the day.Venus at the 3 degree of Aquarius which falls on the interval of Saturn-Pluto,Mercury is also weak at the 21 degree of Pisces,on the interval of Saturn-Neptune,an interval that energizes at the same time the Moon,Venus,Nodes of the Moon of Greece.

Uranus at the 29 degrees of Pisces squares the Nodes of the Moon at the 29 degrees of Sagittarius-Gemini in contact with the dangerous enough axis of Mars-Saturn.Jupiter from the 8 degree of Aries in square with Pluto energizes the Natal square of Greece of Jupiter-Pluto.Neptune at the 29 degrees of Aquarius is on the Mercury of Greece.The New Moon seems to be enough strong,at the 11th house of Greece,which is being connected with politics,political parties,parliament and the local government,which signs important political developments.The Ascendant of the New Moon s horoscope at the 8 degree of Scorpio energizes the hard aspects of 45 degrees and 135 degrees  at the Moon,Venus and the Mercury of the New Moon at the axis of diseases Saturn-Neptune.The MC also of the New  Moon at the 15 degree of Leo in aspect with the Sun-Saturn of Greece.

We see here a very hard scene and a very dynamic one.And we will try to discode these aspects.The New Moon at the Pisces  is speaking always for  backstage actions,sea,spaces of  incarceration,Church and every form of  degradation.At the 11th house of Greece I believe that it will affect the political circle,the involvement of the New Moon with Saturn speaks about phenomenons of destruction,corruption,depression and oppression.However the square with Mars of Greece, is showing tensions,conflicts but also some reaction in this situation.The intense  involvement of Neptune-New Moon is an indication of pessimistic thoughts even though every ill thoughts,difficulties at the field of communications ,media ,even education(with Mercury),with Venus about decline in  economical issues and generally with the Nodes of the Moon is pointing the mood of Greece for introversion,sadness,oppression and suffering.

The Venus involvement with Saturn-Pluto is showing asceticism and that is a very bad omen for the economical issues and indication of problems in the field of relationships/collaborations.Venus in hard aspects with the Nodes is showing negative unions or problems of every form,in a political party or even a national organism.The activation of the natal square Jupiter-Pluto is an indication of economical unrest not also here but also on a global level,dangerous enough, because also will affect the Nations of the European Union too,as also the horoscope itself.

Uranus is activating the Sun and Saturn of Greece with hard aspects is an indication of emotional tension but also of unexpected and unpleasant events,is pointing divisions,separations,isolation even mourning at the worst case.Uranus in square  with the Nodes of Greece is showing sudden events and unrest experiencing within small societies and with the others generally.The Nodes of the Moon in conflict with the Sun and Saturn of Greece is a very clear indication of separation where also the MC is being involved and the Uranus of the New Moon.Neptune in Mercury of Greece, is a very clear indication of confusion,anesthesia and  paralysis.Fortunately,Saturn has positive aspects with the Sun,Saturn and Mars of Greece and that means probably that the intervention of wise person may protect Greece from the worst.

The Full Moon will take place on the 19/3/2011,at 8:10 pm , like all the Full moons after the October of 2010 and that conodes ” endings” of situations and preparation of changing scenes. and the Moon at the 29 degree of Virgo and with immediate involvement of Uranus ( at the 0 degree of Aries that enters 12/3/2011 a week earlier) and squaring the Nodes of the Moon in hard aspects of 45 degrees and 135 degrees with Saturn at the Sun of Greece.

On the same day Mars at the 19 degrees of Pisces activates the Moon,Venus and the Nodes of Greece,which is on the South Node .Mars at the 150 degrees,is an aspect of dilemmas,separations with the Ascendant of the Moon s horoscope,at the 19 degrees of Libra,at the absolute fall of the Sun and in conflict with the Neptune of Greece (opposition) and the MC of the Full Moon with the Neptune of Greece ( MC at the 21 degrees of Cancer and Neptune  at the 21 degree of Capricorn)Saturn at the 15 degrees of Libra,retrograded activates the midpoint of Mars-Saturn of Greece.The Full Moon takes place at the 11th house of Greece,house of politics.

Before closing the collection of data is being given,  I would like to emphasize the axis of violence, of Mars-Pluto at the 14 degrees of Aquarius activates the Sun and the Saturn of Greece while the axis of  Mars-Saturn in being involved with the Nodes of the Moon.In a few words these all aspects are trying to tell us that the Full Moon at the Last degree of the zodiac circle is showing that the  curtains fall for many things not only in a National level but Global too.

Moon,Sun and Uranus is an indication of disruption and upheaval,internal rebellion,an indication of sudden events,collisions and separations.The Sun ,the Moon and the Nodes of the Moon is pointing  a new beginning of cooperation’s through a process of  dissolution.Uranus and North Node in conflict with the Sun and Saturn of Greece, is an indication for sudden riots and disruption that will provoke breaks up in a collective level that will lead into new collective forms.Mars and Saturn in conflict with the Nodes of the Moon is an indication for degradation of every form.The Opposition of Mercury- Saturn , is another indication of fights,arguments and separations and division….which is the main characteristic of this Full Moon.

At last the involvement of Mars-Pluto with the Sun -Saturn of Greece is an indication of violence, a kind of shock but also an aspect of extremely good resistance in order to get over a specific situation.However,I notice that this dynamic is being developed at the moment where the explosive Uranus returns at the 0 degree of Aries,which is connected with the economical-national -global crisis.I will be very curious to see where Uranus will lead us with such aspects ,but let s wish that the pioneer nature of Aries will lead us in conscious changes and openings.After all, we ll see  when Neptune will change zodiac sign and will enter Pisces,by April.