Even though,I had described the revolution in the Middle East though other articles,I would prefer to write not so many about it,which I think is understood.Libya is currently under going a civil war and revolution, with the leader, Muammar Al–Gaddafi sending the armed forces out against his people. Looking  at  Gaddafi s  horoscope show me  that things don’t look good, and we should expect his fall.Libyan independence was formally declared  in Manar Palace, Benghazi on 24 December 1951 . I could not find the time of the signing so the horoscope so I set it for noon. Jupiter , represents the prosperity of the nation, and this year Pluto  squares the Libyan Jupiter,  which means tests and challenges, major upheaval and transformations too. Pluto represents destruction,death,the political power and also the dictators, and if the oil wells are being sabotaged , that will certainly ruin the prosperity of Libya. Jupiter also rules religion and the clergy, and we have seen that the religious leaders distance themselves from Gaddafi.

The Sun in the mundane horoscope represents the leader, Gaddafi himself ,. Uranus  squares  the Libyan Sun .Uranus rules revolution and change,  to Gaddafi through a  civil unrest. This transit has started now, and will continue through 2011. The revolution from  Uranus transit intensified Gaddafi because the January solar eclipse was directly opposite the Libyan Uranus. Saturn also squares Uranus, so there is  a struggle of freedom versus control. Transiting Saturn now squares the Libyan Uranus, exactly at the beginning of  April. Libya will experience a Saturn return, exactly in March.Libya will have  a Jupiter return on February 21, then there will be a  full-scale revolt. It is difficult to see Gaddafi holding on much longer with transiting Jupiter opposite the Libyan Saturn, and the square of Uranus  in March.

20 October 2011,Updated ,The Death of the Libyan Dictator ,6:25 pm.

Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi has ruled for over 40 years. He is a military man, having been schooled at military college in Libya, then furthering his training at the Hellenic Military Academy in Athens. In 1967 at the age of 27, he led a  bloodless coup against the monarchy in Libya, and has ruled ever since.Libyan dictator Gaddafi, the most wanted man in the world, has been killed, the country’s rebel government claimed today.

The flamboyant tyrant who terrorized his country and much of the world during his 42 years of despotic rule was cornered by insurgents in the town of Sirte, where Gaddafi had been born and a stronghold of his supporters. The National Transition Council said that its fighters found and shot Gaddafi in Sirte, which finally fell to the rebels today after weeks of tough fighting. Word of Qaddafi’s death triggered celebrations in the streets of Tripoli with insurgent fighters waving their weapons and dancing jubilantly.There s no time  of birth for Gaddafi but I will use  the Noon chart there is still enough to describe  his reputation for oppression and cruelty. At  first ,we see  that  the Sun is on the fixed star  of  Rigel in constellation of  Orion, that  gives a strong and dignified nature, self-confidence, inconstancy, arrogance and violence, but danger of treachery.  Rigel with his Sun causes courage, fortune and military success .

The Sun on Rigel is giving a quick rise in life because of the strong, inherent will power, love of action and luck. Also that there is a continuous battle to maintain the high position, and this battle increases the vigor. However,people with Rigel on their Sun can t  face failure, disappointment and fall from success.Gaddafi’s Sun being aspected by Jupiter and  Saturn opposition,despite the fact that his natal chart rises at the 10th house and certainly that describes his career ,reputation ,honor and excel, Jupiter and Saturn sextile  and trine his Sun and his Sun conjuncts the MC.

A sextile between the  Sun  and Jupiter  could lead to an increase of violence an over-kill, and the lack of caution. Jupiter opposite Saturn here indicates ,a major turning point in the global cultural, political and economic situation.The violent nature of Gaddafi is further explained by Mercury on the star  of  Al Hecka, in the Horns of the Bull. The star is known for male violence, and Mercury gives a hasty temper, selfishness, greed and  loss of wealth.

Mars ,is  the planet of war and violence, and Gaddafi s  Mars  is  on the star called Procyon, which  gives a  sudden and violent malevolence, sudden preferment by exertion, elevation ending in disaster  and with Mars cruelty, violence, scandal and slander, disgrace and ruin.Gaddafi  also  has a very strong Lilith placement, located between his Sun and Mercury. His Lilith is also on the female warrior star, Bellatrix in constellation Orion. Lilith is at the 21 st degree of Gemini,which means a labor demonstration,a city square.

We also observe the square of Uranus and Jupiter to escort him all though this year,the square of Uranus and Neptune,the opposition of Uranus-Neptune,the square of Saturn-Pluto,and Saturn in the 2nd house are indications that certainly he would surrender by the end of this year.Additionally,his natal Pluto in Leo,squares Venus at the 11th house,and is talking about a violent death,in the mass,and nothing can be done to save this person.His Venus at the 8th house,probably is about short time of suffering.Mars also is involved in the 11th house which has to do with violence and accidents,in the mass(violent and sudden death)so, the  December Lunar Eclipse was right on Gaddafi’s Jupiter. However both Uranus and the Lunar Nodes squared his Jupiter for the next few weeks.This certainly  has triggered his downfall, as Gaddafi has Jupiter on the fixed star Menkalinan, that causes “ruin, disgrace, and frequently violent death.