One more page was added on 31/5/2010, in the modern history of Israel, this time in International waters, at the 70 n.m, out of the excluded area of Gaza. With this cause and through astrology, we will give an explanation why Israel, is showing off this face to the world.When you first see the Natal chart of Israel, you can distinguish immediately  four strong planets and that is Venus (Cancer,in the 9th house) which rules the Sun  (Taurus,8 th house) and the Ascendant at the same time (Scorpio) Pluto,( conjunction the Moon in Leo),Mars and Saturn (squaring the Sun).

Additionally, the Sun is at the 8  house, which is traditionally the house of Mars/Pluto. That is strengthening these properties, but also Pluto and Saturn here also obtain greater power at the 10th house. Mars, Pluto and Saturn are shaping negative aspects that give violence, cruelty, a tension to impose our power to the others.All these take place in zodiac signs such as Leo and Taurus, considering that their main characteristics are stubbornness and fascism in their negative side of expression. With these planets dominating in the Chart, we can see that Israel is a cruel-authoritarian that can show off power without any hesitation, being indifferent for the consequences that will follow.A  country that others wanted to vanish and now with the same cruelty and violence Israel is trying to do the same. A country which is naturally acting with the right of the strong one.

Venus at the 9th house, in opposition with Uranus-Jupiter, at the axis of axis of Gemini-Sagittarius, is expressing clearly a Nation of Diaspora, scattered at the four corners of the planet. A  nation, where the greatest part of its population lives out of the borders of Israel. Venus in Cancer is explaining to us, why this nation is attached to family roots, tradition and customs and in its own race. As far as it s known, for many centuries, it was obligated to marry people only who belonged in their own race, so to able to maintain themselves and the above in the foreign lands. Venus in Cancer although, expresses Israel desire to obtain their own home, with faith and safety where they will be devoted and preserve their customs and values as a race.

Venus in a Square with Neptune is telling us that they were living for many centuries in despair and in order to find their own land, in fact, they lived and continue to feed themselves with this imagination of this home and grow it in their minds for centuries.Unfortunately, this imagination is too strong that  isolated them from the International reality, with the Neptune at the 12th house( a spiritual desire) which is showing to us the pain, the tests and the torture that this people passed through the time, and at the same time the intense religiousness and obsession that grew in the Nation. It is also showing to us the myth they maintain deep inside, that God give them a land.

Israelis, is people that live into their own world, which is mainly turned to the Past (Cancer at the 12th) with this aspect is showing also that Israel  needs desperately to be accepted officially  as a Nation, but at the same time is  telling us that they should make huge efforts  and spend time to have the desirable harmonic results.

The Sun in Taurus, feels insecure and that s because is possessive. Israel needs to know what belongs to it. The Sun of Israel at the 8th house( public and national safety),makes this need more powerful. The combination of Taurus-Cancer, and the Conjunction of Moon-Pluto, gives a strong instinct of, survival and self-maintenance, a need for cohesion of the race, guarding their property. The Sun is squaring Mars, and this aspect will react aggressively and egoistically, because they want it all theirs. We could say  that they enjoy it and live for it. With Saturn and Pluto,it s certain that  they will give powerful, cruel and without mercy blows and demonstrating ones .

The Conjunction of the Moon-Pluto-Sun at the 8th house, gives suspiciousness towards others, a continual sense of danger, threatening the survival and judgment itself.  This is showing very well that Israel, was in a deadly danger, but also a Nation that thinks that it s survival depends on the others death.The Natal Chart of Israel is showing a nation that managed to survive through Dachau and Auschwitz ,in order to create in  their own land a huge concentration camp for Palestinians(1.500.000 Palestinians),surrounding them with violence, deprived them in a cruel way even the most basic of their human rights.The Nation of Israel with Ascendant in Scorpio, emotionally has an imposing nature, is really concerned of the national security issues, but also with  the Ascendant  in sextile with Mars is a very good General but a very bad diplomat, even though they are able and have the power to let  the opposite happen. And that of course is leading to international and national controversy and always ready for the battle. However the Ascendant sextile with Jupiter and  which means that is destined to apply an important influence and also is an aspect which shows the over estimation of their values as a nation.

Saturn, at Leo in the 10th house. This position brought the progress and the Rise and also ,the Fall of Hitler, with the same way to drive one day at the fall of Israel s power. Because when the sense of uniqueness and personal value (Leo) will come in collision with wider social rules and values (Saturn), sooner or later the effect will be the total collapse. The power of Mars and Pluto, can easily lead to the self-destruction from the unreasonable use of violence and power.

At this recent showing off  power and crudeness the transit opposition of Neptune-Mars, was over the Chart of Israel.An attack (Mars at the 10th house, violence, crime, war, attack and heads of state, government) of Israel at the sea (Neptune, transiting the 4th house) at ships who transferred humanitarian aid. Of course, beyond of this attack, the attack itself is showing secret motives, that the greatest part of the events was judged behind the scenes, it shows things that happened before of this attack but possibly was  a misleading information that  lead Israel  in a wrong move. Plus, we can have such conclusion when we have this aspect .Transiting Neptune Opposite the Natal Mars, which is a an aspect of deception, which means someone else plotted against Israel, possibly from the inside of  the Parliament itself. Also we can see, the transiting Venus Squaring the  Natal Neptune, at the 9th house.

israel natal chart

Later, It was heard  from  diplomatic circles supported the idea that Israel fall in the trap of the Turkish foreign policy, which  their  upper motive was to establish Turkey, as a  main and catalytic factor in the Middle East.At the same time the transit of Saturn  from the 12th house squares the Natal Jupiter.They definitely violated the international law since they attack from the International airspace on ships that were in international waters, provoking with their barbaric action, the  sense of law and international public opinion.But the most important aspect that takes place  this period, is the  opposition of the transit  Pluto, from the 4th degree of Capricorn, at the Natal Venus of Israel. What will happen during the period of 26th and after of June, since the eclipse occurred, on the opposition of Pluto / Venus?Israel will start to realize the values of Venus or will taste the consequences of their own actions?